Apr 8, 2009

Stewart blasts 'tyrannical Potato Day' of Obama

When Jon Stewart gets going on politicians' ridiculous inconsistencies, he's my main man!

Republican talking points now in soul-searing conflict:

Pres. Obama is a weakling!


Pres. Obama is a tyrant!

Can they have it both ways? Should we-the-people allow them to? Are they trying to make us crazy?

(Yes. Thanks, Jon - for the sanity.)


Singing Sparrow said...

This is a response to an unrelated article: the hateful "lawmaker" from Texas suggesting that a Chinese immigrant might want to simplify the family name so that Americans could pronounce the name more easily.Betty Brown is her name. I wonder what she does when encountering some of the Scot names and some of the names from central Europe.
I just wonder if this country will withstand the hateful ignorance of the right wing?? These folks outrage me and break my heart. There is more news coverage of the right wing than ever. I wonder if that is to encourage them or to warn us?

jude cowell said...

Yes, I know what you mean. But i don't think the press is warning us as much as trying to sway us!

'Compassionate conservative' my patootie! If they'd ever been that they'd be their brother's keepers instead of grousing about 'entitlements' and using their 'all through your life you've made choices' mantra to try to justify their coldheartedness.

Another thing about hearing/seeing more 'right wing' crap is that it's to the power elite's advantage to keep we-the-people poraized into these camps..."Rs vs Ds" means very little but divide and conquer!

Which is one of the reasons they started in right away on the 'polls' showing BHO's 'lowering #s' - the powers-that-be can't stand it if we organize into the powerful MASS that we are - scares 'em.

Thanks a bunch for your comment! Jude