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Aug 6, 2015

August 6, 2015: Political Astrology on Global Radio!

A lot is happening Thursday August 6, 2015!

By now you know that tonight is the first Republican primary debate/s with the first ('happy hour') group onstage at 5:00 pm edt and the main line-up on air (FOX channel or MSNBC) to begin at 9:00 pm edt including Donald Trump. It will be a very long evening of Politics and campaign promises, folks.

Update August 7, 2015: last night's two Republican debates resulted in rather predictable fashion with the lion-esque Donald Trump giving back as good as he got, Governor John Kasich acquitting himself well even on the topic of Medicaid, and Carly Fiorina rising above the rest as astrological factors suggested in a previous post. The lowest notes in the symphony were struck by Ben Carson and Rand Paul; the role of youngster of the evening was played by Senator Mario Rubio.

Then at 10:00 pm edt, yours truly is scheduled to be interviewed by Rob McConnell on The 'X' Zone Radio Show concerning Political Astrology. This is a global broadcast originating in Ontario Canada and will be aired Live from 10--11:00 pm edt (7:00 pm pdt). Hope you'll tune in this evening or check it out via podcasts or on your TuneIn or iHeart radio apps and such.

Update August 7, 2015: my on-radio interview last evening with host Rob McConnell was fun! Rob has a great interviewing style and makes it seem like a conversation between two people that just happens to have an invisible audience listening in. Depending on Rob's busy schedule, perhaps we'll finish our conversation about Politics and Astrology at a later date!

Next at 11:00 pm edt is Jon Stewart hosting his last episode of The Daily Show after over 16 years of excellent comedy bits and Jon's timely satiric ridicule of Politics, fraudsters, FOX and other sorry media outlets, and gas bag politicians while spotlighting and criticizing the damage they do to our nation. Yes, I will miss Jon but am wishing him and his family all the best as he enters a new phase of life!

Update August 7, 2015: sad for us + glad for Jon = #JonVoyage

Check out a previous post which includes The Daily Show clip of Jon Stewart on 2013's Sequester Cuts and if you type 'Jon Stewart' into the sidebar Search field you'll find quite a list of posts, most with topical clips from the brilliant political satirist Mr. Stewart!


Apr 18, 2013

Jon Stewart: "CNN: The Most Busted Name in News" (video)

After yesterday's cluster-f reporting from CNN concerning an 'arrested suspect' in the Boston Marathon bombings, you could easily predict I would embed this excerpt from Jon Stewart on last evening's The Daily Show, right?

The Daily Show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The Most Busted Name in News - Exclusive and First
Daily Show Full EpisodesIndecision Political HumorThe Daily Show on Facebook

You know if it weren't so tragic it would be almost amusing to see if the Republican Party hops aboard the Obama Terror Initiative as they so enthusiastically did with the Bush-Cheney terror regime of the New Millennium which was ushered in by Nostradamus' 'Mother of All Eclipses"/"King of Terror Eclipse" of August 11, 1999 with the Oxen, Lion, Eagle, and Angel Points of the Fixed (rigid) Cross triggered as predicted in The Book of Revelation.

Now that the tables are turned, and considering the party's obstructionist role as Obama's political foil, will the American public soon be subjected to a GOP pretzel-twist by anti-Obama Republicans so that their "patriotism" isn't questioned by Democrats and the lame stream media?

Jul 25, 2012

Lewis Black on 'Campaign Fibs' (The Daily Show video)

On The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last evening, Lewis Black provided me with a new perspective on the distortions and lies of Campaign 2012 so a video embed seems to be in order in case you missed his commentary:


Here's the only way I can manage to eat Nutella (if I must):

Toast slices of pound cake (Sara Lee is nice), spread each slice with Nutella. Top with sliced strawberries, whipped cream, and a sprinkle of nutmeg if desired. Enjoy!

Recipe given to me by my fiberista daughter, Maya whose name appeared to me in a dream guessed it...the Mayan civilization.

