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Apr 19, 2024

April 29, 2024: Mars Meets Neptune

Mars-Neptune and the Search for Greener Pastures

by Jude Cowell

Please pardon the messiness of my study notes penned on the chart, below, it's been a tiring week for multiple reasons, and Mercury retrograde hasn't helped matters. Even so, I want to publish the DC Horoscope of the upcoming Mars-Neptune Conjunction @28Pis52 which lands upon the difficult fixed star of misfortune, Scheat. The conjunction also perfects upon the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint, the power-seeking planetary pair of Plutocracy and big wheeler-dealing.

Obviously, big finance (banking), power politics, religion, and transnational corporatism are indicated along with congressional and court proceedings; a measure of dissatisfaction tends to come along with Mars-Neptune, and the usual fogginess, confusion, and possibly misdirected energies are always present with America's 1776 Mars-Neptune square (in this chart, from 6th to 8th house), and will affect conditions from behind the scenes, perhaps surreptiously; see below for notes concerning this horoscope's unaspected ruler, Saturn:

Then as you see, the rising Capricorn Moon plays a prominent role in the chart and the situation; Luna is out of bounds ('OOBs') so is somehow emotionally alienated or estranged, and yet she also leads all the planets in a BOWL shape which denotes advancing a cause or a mission. Of course, Capricorn is the sign of government, law, business, and investments, and sign and chart-ruler Saturn rules legalities, judges, lawmakers, managers, and older, more experienced participants. Or, we might say, adults in the room.

Yet typically dutiful Saturn, when unaspected in a horoscope, can tend toward indifference or a lack of concern over processes outside a limited sphere of operation. In fact, a lack of motivation to take direct action may be noticed. And with the Mars-Neptune duo suggesting confusion, indecision, and inconsistent efforts, unaspected Saturn's slackness may allow matters to become more disorganized, even chaotic. Add to this unaspected Saturn's lack of conscience and any Saturnian proceedings may linger a while without resolution - until limits are placed or rules established.

A Piscean Sabian Symbol to Ponder

Mars-Neptune's rounded up degree is 29 Pisces with a Sabian Symbol of "A Prism" (see the chart's upper right corner for the keyword). This is, "A symbol of the world's stability," a potential which sounds really good about now, as you may agree.

For more info see: The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones; Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney #ad.

May 11, 2023

Midpoint pictures of a Neptunian GOP: Crossing the Great Water

Image: You May Cross the Great Water; pencil on paper; Jude Cowell Art 2006+

As you know, the Republican Party, founded in 1854 with Neptune in mid-Pisces, experienced its first-ever Neptune Return, a multiple affair occurring in 2017 into 2018 - the "Trump years." These days, a few pundits have noted that the party is circling the drain, a perfect metaphor describing the dissolution, loss, and ending of what was once an actual political party, now morphed into a Trumpish death cult of violence. These watery circumstances inspire my use of the above image with which to begin this post:

With messenger planet Mercury now retrograde, here's a review and a quote from a vintage SO'W post written and published way back in 2013 (sans edits) which then contained a video that's no longer available for viewing. Remaining, however, is a bit of Astrology concerning the 1854 horoscope and planets of origin of the Republican Party which may be of interest considering the current GOP/maga cult's extreme, seditious behavior against the Federal Government, and their vile threats and acts of violence against Americans who reject their fascist views on behalf of a democratic America:

As you may already know, there's an interesting midpoint picture in the GOP natal horoscope which to my way of thinking, applies closely and basically to their current modus operandi and it involves the 'confused, confusing, or hidden self image' duo of Sun and Neptune:

Sun-Neptune = Uranus: upsets caused by ignoring reality while dreaming; indifference toward others (M.M.).

Now feel free to disagree with me on this (as always!) but both potentials contained within this midpoint picture when added together undergird much of the anti-governing Republicans' lack of good faith behavior these days and in other days when things don't go their way enough to suit their massive egos.

After all, the party's current progressions show another descriptive midpoint picture: Saturn-Pluto = North Node (future direction): a destiny about holding or abusing power. (Michael Munkasey.) And what the Republican Party with their austerity measures has in mind for the future of the American people is found nestled within this midpoint picture's analysis by Reinhold Ebertin: the misery of the masses.

Of course in 2023, what conveniently muddies the waters for many Americans, too busy or apathetic to pay much if any attention to politics, is the fact that Republicans and Democrats 'switched' parties thanks to tricky Richard Nixon's and Barry Goldwater's campaign ploy called the Southern Strategy which turns up in a previous post concerning the The Dixiecrats of 1948. You'll find Tricky Dick's crabby claws involved with 1948's Dixiecrats linked directly to 1968's Southern Strategy.

And whether FDR actually said it or he didn't, my years residing in Washington DC and studying our blighted politics makes it clear to me that, to paraphrase the famous quote: Nothing in politics happens by accident; if it happens you can can bet it was meant to happen. And I must add that timing is the primary ingredient for success, as DC astrologers well know. For only Astrology adds timing to an analysis.

So all this for me begs a question or two:

Are We the People mere pawns in what has essentially become only a One Party System of Politics with one side playing the devil's advocate role in order to create the appearance that our grievances are at least being heard? Is this why progressed policies that would improve our lives have become so difficult to pass into law because 'the fix is in', the ultimate result of the game already determined? Was this starkly revealed in 2017 when transit Pluto reached the 1993 Uranus-Neptune Conjunction (the 'nwo' duo of Enlightenment) with its potential for: "The big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed; little option to do otherwise"? (Noel Tyl.)

If this is even partially so, then tragically the GOP's current shove toward fascism and nazism can turn out to be a cosmic picture of America circling the drain, to be drowned in Grover Norquist's infamous bath tub, and it will include, to the world's sorrow, the drowning of democracy. Yet this will be made easier for them if we let Republicans win in 2024.

Besides, years ago Grover revealed the GOP's plan for America. Didn't you believe him?

Feb 25, 2020

Super Tuesday and the March-April 2020 Lunations

February 25, 2020: On Super Tuesday March 3, 2020 the greatest number of states hold primaries and a large number of delegates may be won. Looking at the entire 24-hour period, we find that the Sun (leadership) ranges from 13Pis04 (12:00 am est) to 14Pis04 (11:59 pm est) conjunct the natal Neptune of the Republican Party. And note that the Sabian Symbol for "14 Pisces" = "A Lady in FOX Fur" for which FOX News always comes to mind.

And the Moon's sign, which suggests the public mood, is Gemini for most of Super Tuesday, then Luna slips into her own sign of patriotic Cancer a bit before midnight. The Harveys, in their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign give a timely quote for the Sun Pisces-Moon Cancer blend: "Many people consider the things which government does for them to be social progress, but they consider the things government does for others as socialism." - Justice Earl Warren. Mmm, yes they certainly do.

Now as you know, voting planet Mercury is retrograde on March 3, 2020 @00Pis52 (12:00 am) and @00Pis09 (11:59 pm est). This happens to be the degree of America's Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE' @00Pis33) prior to July 4, 1776 in the 12 South Saros Series with its theme of 'successful outcomes to long-term worries or illness' (Brady). So even though Mercury Rx may change its mind a few times before voting on Super Tuesday, perhaps as an eclipse activator, changeable Mercury will bring successful outcomes. Of course, the planet's retrograde condition may also indicate election interference by saboteurs and other bad actors which cause delays and uncertain election results as we've already seen ("already seen" = Mercury Rx!). Plus, untested apps may play their parts as well as other 'glitches'.

Then of course thinking Mercury in confused, secretive Pisces denotes a cosmic picture of a difficult voting situation full of disorganization, a lack of clear thinking, and deception. Hopefully not, yet such conditions may be worsened by the fact that America's 12 South PE's Mercury @18Pisces will be transited by fraudulent Neptune on March 3, 2020. However, at the Full Moon of March 9, 2020, Mercury turns Direct @28AQ12 conjunct US natal Moon (We The People) suggesting a period when members of the public tend to identify with those who share their thoughts. And they'll most likely vote for the progressive ideas (AQ) they promote.

So the Full Moon (a 'Super Moon') on March 9, 2020 clocks in @19Vir37 and may supply the public discourse with discussions of Virgoan health concerns (exs: corona virus, CDC funding cuts and/or restoration, GOP repeals of Obamacare provisions, etc) This Full Moon is the culminating 'bookend' of the February 23, 2020 New Moon @4Pis29 across the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior axis.

Note: Between the March 9th and 24th lunations arrives Spring Equinox 2020 on March 19 (DC Horoscope shown).

Then comes the March 24, 2020 New Moon @4Ari12 which culminates with the April 7, 2020 Full Moon, another 'Super Moon', @18Lib43. This Full Moon is depicted, below, for it shines its bright, revealing rays upon the natal 2nd house Jupiter (Stationary, turning Direct) of Donald Trump. Will more of his financial secrets, taxes and crimes, be revealed? Well, in addition, the Sun-Moon opposition squares both wealthy Jupiter and hidden wealth Pluto and you'll find a few of the T-Square's midpoint potentials penned on the chart (please enlarge!), upper center.

