Apr 27, 2009

Astrology of Apr 27 - May 2, 2009 and Pres Obama's chart

Astrologer Julie Demboski has amazed me again with her astrological overview of the upcoming week, so practical yet full of insight.

Julie is calling Apr 27 - May 2 a 'connector week' as we tidy up loose ends and ready for more excitement to come. May 1 is the day she pinpoints for lots happening and notes that a Water Grand Trine forms between Pallas, Earth, and Juno.

This Grand Trine will linger until May 8 so get ready for that. Ecology, environmentalism (Earth) and women's issues may be in the news if not in our hearts with Juno, the wife, and Pallas, the daughter, in the mix.

So What If a Grand Trine is Watery?

A Grand Trine in Water indicates great creativity as the collective unconscious is 'tapped' for inspiration and insight. Pallas' patterning ability and talent for strategizing and planning should give us time and the talent to ready ourselves for what's next on the drafting table - or perhaps for putting what's on the table into action or form, whichever applies.

Water Grand Trines tend to be passive, receptive, and contain the protective power of a trine aspect (120 degr.) Grand Trines are closed circuits of energies and with a Watery quality they have a soothing and tranquil flavor to them that a world in need of respite can appreciate. Either positively or negatively - depending on motives - subtle undercurrents (Water) are intuited (more Water - possibly psychic, are we?) and understood on useful levels of awareness.

The urge to action may be saved for a later agenda, however, and it's difficult to implement plans that haven't been made.

Julie also notes Mercury on the verge of stationing Rx in early Gemini (1Gem44) within 2 degrees of conjunction with Pres. Obama's natal Moon (3Gem21 in n 4th house.) Mercury-to-Moon transits indicate a time of unexpected or sudden contacts from others or of quickly deciding to take a trip. Information (Mercury) received concerns domestic issues (Moon) including real estate matters.

Yes, the real estate market is an obvious theme for the president now since it may not be going as well as the 'green shoots' theory would have us believe (see link to Mike Whitney's article in previous post.) And Mercury does rule reporters.

So if Mercury's Rx station doesn't place these domestic issues on the president's plate for consumption, he'll be snacking on and discussing them at length very soon - the Mercury Rx and Direct stations cross and re-cross Mr. Obama's natal IC which is the cusp of the 4th house of Home and Domestic Scene (using Aug 4, 1961 7:24 pm AHST Honolulu, Hawaii, for Pres. Obama....natal IC 28Tau54, with Inaugural Moon 2009 at his Midheaven.) The president will give a major address mid-week to mark his first 100 days - with address, review or overview all Mercury-related endeavors.

4th house also concerns mining and resources that come from the earth.

Plus, Pres. Obama's place of birth may be up for yet another review (Rx = re-view; birth certificate = Mercury; IC/4th house = family background), so don't be surprised if the subject turns up again in the news within the next few weeks.

Transiting Mercury turns Direct at the very end of May, then leaves its shadow period in mid-June when Mercurial things - agreements, contracts, meetings, agendas, communications, speeches, news, reports, and commerce/trade issues - can move forward again after May's Rx bog-downs and slo-mos.

More Mercurial influence on BHO's natal IC could result in home communications equipment needing replacement or upgrading, perhaps in the White House since that is now Mr. Obama's home.

Secondary Progressions = Evolutionary Progress:

Taking a quick look at the president's Secondary Progressions, I'll venture to say that he's in protect-own-position mode at the moment and that others are not cooperating as they should.

He may tend to over-extend himself for people who don't really deserve it (Sec Venus inconj Sec Jupiter) and the word 'patsy' comes to mind as others try to take credit for his ideas - or simply discount or undermine them. Seems to me the Oval Office has been overrun by corporate types since Inauguration 2009 but maybe that's only my opinion.

All in all, the upcoming week of Apr 27 - May 2, 2009 is a time to prepare for future busy-ness, craziness, and excitement, so let's make our bases as secure as possible yet relax a wee bit when we can snag ourselves a break!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, Jude, and for going into more detail on Water's significance. And you get Ashton Kutcher's Tweets? Hmmm . . . the people you know ;)


jude cowell said...

Julie, I always get so much guidance from your articles and your weekly overviews are excellent armament for the week ahead (even when I don't link them here!)

Mr. Kutcher (guess I should correct spelling typo of his name) has appr 1 1/2 million Twitter followers and i am a mere gnat!! Join us for a buzz! ;p