Jun 27, 2012

"The Wrath of Cons"--Jon Stewart (video)

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart hilariously explained Republican wrath over the ill-fated Fast and Furious gun-tracking program last evening and their echo chamber of talking heads attempting to link it to Nixon's Watergate scandal (!) so I hope you didn't miss it! Besides, I lived in Washington DC during Watergate, and you, Fast and Furious, are no Watergate...

May 3, 2012

Jon Stewart on the GOP v Obama v bin Laden (video 5/2/12)

Now I hope you didn't miss Jon Stewart on The Daily Show last evening concerning the big bowl of sour grapes Republicans are serving over President Obama's taking credit for the Osama bin Laden raid of May 1, 2011 but in case you did:


Campaign 2012 and the Republicans! Which means never saying anything positive about your opponent even if it's deserved--especially when it's The One you swore to undermine at every turn no matter how your intransigence and gimickery imperils our nation.

In random order, here are five Suggested Links pour vous:

Thom Hartmann

Democracy Now!

Stephanie Miller

Bill Press

David Pakman

Sep 5, 2011

WikiLeaks "Destroyed"? and A Busy Week in Washington 9.5.11

9.5.11 A Busy Week Ahead in Washington DC, WikiLeaks in the News

by Jude Cowell

Yes, the US Congress returns to 'serve the public' this week (or, 'shaft the public' as many believe) and President Obama delivers an Address to a Joint Session of Congress on Thursday night (at 7:00 pm edt with his natal Chiron in Pisces rising opposite natal Pluto in Virgo setting.) His Address will include the White House's 'jobs creation plan' though it's hard to see what Mr. Obama can do about unemployment while signing more 'free' trade agreements, our US jobs killers.

Planning to be MIA from the president's Address Thursday will be Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh, known for his status as a deadbeat dad who instead devoted thousands of dollars to finance his congressional campaign. Mr. Walsh says he's made up his mind about Barack Obama and apparently no daylight will be allowed to change it.

Of course, some would say that Walsh isn't the only deadbeat on Capitol Hill and I guess I've made up my mind about Joe Walsh.

Plus, as you know, Wednesday evening (9.7.11) looms with Republican candidates squaring off in what passes these days for political 'debate'. I expect that Rick Perry will stand out, don't you? It's a crowded field with eight candidates scheduled to participate in the televised spectacle. Watch for Corporate GOPism to be on display.

WikiLeaks in the News

Meanwhile, Der Spiegel has published an article that details some of the recent events concerning WikiLeaks and the publishing of US State Department cables.

If you read the article you'll find it ends with a supposition that whistle blowers may no longer trust WikiLeaks--because Julian Assange has a bossy personality, because of his fights with a former employee, or because of the manner and condition in which Assange has chosen to publish leaks.

Now this leaves me with the impression that instilling a lack of trust in WikiLeaks for future whistle blowers was the primary objective of the article though you're certainly welcome to feel differently.

For another perspective--Assange in his own words--perhaps you'll wish to view last evening's 60 Minutes interview with a fascinating person set on a complicated, controversial mission.

Yet it's difficult for me, a believer in the Greater Good and the Rights of the Common Man, not to cheer when the power elite's frilly underpants are revealed in the unvarnished light of day. Yes, unredacted names are worrisome and Assange continues to assert that there's no evidence of anyone being harmed from having their names revealed in certain leaked documents and thereby ID'd as collaborating with the imperial powers (us, The Occupiers.)

So is Julian Assange "abusing his power"? Is it abusing power to expose abuse of power? Well, naturally the power elites, long accustomed to having all the secrecy they require, are in a snit of miffdom over such unsought, uncontrollable exposure of their deeds. A One World Government is their mission.

Astrologically, the asteroid known for an 'abuse of power' flavor is none other than Atlantis, one of America's pseudonyms, and a clear reference to the legendary Platonic myth of Isle of Atlantis which helped inspire Sir Francis Bacon's politically idealistic work "The New Atlantis", which describes the Utopia that America was allegedly meant to become.

You can read the Wiretap edition of The New Atlantis if you like but it's quite wordy. However, a Search feature is provided.

