Mar 11, 2009

Joseph Stiglitz says econo-reform too slow

For years I have thought that the work of Nobel-Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz was as sensible as some and better than most.

Today I find that Mr. Stiglitz 'chairs the commission of experts charged by the UN to investigate possible reforms to the international monetary and financial system' and that the financial crisis is 'an opportunity to to turn his proposals into reality.' (Saturn - reality - to US natal Neptune - ideals = giving form to ideas or ideals.)

At the Davos Forum in early February, Germany's Angela Merkel proposed a world economic council which, along with the UN, would and could 'push through necessary measures...' which sounds much like the one-world-government agenda that the United Nations is believed by some to be in process of implementing.

The current econo-crisis certainly is proving useful for fast-tracking New Economic Order plans with its much-touted sense of urgency, isn't it? Almost as if it were part of a script...


And here's a post from December 2008 concerning '5 Key Mistakes' written by Mr. Stiglitz and the current Saturn-to-US-natal-Neptune, if you're game.

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