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May 4, 2017

Trumpcare Passes House under Taurus-Virgo Vibes

May 4, 2017 saw the passage through the House of Trumpcare, the GOP health insurance plan that redistributes wealth to the wealthy while deleting medical insurance from thousands of Americans. As they voted, one of today's double-Earth Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo 'Images for Integration' (combining conscious + unconscious energies) seems completely appropriate to what GOP politicians perpetrated today upon the American people on behalf of Congress' corporate and Wall Street donors--and probably to boost congress members' own stock portfolios (which should be investigated). See if you agree:

"The treasurer for the Association for Social Reform invests proceeds of a jumble sale into gilt-edge securities."

Photo: Speaker of the House Paul 'Ron' Ryan (R-WI) Trumpcare promoter

Here's a view with a brief bio of Paul Ryan's natal chart, born January 29, 1970 at 2:37 am CST Janesville, Wisconsin (RR: AA; BC/BR in hand). You've probably noted before his exact conjunction of Neptune and Ascendant @00Sag which makes Jupiter (at 6Scorpio = "A Gold Rush") his chart-ruler with the moneybags planet's only aspect an inconjunct to Mars, strong in its own sign of Aries--and conjoining healing Chiron (0A01) at 3Aries (4th house). Mars-Chiron gives the Speaker an heroic quest or mission to aim for and it's filled with Martian fervor. For besides Trumpcare, we must not forget Ryan's previous budget plan of draconian measures, another GOP scheme of heisting proportions!

So Speaker Ryan is a crusader, we might say, and he's aided in his quest by an ambitious Locomotive shape that's lead by powerful, wealthy Pluto Rx in late Virgo, sign of Health, in his natal 10th house of Career and Public Status along with a most fortuitous placement for any politician's Moon--at 23Libra conjunct starry Spica and Arcturus. Spica in the original plan for the District's Federal Triangle represents the Washington Monument and thus, the presidency, while Arcturus signifies the White House (As Above, So Below).

How interesting since, as Speaker of the House, Mr. Ryan is third in the line of succession for the presidency should Mr. Trump and Mr. Pence somehow fall by the wayside.

Then we'd have ourselves a President Ron Ryan!


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Jul 16, 2011

Bohemian Grove parties on! 7.16.11 (Alex Jones videos)

These videos from yesterday, July 15, 2011, concern the current 15-day Bohemian Grove gathering of elitists in California playmates on-call:

(RussiaToday) – Forget about Bilderberg. America hosts its own top-secret pow-wow every summer in the woods of California, and some of the past participants at the all-male Bohemian Grove party have included presidents, foreign royalty and Hollywood elite. They are gathering right now for their two week adventure, and filmmaker Alex Jones says he once snuck his way onto the secret site.

Alex Jones reveals new Bohemian Grove info and discusses the obsession with pro-U.S. Hollywood films like Captain America.

So I suppose this means that politicians, business leaders, and entertainers who can't be located over the next two weeks just might be busy gettin' it on in a secluded Bohemian Grove.

Wonder what plans for our nation they're devising between their cocktails and sexy hook-ups? "Captain America" indeed.

Okay, now I need to shower and hopefully get that raunchy image of Henry Kissinger out of my head...

Update: Here's more Bohemian Grove info from the Daily Mail: hacktivists intend to infiltrate the goings-on this year!

Apr 16, 2009

Leaden priorities of the CDC

From leaden pipes come shrivelled brains and violent urges suggested by the high levels of lead in the bloodstreams of DC children (test studies 2001 - 2004.)

~Glad my children were born in DC years earlier.~

The lackluster and possibly criminal performance of the Center for Disease 'Control' in this instance is most disappointing and bodes ill for future confidence in the CDC as their circular logic to hide their culpability is full of holes at best.

When on the hot seat, blame the labs who 'lost' the tests - as if the CDCers couldn't have asked for more copies! One again 'corporate politics' trumps public policy and safety as well.

Way to not go, CDC - you make me feel ashamed especially since you're based in Atlanta, just down the road from where I now type.

And astrologically, lead is the metal of Saturn, planet of accountability, responsibility, and the status quo. Guess keeping lead pipes because you're too cheap to pay for better ones comes under the heading of 'keeping up the status quo' - even if it kills someone.

Hmm...the words, population control, do come disturbingly to mind.


Georgia News:

Today my local radio station, WUGA, is reporting that Paul Collins Broun III has been found with illegal substances at his private school, Athens Academy. He's the grandson of GA Rep. Paul Brown, so you may as well hear the news from a native Athenian, moi.

And no, I did not vote for Mr. Broun but wouldn't wish family troubles on anyone...even a politician, most of whom are infestations who've rotted America to her core. (And I'm not referring to a little marijuana a la young Mr. Broun.)