Now the final lunation in April 2020 is the New Moon of April 23 @3Tau24, the degree of the Discovery of Chiron (3Tau08), the Wounded Healer centaur. To me, a Moon-Chiron contact suggests that a perceptual shield is wide open for those who value its cosmic insights and benefits!

Oct 8, 2019

Halloween 2019 Mercury Rx is King of the Fairies

Image: Spooky Fairy Night by Jude Cowell

On October 31, 2019 at 11:41:19 am edt, speedy Mercury, planet of messages, negotiations, diplomacy, commerce, trade, lies, and tweets performs a Direct Station @27Sco38:16 in preparation for a retrograde ('Rx') phase until November 20, 2019 @11Sco35:11 ('12Sco' = "An Embassy Ball"). Transit Mercury stations on Halloween 2019 in the natal 4th house of Donald Trump (IC 24Sco18) along with transit Venus @28Sco30.

Rounding up Mercury's Halloween 2019 degree we have '28 Scorpio": "The King of the Fairies Approaching His Domain"; "Keyword: ALLEGIANCE--positive expression: a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness; negative expression: capricious self-indulgence" (Jones). Is Trump "the king of the fairies"? Well, he seems to believe he's a king, as we know, and since bullies are always cowards at heart, some might say that his nibs is fairy-like.

And naturally, Mercury's 2019 path through Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio relates to current events and scandals in the news which include whistle blowers, memes, phone calls, transcripts, letters, meetings of various kinds, and testimonies--for Trump, in relation to the 4/10 security axis (Career and Home), and later, in relation to his natal 3/9 axis of lower and higher mind, plus, with dozens of legal battles thrown in and ongoing (9th house). And significantly, this Mercury station activates the very degree of the May 18, 2019 Scorpio Full Moon when May 18th Mercury conjoined the natal Midheaven ('MC') of Donald Trump so that enraged star Algol was also activated! Curiously, transit Mercury was also @25Taurus conjunct Trump's natal MC the day Don Jr, Kushner, and the rest of the conspirators met with the Kremlin lawyer in Trump Tower (June 9, 2016, if memory serves).

Now as you know, transit Mercury entered brooding, intense, big-business-oriented Scorpio during the first week of October 2019 and won't leave the Halloween-esque sign to enter Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius (a happier place) until approximately December 10, 2019. This means that Mercury and his/her magic wand will hit '30 Scorpio' on or about December 9th which is the "A Halloween Jester" degree containing a "contempt for established values" vibe (Jones). And of course we think of the new film Joker and expect that its popularity will remain in force since many people attend theatrical movies during the holidays. And isn't it timely how Trump's recent shout-out to China about investigating the Bidens was soon 'walked back' by Trump and his defenders as being only "a joke"? Even so, I suspect that the Chinese government was in on the joke, don't you?

Eclipse Note: in the October 31, 2019 chart of Mercury Rx, transit North Node @10Can19 in 7th house (Washington DC) points toward the 3 North Solar Eclipse of July 2, 2019 (10Can37) with 3N themes of 'worry, obsession, news that transforms a situation and/or involves young people', and with a caution 'not to get carried away with large plans' (Brady). Signs Cancer and Capricorn are intercepted in the Mercury Rx chart suggesting karmic conditions that need addressing, and of course eclipses are 'wild cards' of a disruptive Uranian nature which tend to contain a fated undertone as well. Late Sagittarius rises in the October 31st chart yet Capricorn holds the aligning Saturn (@15Cap24 conjunct the 2 South January 5, 2019 Solar Eclipse of 'joining unusual groups and gaining a great deal' of the 116th Congress), and Pluto at a critical degree (20Cap)--both rising with the separative South Node denoting difficult conditions for this Mercury Rx period. After all, Saturn, Pluto, and the Nodal axis are karmic as well (reaping what's been sown) so we can expect long-forming conditions to culminate soon in one way or another and with a sense of energy draining from situations and events (SN).

However, a bright spot appears in the Mercury Rx chart for there simpers the happy feelings pair of Moon conjunct Jupiter @23Sag+ rising in hidden 12th house near the natal Moon-SN conjunction (20--22Sag) of Donald Trump so his avoidance of facing his true condition and difficult predicament may continue awhile longer. But the three-fer exact conjunctions of transit Jupiter to his natal Moon conclude the first week of November, and significantly, the degree of Moon-Jupiter on Halloween 2019 pre-sages the upcoming 4 South Solar Eclipse @23Sag on December 4, 2020 with its difficult themes of 'blocked emotions, frustration over money and/or relationships, and potentially a sudden desire to end unions or alliances' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

And so for now, let's wind down this fussy post with a quote from Reinhold Ebertin describing general potentials for Mercury in Scorpio:

"Sharp criticism, fanaticism, endurance and perseverance in the pursuit of difficult problems and in the solution of arduous tasks, practical ability. Sarcasm, skepticism, cunning and craft. Lively disputes, arguments, fights." (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R.E.).

Well, that's Halloween 2019 Mercury for us with its Scorpionic potentials which sound to me a lot like a day spent in or around the general vicinity of the fantasy world of Donald Trump.

Jul 20, 2019

Secrets in Plain Sight 1-23 (Full Video)

It's been ages since yours truly mentioned the following exhaustive overview of esoteric Washington DC, the Federal City's stars, and astrological and Masonic symbolism, architecture, goddesses, 23 Zodiacs, Founding Freemasons, Templars, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, and other hermetic topics and visuals--and a long time since I posted on such intriguing subjects myself. But since I'm currently in process of re-watching (Mercury Rx!) a certain 3-hour-plus presentation myself, I want to share it with any SO'W reader who may be Mercurial enough to be curious!

Secrets in Plain Sight was created and published in 2011 by author and researcher Jan Irvin of LogosMedia (formerly Gnostic Media). The breadth of it is quite astounding!

Update 2020: Link to Secrets in Plain Sight.

Related Astro-Posts include: Horoscope: Founding of the Federal City 1791; Our Federal City's Upcoming Progressed Full Moon (January 2024); The Horoscope on Washington DC's Einstein Statue; and, Trump, Venus, a Pagan Egg, and the 2020 Election Cycle.

Jun 26, 2019

July 17, 2019 Mr. Mueller to Testify as Regulus Rises

On July 17, 2019 at 9:00 am edt, former Special Counsel Robert Mueller is to testify before two congressional committees in back-to-back open session detailing his Muller Report findings, followed by closed session questions and answers. As you see, this will be a mere day after the July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse @24Cap04--an illuminating eclipse that reflects Mr. Mueller's natal Circe Rx (@24Cap29: where we rescue or seek rescue) while eclipse Pluto Rx @21Cap50 conjoins Mueller's natal Nemesis Rx (@21Cap45: divine retribution; the unbeatable foe). Plus, the 9:00 am chart angles and cusps conjoin the natal Angles and cusps of Trump's natal chart including enraged star Algol at Midheaven.

No, the subpoena Mr. Mueller insisted upon receiving (or he wouldn't testify) is not considered a "friendly" one according to news reports but it will be answered by the law-abiding Mr. Mueller and his legal-eagle team on July 17th, obstructions by Trump and Barr notwithstanding. Since Mr Mueller no longer works for or at the DOJ, I hope his testimony goes forward without a Trumpian hitch.

Now there is much to say about all the pertinent horoscopes involved but in the flush of this exciting morning, I haven't the time to type much of it. However, at precisely 9:00 am on July 17, 2019, Capitol Hill, royal star Regulus rises just as it does in the natal chart of Donald J. Trump although for Trump in 1946, Regulus was still @29Leo. But now the star of 'success if revenge is avoided' fame is @00Virgo, the more practical Mercury-ruled, detail-oriented sign of discrimination and purification (when expressing at its best, plus, The Critic--the one Trump is very scared of). Perhaps here I may be pardoned for remembering a previous SO'W post wondering Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump? for if revenge is not avoided (and who will disagree that 'revenge' is big T's middle name especially with his Mars in brash Leo rising?) all that has been gained will be taken away.

In addition, there's the harsh January 12, 2020 Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto @22Cap46 conjunct Trump's natal Vertex ('VX'; @22Cap51), a point of fated encounters, changing work conditions, and possible endings, a karmic event for him (and thus for America) if ever there was one. Simultaneously, transit Saturn (strong in Capricorn sign of government, law, and business) opposes Trump's natal Saturn in watery Cancer while transit Pluto aligns to do so as well. So as we know, abuse and misuse of power issues are involved in this period for Trump and his authority is challenged on a vast and permanent scale.

As for testifying Mercury the Messenger, planet of reports, reporting, reviews, and "do-overs" the little guy is retrograde which may signify the two (actually four) sessions on July 17th (a 'speaking again' for Mr. Mueller) and could also simply denote his repetition by voice of what is in his written report which he will "stick to"--and hopefully a clarification of what was misrepresented in the report by AG Bill Barr. Of course, Mercury Rx may also indicate that Mueller's July 17th testimonies won't be the end of the matter yet we don't need Astrology to tell us that! Did you say "media circus"? Well, a curious synchronicity is that Mercury @1Leo08 will conjunct the natal 12th cusp of Donald Trump and you know that the unconscious 12th house contains such realms as Politics, Large Institutions (exs: Congress, hospitals), Self-Undoing, Secret Enemies, and Karma: reaping what's been sown. But I must suppose that a straight jacket is too much to wish for even if needed.

