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Feb 2, 2009

Ground Hog Day 2009: 6 more weeks!

Update Feb 3: some sources are saying Beau didn't see his shadow - that sounds better but now I'm more confused than usual!

Original post begins here:

Well, here in Georgia, ground hog General Beauregard Lee saw his shadow today, too, so it's to be 6 more weeks of winter for the southeast.

The Yellow River Game Ranch has Beau's particulars and some historical info on the quaint custom of an animal giving weather advice to Spring-starved human beings.

Yes, I know that Atlanta supposedly represents the weather for the entire southeastern US but I live a couple of hours away from 'Hotlanta' and I can tell you that we often miss its storm systems' ice, snow, winds, and/or rain.

But be it far from me to argue with a hairy little critter who's scared of his own shadow! And you know that must describe a politician or two in varmint-infested Washington - I'll just have to figure out who they are and make sure they keep their galoshes and mittens at ready.

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