Apr 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day, earthlings! April 22, 2009

People. Of. Earth.

Here is NASA's famous - and first ever - Earth from space photo. Just look at the watery, lonely little thing! And yet...You Are Here.

Hope no one minds if I publish this image in honor of Earth Day, Wednesday, Aril 22, 2009. Since the planet belongs to us all, shouldn't the photograph?


Scroll just below to my previous post for today's SpaceWeather News alert concerning Earth Day 2009's early morning celestial displays - from Lyrid meteors to a lovely Moon-Venus Occultation! And lusty Mars will be lounging nearby.

Here's an Art representation for '30 Pisces' (where all the action is at the moment) called 'Temple of the Great Stone Face' if you should find yourself in the mood for Sabian Symbol details concerning '30 Pisces' along with a smidge of artwork tossed in just for you from me.

And the above 'People. Of. Earth.' greeting is from TV's Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show.

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