So if we may agree, dear reader, karma is a natural law which no one escapes in the end and this must also include the likes of Donald Trump, his associates, and his family of crime.

But things get more curiouser! For testifying Mercury Rx @1Leo08 will conjunct and activate the January 21, 2019 Lunar Eclipse while opposing US POTUS Sun (00AQ+). This Lunar Eclipse was first to imprint upon year 2019 (after the January 5, 2019 Solar Eclipse @15Cap25) and you'll find some quite interesting info and astro-links in that previous post!

Also related: February 19, 2019 Full Moon Conjunct Royal Regulus making Regulus the star of the year!

Mar 26, 2018

Astrology of the Baltic Summit April 3, 2018

On April 3, 2018, the White House is scheduled to host a Baltic Summit with the leaders of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania in attendance. The Summit is meant to, "focus on how best to strengthen our security, business, trade, energy, and cultural partnerships," although with Mr. Trump presiding, any measure of focus on serious topics may turn out to be a vain expectation on both our parts.

Trump the Teuton?

Now if we look to Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes for founding/independence horoscopes of the three countries, we find charts in abundance due to off-on-again invasions and occupations through the years by the USSR/Russia and sometimes by Germany. Actually the independence chart of Latvia (#187) is interesting as the first of four charts for Latvia, originally ruled by Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. For on November 18, 1918 (12:00 Z01 -1:36) in Riga, the rising degree was 15Cap51 which will receive a Solar Eclipse on January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn in the 2 South Saros Series--theme: involvement with unusual groups and gaining a great deal by such involvement (Brady). Solar Eclipses in Saturn-ruled Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business) are handled best when relationships to authority figures, responsibilities, reliability, authenticity, honesty, and serious attitudes are valued and upheld. In general, eclipses are perfect watershed moments for achieving karmic progress and when conservative Capricorn is involved in the 'cosmic blink' solar picture, selfishness and overindulgence must be overcome by self-discipline in order to achieve good results. Yes, I know--what are the odds for positive improvement when it's quirky contrarian Donald 'kingpin' Trump we're talking about!

Then will 2018's Baltic Summit include an offer of group membership, perhaps of a trading kind? As you know, Trump has disdained NATO and Putin is no fan of the organization so what's the story there? Is another Baltic war on a warmonger's political agenda? Perhaps, since one sign may be found in Latvia's May 4, 1990 chart (#189) for US natal Neptune in Virgo rises at Ascendant (24Vir17) which places America's problematic, misguided "fog of war" Mars-Neptune square upon Latvian chart angles with our warrior Mars conjunct Latvia's Midheaven, the Goal Point. What am I implying? I don't know what I'm implying other than perhaps hidden messages meant for Russia's Putin may be involved via the Summit. The three nations are in Russia's sphere of influence, after all. Or should I say, grasp?

Please note that I typed this post based on astrology charts, was about to publish it, then thought to google 'Putin and Latvia' and found this: How World War III Could Begin in Latvia. Ugh.

Plus, it seems that cosmic synchronicity of the wound or wounded healer is at work here for April 3, 2018 marks the first of three Chiron Return/s for (1918) Latvia at a critical-crisis 29th degree (natal Chiron @29Pis11 Rx) with the second conjunction exact on October 14, 2018 and the third and final on February 1, 2019 about one month into the 2 South Solar Eclipse season that conjoins (or 'eclipses') Latvia's 1918 Ascendant. And of course, we've discussed before '30Pisces' and its Sabian Symbol, "The Great Stone Face" which could apply to both Trump and Putin, and perhaps to the visages of the Baltic nations' leaders as well.

Baltic Summit Summary

Naturally, there are links and such to Estonia's four horoscopes and to Lithuania's charts, too, but this is meant to be a post, not a book, so for now I'll simply add a few general observations concerning the planetary transits of April 3, 2018. It is to be hoped that a coiffed Donald Trump will be up and at 'em by 10:00 am, so looking at a horoscope set for 10:00 am edt White House on April 3, 2018, we find 15Gem44 rising which brings up Trump's natal Uranus-NN-Sun trio, with his oriental, chaotic Uranus in the lead and acting as his 'guiding planet' as always. Did he prepare for the Summit? Probably not. Will he read prepared statements at some point? Who knows. Will diplomatic beans be spilled or leaked? No surprise, if so.

Mercurial as Trump is, transit Mercury @11Aries is a retrograde chart-ruler that morning (delays, disagreements, rescheduling?) and is at an apt degree in the Sabian Symbols...'11Aries' = "The Ruler of a Nation." Of course, besides Trump there are three other rulers in attendance for this particular performance of Washington Political Theater but we know who will hog center stage. For Mercury's symbol Dane Rudhyar gives explanation: "At this ego level, laws and the restrictive power of a police force are dominant features." Hmm...sounds weightier than trade deals and cultural exchanges--and more along the lines of security issues, right? Rudhyar's Keywords may enlighten: "CENTRALIZATION OF POWER" and this is manifested as "the personal will to control reactions...", something dictators like to do, and media control or limitation may certainly be a feature of this picture. For one thing, chart-ruler Mercury, planet of meetings and summits (and the Sun = the leader) applies to squares with the transiting Mars-Saturn duo which perfected at 11:44 am edt--the day before (April 2, 2018) @8Cap57. And one of the promises of combined Mars-Saturn energies is that 'all will-directed activity meets with complete resistance' (Ebertin) so that frustration, even destruction or failure, may result. Then is April 3, 2018 a good time to hold a Summit of any kind? Well, if it were me I'd have scheduled the Summit after the duo's delaying, stalemate energies separated and Mars moved ahead of Saturn but of course no one asked! That is, unless certain actors have vested interests in the Summit's failure.

And so it seems curious to me that at MC on April 3, 2018 at 10:00 am edt White House, we find '23Aquarius', a degree which always reminds me of Russia because of its totem animal: '23AQ"..."A Big Bear Sitting Down and Waving All its Paws...DISCIPLESHIP." So riddle me this: is the Baltic Summit being held for Putin's sake and/or at his direction? And/or will it include a plea from three small nations asking for protection from Russia's well-known territorial desires and underhanded machinations? Perhaps we'll know soon who is the disciple and who the master in the US-Russia relationship because from this distance (down in Georgia USA), it certainly looks as if Mr. Putin is the one doing all the instructing.

Mar 25, 2018

Trump and Mercer and the 2018 Summer Eclipses

March 25, 2018: With communicator Mercury now retrograde, a review of videos on the topic of svengali-esque Trump-funder and social recluse Robert 'Bob' Mercer (Renaissance Technologies) and/or daughter Rebekah is actually quite easy to accomplish these days especially since the Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced into mainstream awareness (and Mercer's funding of it, Breitbart News, Bannon, Conway, Cruz, Trump, etc.)

In one such video posted to YouTube on October 24, 2017, Seth Myers, in one of his The Check In segments, discusses Mercer and his far-right government-hating agenda, and more. Billionaire Mercer's aim is to reduce the US government to the size of a pinhead and he wants "it all to fall down" which perked up my ears since Robert Mercer's Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 2 New North Saros Series repeats on August 11, 2018 @18Leo41 as The Tower Solar Eclipse for its themes of 'collapse of an existing structure or lifestyle' and the 'rebuilding that begins once the dust settles' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

What we can't know ahead of time is whether 'the tower that collapses' refers to the Washington establishment, Trump--his towers and administration, a Wall Street casino crash (where Mercer has worked as a hedge fund manager), the Mercer-Bannon-Trump campaign to destroy our nation, or all such possibilities during the season of influence of the 2 New North eclipse. It seems that all these potential scenarios have been set up by one group of actors or another but which one or ones will be triggered into reality by external events in the form of planetary transits and progressions? Will outcomes be determined by which event occurs first and either swoops the others along or perhaps makes any one of the possibilities moot?

Summer 2018: Eclipse Time Links May Be Activated

My previous thoughts before today have been that The Tower Solar Eclipse relates closely to financial events, in part because of certain US economic conditions brewing in recent years (exs: 2017's massive GOP tax cuts for the wealthy, and Trump's ill-considered trade wars), plus, because of two eclipse-related conditions--that Donald Trump's PE (2 Old North) repeats on July 13, 2018 @20Can41 (chart w details will soon be posted here--stay tuned) and the initial manifestation of Robert Mercer's PE (2 New North) which first manifested on June 17, 1928 @26Gemini during the run-up period prior to the Crash of 1929 (aka, 'Black Tuesday'--a noon horoscope is shown with destructive if wealthy Pluto @20Cancer where Trump's July 13, 2018 Solar Eclipse @20Can41 will 'hit' and thus will be made stronger as it activates the difficult fixed star Castor, one of the dark-light Gemini Twins with potentials for: sudden fame or loss, murder, crippling of limbs, and/or mental illness (A. Louis). Of course, Castor and his twin, Pollux, are also creative stars particularly in the form of writing so journalistic input such as publishing about the potentials just listed will surely be a factor.

