Apr 22, 2009

Senate Armed Services Committee faults Bush adm on torture

The Senate Armed Services Committee released a report last evening, April 21, 2009, which faults the Bush administration for authorizing torture techniques.

Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld authorized certain methods on Dec 2, 2002, so I took a quick look at that date and found a Grand Trine between Mars, Saturn, and Uranus which gives three midpoint pictures to consider (energies which could have been operative on many levels anywhere on the globe and for anyone, of course - and people chose how to use them), but see if you think any of them apply to the subject at hand...Grand Trine patterns indicate closed circuits of energy:

Mars/Saturn = Uranus: the inclination to apply brute force; the ability to take as well as give under provocation; extraordinary and unusual powers of resistance; the inclination to apply brute force; a nervous test of strength; sudden illness or separation; intervention by a Higher Power; intense drive; breaking loose; gaining independence through struggle.

Mars/Uranus = Saturn: violence; a lack of adaptability; energy concentrated on separation; a heavy injury; operation; violent destruction; a clash between controls and the freest spirit; potential battles and separations; controls cannot be tolerated.

Saturn/Uranus = Mars: an act of violence; the occasionally wrong use of extraordinary energy; undergoing great efforts and toil; a violent or forced release from tensions or strains; challenging others for a decisive contest or fight; deprivation of freedom; injury; accident; tremendous upheaval possible in rebellion, through calamity, overexertion, or anxiety about how things will get on. (Ebertin; Tyl.)

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