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Nov 7, 2008

Astrology of Obama's 1st presser 11.7.08

President-elect Barack Obama's first presser (press conference) since his election was held in Chicago today and has some interesting midpoint pictures if you'd care to view my worksheet.

This is a first - to publish my notes as-are but with no chart image. The truth is: I was about to motor into the city to keep appointments and had no time to type out all the pictures for you.

A few other astrological details for the day are included such as Mars' Sabian Symbol '24Sco': "Crowds Coming Down the Mountain to Listen to One Man." Sounds like an Obama event to me!

Yet as usual with midpoint pics, it's the all-some-or-none effect and hopefully you can click-to-enlarge and read my scribbles concerning the atmosphere and indications of Obama's first presser.

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