Now it's true that both Summer 2018 Solar Eclipses are partial and so are not as strongly influential upon events or people as they could be. However, between them a Total Lunar Eclipse occurs and perhaps that is where most of the secrets lie--and will be revealed. Below is the DC horoscope of the Lunar eclipse of July 27, 2018 @4AQ44 (near US natal SN) with my usual messy notes penned on. The chart is packed full of details with potentials for: strong emotions (furious outbursts), challenges to authority (Trump, Mueller, Putin, or other?), rash actions, even violent measures which, if taken, will result in severe karmic consequences. As you see marked in blue is Mercury Rx, unaspected, and ruler of 7th and 10th houses. Mercury unaspected suggests someone Mercurial who's isolated and/or hyperactive (Mercurial Trump the tweeter? Don jr in hiding?) and it looks as if retaliation is upcoming (trade wars?) via asteroid Tisiphone conjunct North Node.

As you see, it's an Hour of changeable Mercury Rx with chart-ruler Jupiter in Scorpio making only one Ptolemaic applying aspect, a trine to Neptune Rx in its own sign of shady Pisces. This applying aspect denotes that tricky conditions will continue or worsen, illusions and delusions will continue to abound, disguises are worn or attempted, and/or someone benefits from a run of 'dumb luck'. What I didn't add on the chart is the typical Jupiter-Neptune speculation which implicates the stock market and the usual tendencies toward over-promises, grand gestures, bubbles, and/or get-rich-quick and other schemes. Caution is advised! This eclipse affects the 2/8 money axis which can also tag sexual, corporate, or other antics now ripe for spotlights and the revelations uncovered by the 2018 Summer Eclipses.

Now attractive Venus at Midheaven suggests that critical perspectives and more modest values may be desired yet with US natal Neptune (22Vir25) at Lunar Eclipse Midheaven, the deluded/deluding conditions mentioned above may be already in play and too ingrained for much improvement from valuable Venus (possible currency wars too?). Of course, the exalted position in the chart of Venus in Mercury-ruled Virgo, sign of the virgin, may also be pointing directly toward Trump's ongoing scandals with the ladies--or perhaps another public figure's sexy behavior or finances will become public fodder for the media (MC). Either way, legalities will ensue with Venus in 9th house and more indictments or trials may occur. We should also note that 22Virgo+ is the degree of golfer Donald Trump's natal 2nd cusp, a money house--and he does love to spend (waste) large amounts of taxpayer money on vacation get-aways.

Then cosmically speaking, there's the 'natal echo' in the chart via one of Trump's natal midpoint pictures repeated here by transit--marked in orange, upper right, and posited in 2nd house is Mars-Saturn = Pluto: rage, fury, destruction, bodily harm--and what there was no space to write--brutality, all potentials compliments of Reinhold Ebertin

The last chart factor I want to mention in the Lunar Eclipse chart is a dynamic T-Square between the challenge-prone Sun-Mars opposition and quirky Uranus in money sign Taurus (in 5th house of Speculation) which forms a midpoint picture of potentials for: premature action, rash behavior, over-taxing of strength, sudden events, new conditions, and/or military call-up as in times of war--or in times when an Oval Office occupant needs more 'soldiers' in the war he wages on whomever or whatever gets in his way. And synchronistically enough, the July 27, 2018 Lunar Eclipse @4AQ44 falls within Mr. Trump's natal 6th house of Military, Police, and Civil Service.

Aug 6, 2017

A Message for Stars Over Washington Readers: currently yours truly is recuperating from surgery and will return soon. Please keep an eye on Washington for me, ok?

Update August 23, 2017: now home from surgery and rehab, lots of effort lies ahead until I'm tip top, probably until November or early December. Until then, I'll be posting here lightly concerning as much Washington DC politics and Trump antics as I can manage--that is, if Chrome code and other tech changes can be successfully navigated or Stars Over Washington (12 years old in October!) ends up sabotaged and discarded by Google.

My warmest thanks go to all SO'W readers for continued support and for Sharing posts which for now remain timely!

Jude Cowell

ps: My general astrology blog Jude Cowell Astrology will also be updated but less frequently since my typing time must be briefer than usual as I recuperate. Jupiterian-Uranian Donald Trump (Jupiter-Uranus = political conflict; Ebertin), now moving into exact opposition) keeps us all busy, doesn't he? But of course creating distraction and chaos is one of his and his secret backers' primary goals, and the way Trump habitually operates, isn't it? jc

Aug 26, 2017 Update: recovery is going well. Look very soon for a new post written by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes who is helping me out here at SO'W while I'm out of commission. Thanks a bunch, Kevin!

And in light of currently retrograde Mercury exalted in its own sign of Virgo (though backing into Leo and conjoining royal star Regulus, Direct Sept 5 and hitting the August 21 Solar Eclipse degree, here's a piece I wrote for Scottish astrologer Anne Whitaker way back in the olden days of September 2009: Unruly Tricksters of the 12th House--featuring guess-who?

Apr 27, 2016

April--May 2016: 5 planets retrograde, no air, spot check: Steve Judd video report

April 27, 2016: master astrologer Steve Judd reports from the UK on the current condition of the planets including Mercury's upcoming retrograde on April 28 @23Taurus, what it means to have Mercury Rx in the natal chart, and the abundance of retrograde energies in the Cosmos:

Related cosmic events are the Mercury Transit of the Sun and Jupiter's Direct Station @13Virgo with both events occurring May 9, 2016.

Jan 19, 2016

Mercury retrograde and David Cameron - Steve Judd (video)

Here is expert astrologer Steve Judd giving us a Mercury retrograde 2016 view from Britain:


A brief bio and a view of the natal horoscope of British PM David Cameron (of the tin ear!) shows his Sun @15Libra, Moon @6Leo, and Ascendant @1Libra, as Steve mentions. Interesting that Mr. Cameron has a Scorpio Mercury squaring Jupiter--one planet ruling communications and thinking processes while Jupiter plays many roles, one of which can be 'the politician'. A Mercury-Jupiter square denotes discrepancy between beliefs (Jupiter = how we relate to others) and the truth (Mercury) along with a tendency to be impulsive in judgments, decisions made before having all the facts (and thus being misinformed), questioning then changing answers that are inconvenient, and possibly being a pathological liar. Sounds like this square is quite useful in Politics. Especially the kind practiced today where decisions are not made--orders are taken from hidden bosses and 'special interests'.

Note that transit Mercury (Rx until Jan 25, 2016 at 4:50 pm est) conjoins power-mad Pluto in Capricorn twice more (until next year) on Jan 22 and Jan 30.

As for David Cameron, in the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign, there are two Images for Integration that may apply to PM Cameron based on his Sun Libra-Moon Leo personality blend. As you know, this describes the Sun (adult; conscious), Moon (child; unconscious) traits when they blend and work together:

"A performance of The importance of Being Earnest...A political idealist is crowned leader by adoring fans."

A play written by Oscar Wilde as an Image indicates that Wilde was also born under a Sun Libra-Moon Leo combination. As for 'adoring fans', I'm not so certain PM Cameron has retained them.

Jan 12, 2016

SOTU 2016: Achievements plus Realism

January 12, 2016: Tonight as President Obama delivers the final State of the Union Address to a Joint Session of Congress (9:00 pm est Capitol Building) the degree of the Pre-Natal Eclipse of the November 8, 2016 Election/s rises @9Virgo (September 1, 2016). This denotes a speech that in some way will touch on the themes of the eclipse in the 19 North Saros Series which are: 'realism, coming down to earth, and becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it truly is' (B. Brady). Refreshing for Washington Politics? Yes, yet this could include critiques of Republican ideas especially with Virgo being the sign of The Critic. Of course, the 19 North is also the PE of Inauguration 2017 so these themes will continue to be on most people's menus.

And naturally the current Mercury (speech; messages) retrograde period is perfect for a president on his way out the White House door--perfect for delivering a litany of his achievements while in office and regrets over what didn't get done. And with Mercury as chart-ruler (Rx) we may expect grandiose ideas, boasts about economic improvements and foreign affairs, and fairly good reception of the speech from the press and from the public (Mercury trines the Jupiter-North Node conjunction in Virgo: broad overview!).

As for 19 North, its initial eclipse occurred on July 5, 1331 (OS) @20Cancer so current themes are filtered through Cancerian concerns such as security, home, and business. For comparison of similar events, 19 North also manifested in the years: 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980. 1998, (September 1, 2016 @9Virgo), and will next occur in 2034.

