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Jan 26, 2009

GOP to blitz against Obama's health care plan

Never mind the condition of the 'health care' industry in America. Never mind the state of health of the American people. Forget future generations, they'll be terminal before they leave their nurseries at this rate.

It's all about political dive-bombing against Barack Obama and the Democrats...we-the-people are mere collateral damage already sucked dry financially and with too many of us unemployed to pay the dastards.

They design chemicals, load our foods with it, sell things as 'new and improved' (remember that little Madison Avenue gem?), and then overcharge us for drugs to cure what they and their industry friends triggered in our compromised immune systems in the first place.

How brilliant the power elite must consider themselves!

Read and view how this Jan 19 BBC documentary takes on Obama's plans as a lobbyist admits what it's really about (rendering America's health care 'system' null and void, imho) - and undermining the president of the United States.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what it is that makes the old boys hate the idea of people getting the medical attention and medicine they need? The idea that we only get the medical care we can pay for makes no sense at all.
Right now I pay over $250 a month for family Kaiser plus $10 per visit and $10 per prescription and my employer wants to gut all of this which is right now a challenge.
I hope people don't fall for the old socialized medicine routine and that someone does some programs on how other developed and wealthy countries do. I have heard that France does something that utilizes government and the "private sector".
I was around when Medicare came in and all the doctors in Colorado Springs had posters and other notices up in their offices promising the end of medical care as we knew it.

Jude Cowell said...

Ah yes, the old boys.

Class warfare cares not for your medical care or your aches'n'pains.

I think they've all beocme so accustomed to rooking us, the don't know how to stop.

Perhaps it's some of that marvelous 'compassionate conservatism' we once heard so much about! jude