Mar 16, 2009

Obama approval rating falls 5 pts 3.16.09

Pew Research Center has reported today that Pres. Barack Obama's approval rating has fallen 5 pts from 64% to 59% for the first time in his young presidency.

Quite an understandable eventuality, I'd say. But to me, poll numbers and reports are basically done and publicized for manipulation's sake (from all or any side.)

Oh, and I've returned from a few days in Raleigh, NC, with spurs still a-jinglin' yet refreshed from having no laptop or pc in sight for 3 1/2 days.

Lunched on great Indian food after which we enjoyed our first viewing of the engrossing Slumdog Millionaire...didn't quite dance out of theater but definitely considered it...hope all is well with you!


Tango daddy said...

A relaxing three and a half days look good on you I can see it from here!!
now back to work.

jude cowell said...