Jul 19, 2013

July 22, 2013 Aquarius Full Moon impacts US presidency

July 22, 2013 Full Moon @00AQ05 Conjoins US Inaugural Sun

by Jude Cowell

Now if you mosey over to Celestial Space you'll find Dipali Desai's details and insights concerning Monday's Full Moon @00AQ05 which conjoins the degree of the US Inaugural Sun (the president) and which denotes a fulfillment or culmination (Full Moon), or at least, an awareness of something relating to the White House and/or its presidential endeavors and relationships.

Will more inconvenient secrets be revealed under the rays of Monday's Full Moon which also conjoins President Obama's natal Jupiter Rx? Well, in addition, transiting Mercury Rx, planet of reporters, young people, messages, orations, trade, commerce, travel, and plans, now sits atop US natal Sun as you read this!

Yes, for a Political Astrology blog, the above is a very general assessment of the July 22nd solar-lunar synchronicity of the Full Moon in the humanitarian sign of Aquarius (the water-bearer), I know, but honestly--who knows precisely what plans are afoot, on the drawing board, or being implemented as I type? For after all, there are a lot of secret spaces underneath the fortified White House building where all manner of hidden-from-the-public activities take place. And it is a white lodge as well.

If you're feeling a might on the occult side today, you may wish to investigate The Sirius Mystery and Freemasonry's Great White Lodge. The Dog Star, Sirius, is intimately connected to the natal chart and founding of America and in recent years the star has precessed in the Zodiac to conjoin US natal Sun @14Cancer. Sirius worship in ancient Egypt is well-known, too, as are the pyramid with its all-seeing eye in the floating capstone in American iconography of the Great Seal and the dollar bill. Plus, there's also Freemasonry's Blue Lodge, if you wish to explore.

One thing we may wish to do now is to review the Sabian Symbol (rounded up) which represents the US Inaugural Sun (the elected president): '1AQ" = "An Old Adobe Mission" (Jones; Rudhyar adds, --"in California".)

DURABILITY (Jones); THE CONCRETIZATION OF AN IDEAL (Rudhyar); Jones gives this symbol's positive expression as: effective breadth of vision and a respect-compelling depth of character; negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): lack of ambition and blind adherence to superficialities.

Perhaps by the degree's 'lack of ambition' you can tell why it's always seemed to me that the karmic degree and symbol just prior to 1AQ may be more descriptive of American presidents as they alone allegedly 'helm' the US government:

'30Cap' = "A Secret Business Conference"--OPPORTUNITY (Jones); "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs"--EXECUTIVE POWER (Rudhyar.)

Jones' positive expression for '30Cap': a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life; negative (unconscious/shadow side): rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others.

And of course, the Illumination Point (opposite degree) of 30Cap is 30Cancer: "A Daughter of the American Revolution" which is the degree and symbol opposite this reluctant astrologer's natal Mars! Maybe that's one reason why these Washington DC varmints intrigue me so--that, and the idea that to dissent is as American as it gets!


Since the days of George Washington, the US presidency has been a Sun cult of personality and exalted pretensions, so you may wish to review Tomas Campanella's City of the Sun with its 'Old Adobe Mission' implications while keeping in mind that 'shining city on a hill', Washington DC, and the old-Europe establishment of a New Atlantis, aka, America. Plus, the fact that US Inaugurations were until 1937 (FDR) held in early March with the Inaugural Sun around 13 Pisces--where transiting and wounding Chiron now traverses.

So what other astro-shenanigans have I been up to? Posting on my WordPress blog about a rectified natal horoscope for Dracula!

And remember that Monday July 22, 2013 also times America's Jupiter Return 2013 and a full Report on it is available for ordering near the top of this blog's sidebar in PDF format, suitable for printing, horoscope provided. Thanks a bunch! Jude, the Reluctant

Dec 17, 2012

Electoral College votes Monday 12.17.12: is Obama re-elected?

Electoral College 'Faithless Elector" Rare but a Potential

by Jude Cowell

On Monday December 17, 2012, America's arcane Electoral College casts their votes across the nation in order to settle the November 6, 2012 Presidential Election. Since President Obama garnered 332 electoral votes in November to Mitt Romney's rather anemic 206, few Americans fret that an upset is in store for the president.

But What Does Pluto Say?

As you know, voting Mercury performed a retrograde station at 6:03 pm est on Election Day 2012, then seemed to move in backward direction toward an opposition to Mr. Obama's natal Moon @3Gem21. Astrologers (and pundits!) everywhere predicted an extended ballot tabulation though hopefully not as contentious a one as the 2000 'hanging chad' election. And though state dust-ups have drawn things out in 2012, the presidential outcome at least has been straightforward.

And so, 'voter' Mercury Rx on November 6th may on one level symbolize the official Electoral College announcement of a definite victor which will be made on January 6, 2013 and will bring the entire 2012 Election process to a close.

By then, transit Mercury @9Cap32 will be in close conjunction with powerful Pluto @9Cap31 in the 9th house of Higher Education ("College"), as you see in the noon horoscope displayed below, set for the White House as a signifier for the entire nation; click chart to enlarge and perhaps you'll be able to read a few basic notes scribbled thereupon including US natal and BHO natal planets--one thing I neglected to fill in is, Mercury turned Rx "@4Sag18":

Horoscope: January 6, 2013 noon EST White House; Electoral College to Declare Official Victor of the November 2012 Presidential Election.

3rd quarter Moon = 'crisis in consciousness' stage; Mercury OOBs of the Earthly plane (may signify Mr. Obama's much larger share of votes); Mercury rises with Fixed Star Acumen (enduring attacks which weaken, not the only indication of weakness in the chart--see: Mars midpoint picture, below.)

Hour of Jupiter (Rx @7Gem16 in 2nd house of Values/Earning Ability/National Treasury); tr Jupiter continues to trigger US natal Uranus 8Gem55 denoting political and financial success; chart-ruler Mars @9AQ10 in 11th H of Groups and Associations and about to cross into 10th H of Public Status--Mars also rules 8th H through Scorpio with 8th cusp conjunct President Obama's ('BHO') natal MC and Romney's ('MR') natal Moon-Jupiter conjunction.

Chart-ruler Mars applies (0A48) to a square with restrictive Saturn denoting blocks, challenges, issues of bad timing, and possible threats to authority; plus, add the Moon (the public) to the square with testy Mars and we may have some hot feelings in the mix--then the Moon will soon meet depressive Saturn--are the people's electoral wishes to be thwarted? Surely not!

Now since it's the noon hour (a good time for announcements), the Sun (the leader) @16Cap32 conjoins MC (The Goal) with the Mercury-Pluto conjunction on the 9th H side of the Midheaven; Venus @26Sag54 attends.

Midpoint pictures are formed which may or may not apply to our topic:

Sun-Mercury = MC: standing up to the test; successful communications.

Sun-Pluto = MC: vocational upset and change to adopt new perspectives; striving for power and control; leadership qualities.

Neptune-NN = MC: inability to achieve aims without the help of others.

Sun-Neptune = Mars: weakness.

The next two pictures only apply at noon with 23Ari38 rising but they may be worth considering in light of the contentiousness, denial of reality, and sour grape attitude of the Republican Party whenever they lose presidential elections after which they continue denigrating the character of the Democratic president who bested them--and this one dares to be African-American by half!

Pluto-ASC = Neptune: suffering from the actions of bad, malicious, deceitful people.

Mercury-ASC = Neptune: deception; falsehood; slander; libel; disappointed or deceived by others; thinking badly of other people.

(Midpoint pics from Tyl and Ebertin.)

One transit to the President Obama's natal chart listed on the horoscope but which must be mentioned: tr Saturn to natal Neptune in Scorpio which brings along the grim face of reality---or, allows a dream to come true.

So! You noticed the YOD pattern of crisis/turning point/special task? With the brilliant, innovative Jupiter-Uranus sextile at its base, the 7th H Moon @6Sco20 is apex of the configuration. Now Scorpio is a Fixed sign of rigid energy but the Moon is Mutable, changeable, and denotes fluctuations. Near staid, status quo Saturn, ruler of Capricorn (sign of government, law, and business), my suspicion is that the rigidity of the public's landslide for President Obama will hold with the aid of stable Saturn yet perhaps we shouldn't entirely discount a tendency toward Scorpionic betrayal ("faithless elector"?)

Or, are we only seeing the Fixed tendency toward decisiveness here? Well, the January 6th Moon in Scorpio could be describing some number of Electoral College voters who, after all, are members of the American public themselves. They have to be, right?

Thing is, an apex Moon in a YOD pattern indicates those who must learn to decode the emotional messages received from others so that they may set out on a new path ("lean forward"?) where the interests of the weaker among us are defended and addressed successfully. (Tierney.)

Yeah, I thought that's what we voted for in November.

And apparently in America, that is only possible with a Democrat in the White House, if indeed it's any longer possible at all.

Nov 7, 2012

President Obama Declared Victor with a Leo Moon Rising!

