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Apr 16, 2009

Leaden priorities of the CDC

From leaden pipes come shrivelled brains and violent urges suggested by the high levels of lead in the bloodstreams of DC children (test studies 2001 - 2004.)

~Glad my children were born in DC years earlier.~

The lackluster and possibly criminal performance of the Center for Disease 'Control' in this instance is most disappointing and bodes ill for future confidence in the CDC as their circular logic to hide their culpability is full of holes at best.

When on the hot seat, blame the labs who 'lost' the tests - as if the CDCers couldn't have asked for more copies! One again 'corporate politics' trumps public policy and safety as well.

Way to not go, CDC - you make me feel ashamed especially since you're based in Atlanta, just down the road from where I now type.

And astrologically, lead is the metal of Saturn, planet of accountability, responsibility, and the status quo. Guess keeping lead pipes because you're too cheap to pay for better ones comes under the heading of 'keeping up the status quo' - even if it kills someone.

Hmm...the words, population control, do come disturbingly to mind.


Georgia News:

Today my local radio station, WUGA, is reporting that Paul Collins Broun III has been found with illegal substances at his private school, Athens Academy. He's the grandson of GA Rep. Paul Brown, so you may as well hear the news from a native Athenian, moi.

And no, I did not vote for Mr. Broun but wouldn't wish family troubles on anyone...even a politician, most of whom are infestations who've rotted America to her core. (And I'm not referring to a little marijuana a la young Mr. Broun.)

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