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Mar 12, 2009

Bernie Madoff to court: Uranus rises with Sun 3.12.09

Noon Update: NPR is reporting that Madoff's cushy penthouse arrangement has ended, he pled guilty to 11 charges as expected and has been led away to jail to await his June 16 sentencing.

Original post begins here:

Madoff in court - Uranus rising has just been published at Jude's Threshold, if you're interested in taking a peek.

You'll find a link there to my brief post on Madoff's natal chart.

Sun-conjunct-Uranus indicates one who is difficult to control and who is intolerant of tradition and the social limitations arising from it. (He seems to have tossed those off years ago!)

Enduring restraints is a particular challenge to Sun-Uranus blends and it will be interesting to hear what results from the Bernie Madoff court proceedings.

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