Congratulations to President Barack Obama!

by Jude Cowell

Last evening at 11:12 ET, TV's Chuck Todd declared President Obama the victor in the fiercely fought 2012 Election, and several new congress men and women will be taking Capitol Hill seats in the New Year. Yet with Obama-Boehner gridlock in Washington still a distinct possibility, the Republican morning-afters of "we must find our identity" whines and bemoanings caused by the shellacking Mitt Romney and Paul 'Austerity for the Working Poor' Ryan took as the president reached and surpassed the 270 electoral college votes needed to win bring me little if any assurance that the GOP has learned any lessons at all.

Like Mitt Romney caught in a lie, the Republicans will probably do what they're famous for when they should be doing something better: double down on their madness. the party is marginalized already with 'not enough angry white voters' so it may be astounding to watch if they insist on continuing down their uncooperative path which leaves so many Americans in the lurch.

Now this I must ask: what happened, Wisconsin? A GOP Retakes State Senate and Full Control of State Government headline bodes ill for the people, imho. Haven't Wisconsin teachers and other public sector workers suffered enough? Apparently not though I'm assuming that there's no hint of a re-count needed in the state though not all votes across the country are tallied and there may be legal challenges and re-counts yet with voting Mercury Rx as of about 6:00 pm EST last evening.

Still, it would seem that my guess that yesterday's VOC Moon showed that voters (Moon = the people) had made up their minds and no further scurrilous ads or arguments could sway them away from President Obama whose natal 4th house Moon @3Gem21 was opposed by November 6th's Mercury Station Retrograde and will be again once Mercury turns Direct and re-opposes that degree. Like me, you probably heard some "heart vs head" talk from pundits and reporters as the election coverage proceeded...heart = Moon, head = Mercury. And yet, Mercury squares Neptune denoting confused thinking, a need to avoid harsher realities (like the Ryan Budget Plan?), and probably some deceptive voting machines in the political brew.

November 6, 2012 11:12 pm EST Rockefeller Center, NYC

Congratulations to Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren! And as Jon Stewart called it on The Daily Show last night, this was the "Re-Presidenting of America" with Chuck Todd's pronouncement occurring as the public's Moon @16Leo55 arose at 11:12 pm EST (ASC 17Leo19) along with Barack Obama's natal Ascendant (his nibs himself.) A Moon in Leo is a happy, shiny thing!

And of course you know that Jupiter Rx @14Gem33 was upper (nearer the chart's MC than Saturn @3Sco53 in 3rd house) so if we use generous Jupiter to indicate the Democratic Party as I've been doing ("Invest in America")--with the GOP as the Saturnian austerity enforcement league a la Ryan's so-called Budget Plan--we find the Democratic Party being lifted up career-wise onto the world stage (MC.)

Here are a few more basic details from the 11:12 pm EST "Obama wins" horoscope set for Rockefeller Center NYC--aka, "Democracy Plaza"--where MSNBC was headquartered for their election night coverage:

ASC 17Leo18; Hour of Mercury (the voter!) with Mercury Rx @4Sag18 in 4th house, the Foundation of the Matter; MC 8Tau09 which places President Obama's natal Neptune at IC 8Sco09 (not so stable a portent yet potentially inspiring for him); Sun-Mars = Mercury: desire to bring plans to realization; ready for action; a thinking leader or fighter in a struggle. (Ebertin; any, all, or none may apply); challenger Mars @22Sag33 is OOBs of the Earthly plane and on his own; Sun-Moon angle = 271 degr 45 mins = 3rd quarter, the 'crisis in consciousness' phase.

Chart-ruler Sun makes no applying aspects of any kind (though it does square the ASC--2A09) so its sign and house position are all-important: Sun @15Sco09 (the Eagle Point and the degree of Thomas Jefferson's natal Pluto (just thought I'd toss a little historical footnote in!) is posited in 4th house of Homeland (past time for "nation-building" at home!), Domestic Scene, and Real Estate, an industry which seems to be healing now unless there's interference down the road.

You know it would have been amusing to me how the GOP campaigned on "Obama will turn America into Europe" nonsense when it's the Romney-Ryan Budget Plan that determined to enforce austerity upon the American people as governments and banking houses have done in the EU. A wacky argument and I suppose the American people were expected not to notice the craziness of it! But we did.

Now the horoscope shows a bunch of squirrelliness around the 8th cusp (8Pis57) of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Corporatism, etc with Jupiter ruling and Neptune sub-ruling the confused, changeable sign of Pisces. Plus, transiting *Uranus @5Ari09 is posited there near the 9th cusp, a karmic spot for the planet of sudden upsets and uprisings. And with the 11th house Jupiter Rx in Gemini and Neptune Rx @00Pis22 in 7th house, there may be just what many economists and mundane astrologers are predicting ahead: more financial scandals and loss thanks to vulturing plutocrats with 2013 in the crosshairs.

After all, America's natal Pluto-Chiron midpoint of oppression and disenfranchisement @8Pis50 conjoins this 8th cusp along with our national Ceres (grains, foodstuffs, security issues, nurturance) so the rest of 2012 may be less joyous than everyone would prefer since the plutocrat-elite class are still around to bedevil us.

Another significator of financial shadiness (perhaps campaign use of funds will be questioned more as the weeks go by) for Mr. Obama's second term going Forward! is the so-called 'hidden square' (256 degr) between Jupiter and Neptune which last met in Great Conjunction/s three times through 2009 is creative yet may indicate unstable tendencies, overextending oneself credit-wise, and the rejection of social burdens; gullibility is an issue as the ideas of others are too easily adopted. Hopefully, with his re-election, President Obama won't cave so readily to Tea Party demands promoted by the GOP and will stand up for the social safety net of the American people.

Yes, the Jupiter-Neptune duo make quite a 'confidence team' of grand plans yet that's just what Americans and markets need most right now--confidence that our economy will continue to improve under the presidency of Barack Obama--and all obstructionists of the people's business should go ahead and take the hindmost!

If you're determined not to govern, then get out of politics.


*Uranus in Aries is described by Reinhold Ebertin as, "Utopians, fanatics, blind zealots." I leave it to your discretion as to whether Uranus in Mars-ruled Aries describes certain factions in one party more closely than it describes others. Plus, on Election Day 2009, Saturn opposed Uranus. Now with the transiting Saturn-Uranus inconjunct (150 degr), we may expect that further adjustments will be required between status quo Saturn and progressive Uranus as priorities concerning our obligations are decided upon, and holding on to old concepts becomes more and more ineffectual.

Our nation's problems are many, long-standing, and primarily self-created (ex: two wars fought on credit card) so Saturn-Uranus cantankerousness must be gone--and let's nation-build at home for a real change! jc

Nov 5, 2012

Election 2012's Void-of-Course Moon (We the People)

Election Day November 6, 2012: a VOC Moon and Voting Mercury Rx

by Jude Cowell

It's Monday, the day before the official voting day in the US presidential and congressional elections, a General Election. As I watch and read pundits prognosticating on electoral college votes, state polls, and such I think of all the words I've typed on the subject and don't feel there's much else I can say about the November 6th Mercury Station Retrograde, the V.O.C. Moon, or the 1st Vote at Dixville Notch, New Hampshire (with Jupiter Rx 'upper' = investment but delays = President Obama?

Fortunately, Dipali Desai has taken on the task with a fresh look at the astrological portents of November 6, 2012 and its planet of voting, Mercury, changing to a backward direction as it was on Election Day 2000--and gumming up election results until possibly mid-December when transiting Mercury moves beyond its Rx (shadow) degree of November 6th: 4Sag16.

A V.O.C. Moon: void-of-course meaning Luna completes no further aspects to other planets until entering the next sign (though the traditional definition of VOC is a little more complicated than that but let's stick with 2012.) This condition can be a bit of a head-scratcher in Astrology yet one of the best real-world examples of a VOC Moon is, of course, the morning and events of 9/11/01 when plans were put into motion and past a certain point in time, nothing could stop them.

Yes, VOC Moons usually show events which are 'set' and with which no one can interfere to change their outcome--or, indicating events that have a different outcome than expected. As you know, in Political (Mundane) Astrology, the Moon represents We the People, or the public so it would seem that by or before tomorrow, our minds are made up as to whom to vote for.

Actually, the VOC condition can apply to any planet, and in DeVore's Encyclopedia, we find that a VOC Moon "denies fruition to much of the good otherwise promised by the Figure" (horoscope.)

Plus, "In Horary Astrology a planet so placed is said to indicate a person devoid of objective or purpose, hence one who abandons himself to aimless endeavor."

Well, I can think of a variety of levels on which that last definition could apply--the losing candidate, for one. Or, to Romney as a president who is only required (by Grover Norquist) to be able to hold a pen and sign what's placed in front of him as he adopts the aims of others. Yes, Mitt Romney's triple planets in cameleon-like Pisces can make him seem quite 'aimless' and impressionable to whatever environment he's floating through at any particular moment, agreed? And yet it's the Moon--We-the-People--on November 6th who may be the aimless ones after the election dust settles.

My suspicion is that changeable Etch-a-Sketch candidates make malleable, easy to control Etch-a-Sketch presidents who campaigned by doing or saying anything to get elected!

