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Feb 1, 2009

Fake 911 calls will get you 10 + the Battle in Seattle

Anyone being influenced by the triggering of Fixed Star, Denebola - to go against society - should be fully be aware of the stakes:

Fake calls to 911 bring SWAT teams but some of the perpetrators are caught and in prison as I type...don't become one too, Sparkie.

(My suspicion is that this is one of America's many broken systems which are in need of refurbishment, replacement or upgrade and which may falter even more around the time and after the Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 until the end of the year and into 2010...the next Solar Eclipse is on Jan 15, 2010 '25Cap' in the 12 North Series when someone will be unable to carry on and another must take over in lieu; opportunities for greater responsibility although events may be difficult. ~Brady's Predictive Astrology)

Odd, but I had just watched 'Battle in Seattle' for the first time a few minutes ago, then walked to the pc, turned it on, my portal page came up, and voila! There was the above-linked article.



Battle in Seattle, as the protests were dubbed by the media:

World Trade Organization (WTO), ministerial meeting, Seattle, Washington, USA, the universe; Nov 30, 1999; Pluto/Chiron midpoint = Sun 7Sag59/ASC = sunrise 7:40:54 am pst; Mc 2Lib08; Moon 16Vir13 in 9th house; in 8th house: NN 5Leo38 (so USA having a Nodal Return when associations are formed; US has a Nodal Half-Return coming up in April 2009. Wish The Dragon would gobble itself all up and leave innocent people alone.)

A Great Conjunction occurred one month later, Dec 30, 1999:

Kicking off the New Millennium were Pluto and Chiron, who together signify plutocracy, oppression, primal violence, corporatism, colonialism, racism, fascism, totalitarianism, communism, commercialism, statism, and other -isms that most folks would prefer to stay away from.

And naturally, we may put together these nuggets: corporatism + statism = fascism. Yeah. The world is having occasion to recognize the devouring monster once again big time.

The 4 to 9 degree area of the Gem-Sag polarity is no picnic = 'nuclear degrees' with '5Sag' being a degree of flight. Pres. Bill Clinton flew in (in the middle of the night of Nov 30 - Dec 1) after being assured that his pretty mind and precious patootie would be kept safe from all harm.

During the Nov - Dec 1999 protests in Seattle, the midpoint of Saturn-Pluto (hardship; cruelty; loss; violence) was sitting astride US natal Moon (the people; the public; publicity) 26AQ03...

Saturn-Pluto = Moon: cold feelings; abstemiousness; giving up giving; renunciation; melancholy; the tragic destiny of a woman. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

And I would add: control (Saturn) by police state (Pluto) crushes the people (protestors and others caught up in the crowds - AND the exploited populations of the Third World...which continues today as resource plunderers and vultures take their profits.

Stuart Townsend wrote and directed the film, 'Battle in Seattle' and though I'm no movie critic, I believe the film is worth seeing especially if you're like me and wanted to know more of Seattle and the worldwide protests (as something like 30 cities around the globe protested in solidarity) while 600+ of our guys and gals sat in jail nursing injuries.

Well, it would be no surprise to me to find out one day that the group that smashed windows and turned the protests violent (thus giving Seattle's major an excuse for ordering police tactics such as tear gas, head-bashing, and arrests before) were plants to make sure things did go violent - as a way of diffusing criticism against the WTO policies, and to push through their plans for a fancy conference where one of the film's characters said, "The conference is doomed to success."

Did a real person say that? I don't know, but it did remind me of asteroid Atlantis' keywords: abuse of power; a sense of doom.

Seems to me there was a sense of doom (for the disenfranchised, and for the 'new world order' which we watch form now with the current economic 'meltdown' was always in their 'cards' at our expense...never theirs); and abuses of power ran rampant over anyone who stood in the way both inside the Paramount Theater and out on the streets as Internet hook-up created a group of protesters numbering the tens of thousands...and got them coordinated in Seattle.

So it's about time I rented the DVD and returned to studying Nov 30 - Dec 4, 1999's charts for those five days that rocked the world, and I hope nothing's been said here that would dissuade you from viewing this film if you're yet to do so.

Real footage was intertwined with movie scenes and remember...

The Whole World Is Watching.

The Whole World Is Watching.

The Whole World Is Watching.

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