Why, even veteran journalist Robert Parry thinks we may be Risking a Repeat of Election 2000...but not for astrological reasons, I presume.

Nov 1, 2012

Horoscope: Lunar Eclipse Nov 28 2012, plus Election Day 2012 Mercury

A Lunar Eclipse November 28, 2012 and Election Day 2012

by Jude Cowell

Above you see an image: the Horoscope of the upcoming Lunar Eclipse of Nov 28, 2012 @6Gem46 with an impaired Jupiter 11:54 Rx nearby (click to enlarge.)

It's an Hour of Jupiter, and Mars OOBs of the Earthly plane closely conjoins powerful, wealthy, string-puller Pluto @8Cap10--this pair of force and weaponry rise in Washington D.C. and as the eclipse perfects, enters the 12th H of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Large Institutions (wounded veterans in hospitals and soldier suicides come sadly to mind.) A desire to face danger may be in evidence as well.

Moon = the Mood We're In

A Gemini Moon shows We the People are of two minds as lively attention is paid to all forms of news and communications--we are straining to hear some good news and hopefully the populations of our cities and towns affected by this week's Hurricane Sandy will have heard good news by November 28th! Yes, Moon approaching Jupiter is a happy combination and here Jupiter rules the Sun posited in expansive, broad-minded Sagittarius. Plus, this Lunar Eclipse occurs 2 degr 7 mins from America's natal Uranus @8Gem55 which may serve to increase our excitement and our restlessness.

Indicative of turning points, crossroads, and/or crises are the two interlocked YOD patterns, one with Saturn 6Sco21 and MC at apex (focal points) and a second focused YOD (aka, the 'Finger of God' = an imperative to deal with) pointing toward the Moon (the people) and opposing the Sun (leader.)

Midpoint pictures for these YOD patterns include potentials for irritability, suppressed excitability, self-willedness, desires for separation, and a striving for independence (you'd think we Americans had that one under our belts before now! yet we're under threat once again.) Also denoted are: suffering sudden damage, great energy, ambitious aims pursued, readiness for action, and/or sudden interference in the business of others (an American specialty thanks to our tiresome imperialist plutocrats who wish to rule the world--from the White House, it seems.

Additionally, there are karmic or fated implications for planets when they appear in a chart at the same degrees: Moon-Sun-Saturn (6th degr) and Mars-Pluto-Venus (8th degr.)

A very dynamic picture of tense development is shown by midpoints aimed directly at the Sun (leader) @6Sag46 in 11th H: Pluto/MC = Mars/MC = Sun = Saturn/Pluto = Mars/Saturn indicating potentials for: power to attain success, authority, a strong will, giving orders to others, overcoming resistance or obstacles, sparing no pains in work, renunciation, privation, physical separation, toil, or an inability to meet all demands due to weak vitality.

Of course, this is a Lunar Eclipse so its midpoints also affect the Moon (the public) so we may find ourselves dealing with such issues as: feminine leadership, premature action, deep emotional reactions, lack of deliberation, imposing one's will upon women, independence of women, melancholy, depression, tragedy especially relating to women, illness, and/or a lack of courage (or charges of cowardice.) Looks like the GOP's 'war on women' with its backward-facing legislative proposals will have us stirred up even more in November, as it ought if America intends to remain a 21st century, non-Talibanesque nation!

Now with serious Saturn as chart-ruler (ASC 11Cap22), we take note of the karmic Lesson-Bringer's only applying aspect, a sextile to 12th H Pluto (1A49.) A sextile between these two karmic planets denotes that a challenge is involved--to persevere without becoming obsessive and single-minded. Defending the rights of those who are being victimized is a positive trait of a Saturn-Pluto sextile, yet both Moon and Sun (people-leader/s) may be in victimized (apex) positions here--or may describe those who use the sextile to achieve positive results!

Spotlighted are organization of info and intelligence reports, plus, 'proper management' issues. Top of the to-do list for a Saturn-Pluto sextile are: self-reliance, financial independence, and total control of all decision-making; perseverance will eventually turn around vulnerabilities, disorganized enterprises, and/or plans, and will result in the release or leaking of withheld information.

And since all eclipses are universal 'wild cards' with a Uranian nature and act as catalysts that serve us by uncovering hidden secrets and scandals, perhaps we'll be amazed by what we will soon find out.

Since a Lunar Eclipse that occurs after a Solar Eclipse tells us about our reaction to the Solar Eclipse, you may wish to follow a link to my recent post on the karmic November 13, 2012 Solar Eclipse @21Sco56 which conjoins US natal 12th cusp of Politics and Secret Deals (Sibly chart 5:10 pm LMT), and also conjoins the Midheaven of Thomas Jefferson's natal chart.

Speaking of YOD patterns and Thomas Jefferson, here's a top post on SO'W which concerns the YOD in Jefferson's natal chart, if you're curious.

November 6, 2012 and Voting Mercury's Station Rx

Now in a previous post or two I've groused astrologically about Election Day 2012's Mercury (votes, voters, ballots, polls, decisions, etc) performing a Station Retrograde (when a planet seems to stand still before turning direction and is made stronger while in Station mode.) Mercury's Station Rx occurs around 6 pm ET on November 6th and with you, dear reader, I await with baited breath to see if this Mercurial planetary condition again affects election results, both presidential and congressional--as it did in the Bush-Gore brouhaha of 2000. Especially since it Stations at '5Sag' this time which opposes President Obama's natal 3Gem21 Moon and conjoins Mitt Romney's natal South Node (SN) in Sagittarius in his n 7th house (Mitt's natal DESC = 1Sag01) and thus opposes his n NN, a Jupiterian point which has positive joining qualities.

Is Mercury's Station Rx showing American voters reviewing his record and 'turning back' to President Obama to gift him a second term as president? Does the separative Mercury-SN contact for Mr. Romney describe his ideas as old-fashioned and 'behind the times' such as rolling back Obamacare, minority rights, and women's reproductive rights? Well, Mercury-SN shows one who often has trouble gaining support for his ideas and plans (Mercury) so my hope is that the lesser of two evils--Mr. Obama, apparently--will benefit from Election Day 2012's Mercury Station Rx and that the Supreme Court doesn't get an opportunity to step in and decide the presidency on behalf of the plutocrats and neocon warmongers we so recently suffered under for eight years, a bad deal for American society which continues its negative influences to this day and beyond.

And this pertains, no matter how hard Florida's Jeb Bush tries to snow us with his glowing assessment of his disastrous brother, Dubya! Here's Jeb on Meet the Press a while back not showing the slightest sense of irony or discomfort that he even has to defend his brother!

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Sep 11, 2012

Explosion on Jupiter which turns Rx on Oct 4, 2012

With Jupiter now transiting the mid-degrees of Tropical Gemini and in the midst of the stars of Orion where the June 5/6, 2012 Venus Transit occurred with its 'paternalism' vibe, the Great Benefic is in the news:

Space Weather News for Sept 11, 2012

EXPLOSION ON JUPITER: Amateur astronomers are reporting a bright fireball on Jupiter--apparently the result of a small asteroid hitting the planet during the early hours of Sept 10th. As the fireball fades, attention turns to possible debris around the impact site.

Observers will be monitoring the region in the nights ahead to see what surfaces. Check for images and updates.

AURORA ALERTS: Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms are underway? Aurora alerts are available text and voice.#

Astro-Note: On October 4, 2012 Jupiter will Station Retrograde @16Gem23 at approximately 9:18 am edt (in 8th house, Washington DC) with the Sun @11Lib43 and 3 days from shining on US natal Saturn, a time of serious circumstances and a particularly important meeting for President Obama. As you know, Oct 4 is the day after the first Obama-Romney debate in Denver, Colorado.

Plus, the Oct 4 Moon @00Gem45 reflects the prior (PE) Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @00Gem20 along with the influences of the Fixed Star Alcyone 00Gem00, one of the Seven Sisters, or the Weepers. We've discussed Alcyone and the Pleiades (which figured into last night's episode of Perception!) many times so I won't repeat here except to say that Alcyone's 'something to cry about; exile; lots of rain' indications remain on our cosmic radar for October 2012. Something oceanic may also be part of the picture, or, someone who goes missing.

When Jupiter goes Rx, we may expect trouble with finances for resources are withheld or delayed and this bodes ill for debt and budget discussions on Capitol Hill (lame duck session), and since Jupiter also rules ideology, its inward-turning Rx period won't do the October debates or Election 2012 much good either especially since voting Mercury performs a Rx station on November 4 at around 6:03 pm edt. This cosmic circumstance has also been previously discussed on SO'W so repeating is unnecessary except to remind you that Mercury's Rx Station occurs opposite President Obama's natal Moon 3Gem21--and there's Jupiter gone Rx in Gemini, sign of Communications, Thinking Processes, and The News.

Not Again! Yes, Election Day 2000 also had Mercury Rx, as you remember, so astrologers are predicting a similar recount-dispute-voting-irregularity election for 2012. So am I. Tiresome, isn't it?

Jul 1, 2012

Election 2012 Mercury: Nov 6 and Nov 26 Horoscopes

Election Day Nov 6, 2012's Mercury Rx Station with the Mercury Direct Station of November 26, 2012

by Jude Cowell

Below you see an image of Election Day 2012's Mercury Station Retrograde of Nov 6 at 6:03:47 pm est (@4Sag18, lower left) and a second horoscope for the moment on November 26, 2012 when voting Mercury turns Direct at 5:47:32 pm est (@18Sco10) with both horoscopes set for the White House, the main prize for the victor.

Mercury is chart-ruler of both horoscopes and thus the determinant of both events which relate to the November 6, 2012 Presidential and Congressional Election/s. All astrologers are predicting trouble due to Mercury turning Rx on Election Day 2012 so let's consider the condition of the planet of voting, announcements, and--when Rx--disputed outcomes.

As you see, out-of-bounds Mars 22Sag23 is unaspected (who knows what Mr. Fussy the Activist is up to?) in 7th house of Legal Affairs and Open Enemies is at '23Sag', the "Immmigrants entering a New Country" degree and for this reason, and bedcause of the obvious issues with Mercury's Rx Station on Voting Day, plus, Mercury's aspects to other planets (actors), I read the charts as having immigrant/voter purge implications--a tiresome Republicn tactic--along with computer voting machine 'glitches' and possibly outright tampering or fraud.

Naturally with Mercury re-trograde, the word re-count is in the political air especially given the cantankerous nature of the 2012 Campaign and Election for much is at stake for each party. However, this common-gooder would be remiss if I didn't add that the American people have, as usual, the most to lose, and even though I believe that whoever inhabits the White House come January 21, 2013 will continue to follow a larger global agenda with few options to do otherwise, there is hopefully a difference in how the agenda is implemented, or at least that is my deep desire for the We the People.

That a One-Percenter like Mitt Romney, the watery Sun-Mercury-Mars Pisces and equal-opportunity bully, should take the helm after what Bush and Cheney perpetrated upon this nation for 8 years (culminating in Financial Heist 2008) would be an outrage! Haven't we learned anything???

Okay, I'll hush my fussing and give you a chance to appreciate both charts:

The following is meant to throw a spotlight upon what I consider to be prominent features in both charts yet I'm certain you can see many other factors of importance. As always, feel free to leave a comment if you wish!

Nov 6, 2012 6:03:47 pm est White House: Mercury's first moment Rx in 6th house of Health, Work, and Military and Police Service after just dipping below the horizon. This is a Cadent position and a natural house of Mercury (Virgo) yet Mercury is debilitated in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius; a mentally inspired Geminian Jupiter Rx (Republicans weakened due to several factors including a battle with an incumbent president) is rising in 1st house; ASC 5Gem39 is the WHAT? Point of the matter and in this case, the WHAT? is Mercury's Rx Station. It's an Hour of Saturn (restriction, control, authority) so it may be expected that the Jupiterian GOP will have managed tamperings of the voting process by and on November 6. We cannot discount that Politics is a win-at-any-cost game with powerful consequences and Jupiter is relating from a weakened position opposite his natural sign of Sagittarius and Rx as well.

Chart-ruler Mercury applies to a square with Chiron (0A42), and a trine with technology-lover Uranus (0A52) with disruptive rebel Uranus 5Ari09 Rx in 11th H of Groups and Associations, and the sub-ruler of the 10th H of Career and Public Status (MC 13AQ00.) At Midheaven you see the midpoint of the combustable pair of Mars and Uranus which gives a midpoint picture of potentials for extraordinary achievements, and/or taking drastic measures such as 'putting a gun to someone's head' (Ebertin.)

Whether a threat of gun use is actually necessary to manipulate Election 2012 we'll probably never know. But this picture may simply be a reference to the NRA gun lobby of fanatics who really really want Mr. Romney in the White House, or so I've heard.

Now where in the Election Day chart are We the People? Moon 14Leo12 conjoins IC, (Home and Domestic Scene) and the HOW? Point of any horoscope.

Now don't stay home, m'peops, for We are the How! Yes, certain undermining forces are making it more and more difficult to vote but let's not give in to them. Especially with the high-flying Kite pattern you see in the November 6 horoscope with the people's Moon as spearhead--conjoining President Obama's natal Sun in Leo!--and sextiles to the Moon from Jupiter Rx and a 5th H Venus 11Lib28. Now I agree that it's speculation and popularity (5th H) plus our innate intuition (US natal Moon in Aquarius) which must tell us that Mr. Obama is our best bet going forward given all the conflicting campaign rhetoric and distortions but the president's argument that a Romney presidency would take us backward is easy enough for a majority to agree upon unless you're of the One Percent or on their payroll.

Disagreements, quarrels, recounts, disputed outcomes, voting machine brou-ha-has, voting roll purges, and more issues may be in the news from November 6 until...November 26? Well, probably. Yet Mercury won't reach its Shadow Degree of 4Sag18 (where it retrograded) until December 14, 2012 and quickly moves beyond it so we may have another December to be anxious over--centering on or just after December 14. Hopefully the SCOTUS Justices won't underwhelm the people's middling-to-poor opinion of them as they did with Bush v Gore in December 2000 and we'll appreciate an early if legality-decorated Christmas gift to settle Election 2012, if we must.

Chart 2, upper right, shows November 26 at 5:47:32 pm est (Hour of Venus--jealousy and revenge? or attraction?) when speedy Mercury takes a stand and performs a Direct Station @18Sco10 ('19Sco' = "A Parrot Listening Then Talking"--whose script will he read?) As you see, US natal Moon is at MC, and Mercury is again in the same preparatory Cadent house in DC. Forceful Mars and Pluto are about to converge in Capricorn with Jupiter still Rx and hiding in the 12th H of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Secret Deals.

Wishy washy Neptune 00Pis25, ruler of Mr. Romney's natal Sun, Mercury, and Mars, is strong in its own sign and at MC (the 'hiding in plain sight' position); US natal Sun conjoins the 2nd cusp of the National Treasury, and the Pluto/ASC midpoint @00:05 is prominent at Aries Point (10th H) showing that the tendency toward the use and abuse of power and persuasion are of utmost importance for determined US politicians who wish to rule the day and don't mind being ruthless in their attempts to have their way. Foreign control and plutonian global meddling may also be shown by Pluto/ASC = AP, a World Point of Manifestation.

Now I know that most if not all astrologers have predicted victory for President Barack Obama in 2012 and I wish to whole-heartedly concur. Yes, this is probably the case--and yet there seems to me to be quite a few circumstances where the Romney camp can manipulate the outcome of Election 2012 as well as provide GOP interference to affect congressional races. And why should we think otherwise when they've made themselves perfectly clear by obstructionism and bald-faced statements and lies against Pres. Obama, for in their pride and arrogance they imagine themselves to be the only suitable residents of the White House! How tiresomely they brag.

Yet you know what they say: sometimes you just want to be wrong!

So with Election Day 2012 Mercury turning Rx on the exact day of the elections, the eventual results are certain to be in dispute or clouded by murky conditions (exs: computer 'glitches' or tamperings, robo-calls meant to confuse voters, etc) on into December, and may never be as clear as the American people would prefer and deserve them to be. It seems that our best chance to renounce neocon hawks is a grand turn-out for the President which will make election outcomes as perfectly clear as they can possibly spite of all the jackassian political tricks Washington underminers have to offer!

Mar 12, 2012

Mercury Rx affects astro-blogger!

Wishing for tech assistance for my new office set-up has so far proven futile, dear reader, with Mercury, ruler of this blogger's natal horoscope and 10th-house ruler, turned retrograde. Annoyance and frustration are 'in the air' so to speak, and there's no telling when yon wireless service provider will knock upon the door--but first, he must re-ply to his voice mail re-questing assistance!

Will his efforts need to be re-done once accomplished? That re-mains to be seen. Usually, periods of Mercury Rx only affect me in superficial ways if at all (even with natal Mercury in Capricorn direct) but of course, it's been years since I've experienced such an abundance of change in my life--with change being of the province of Mutable Mercury as well.

Therefore, if you landed here and wish to read a little Political Astrology in spite of my tech troubles, you may wish to check out a recent post of the historical variety which concerns America's Syzygy Moon of July 1, 1776 if you haven't as yet. (Edit: since Mercury Rx is causing problems and interfering with this very post, please try the sidebar's Search feature if the provided link doesn't work!)

The usual (Water-Air = mist) Sun Cancer-Moon Aquarius blend that describes our national personality came three days later for it's a Saturn-ruled Capricorn Moon of ambition denoted in the syzygy horoscope. And naturally, our Syzygy Moon signifies a moment of real-world transits as our nation was being invented and the Declaration of Independence was in process of being debated.

Besides, re-viewing is an appropriate activity for us all during Mercury Rx periods, plus, transiting Pluto (The Transformer; the Dragon Guarding the Riches) nears our nation's Syzygy Moon degree and has crept within orb of it already. Pluto will perfect or create a midpoint picture quite soon, one which I think we're already feeling...

Sun/Moon = Pluto: a critical time of development.