And check out a previous post on the natal horoscope of tech genius Julian Assange, a Jupiter-Neptune-Saturn fellow whose chart may contain hints of power abuse, or at least of a complex personality with lots going on beneath the surface of his Watery Sun Cancer-Moon Scorpio personality blend. Both signs are quite acquainted with the concepts of secrecy and revelations.

Yet perhaps more to the 'abuse of power' issue concerning Julian Assange is his willful, eccentric Sun/Uranus square, and if you know someone with this configuration you may agree that it gives an ego-intensifying effect.

Plus, here's a video from The Daily Show December 2010 with Jon Stewart's perspective on "catching a somewhat pasty predator".

Finally, FAIR blog has published a round-up of article links on the NYT and WikiLeaks Iraq cable debate if you care to wade in.


Recommended: If you wish a more personal astro-view for today, September 5, 2011, check out Julie Demboski's Answer Carefully.

Jun 30, 2011

Jon Stewart on the US Debt Ceiling Crisis (video)

Wednesday June 29, 2011: Thank goodness! Someone without an election campaign to finance, The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, deals with the tiresomely political stalemate and one-upsmanship between Ds and Rs concerning the US economy and the August 2nd debt ceiling deadline.

Here in Athens, Georgia I suspect it's proving difficult for some of my aquaintances to take much of it very seriously since in Washington DC the issues are being treated as an opportunity to hold a 3-ring circus and score points against a Democratic White House. And did you hear that Treasure Secretary Timothy Geithner may be stepping down (or absconding) later in the year?

Actually, Secretary Geithner is denying it.

Personally I can't help but feel that if the GOP delights in making Capitol Hill look so completely idiotic and childish to the rest of the world because 'lawmakers' can't leave the golf course and come together long enough do their jobs and raise the debt ceiling without all the ideological crap piled in, then the Rs' campaign to 'make Obama fail' at the expense of all but the topmost tier of Americans is merely par for their cynical, zealous, corporate-worshipping course.

And if they don't shape up soon, may gophers and ferrets purloin every one of their balls.

Feb 18, 2011

Dropping the Mask: The Truth About FaceBook (video)

A few weeks ago I put my delete-account-clicking where my mouth was and left behind the warm coziness of FaceBook. The site retains all my content and personal data, however, as evidenced by the email I received next day assuring me that my password will still get me back in whenever I'm ready to rejoin the happy throng.

This is no comfort considering my concerns.

Well, the above video presentation doesn't mention the alleged infusion of mega-bucks into FB by Goldman-Sachs, a deal which has supposedly been nixed, or Russia's investment into FB which is, last I heard, in the works. These are the two camels' noses under the FB tent that caused me to bow out and was spurred by Jon Stewart's example.

Now that I've seen this video, it seems clear to me that the popular tale of the rise of FaceBook (as touted by MSM and seen in the glowing Social Network film) is a front for something more sinister...perhaps something not embedded within Zuckerberg's initial actions of creation, but hey! Turned out there was a mega-fortune to be made and he's making it, having dinner with topcats like President Obama (last evening), and publicly talking up the social aspects of his site. Yet Mr. Zuckerberg has had a lot of 'help' since FB's earliest days.

Of course, what you do with your own privacy-destroying FB account, a spider's web of major globe-spanning proportions and info-gathering, is totally up to you and I know that most people depend on it and refuse to look behind the Friendly mask of FaceBook (while following the Don't Worry Be Happy Model of trusting strangers.) But one quick peek underneath and the site isn't only social, it's surveilling and menacing.

So next time you add content about your personal likes, dislikes, interests, and what you're reading or writing, please give a thought to the shadowy figures who ultimately will become familiar with anything you post - for their own purposes.

They've skulked about for years here on Google.

But why make the implementation of totalitarianism government that easy for them?

Jan 7, 2011

Jon Stewart unFriends Facebook (video) and so will I

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
The Anti-Social Network
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical Humor & Satire Blog</a>The Daily Show on Facebook

Here's Jon Stewart's hilarious take on recent FaceBook developments. Personally I had already decided to 'unFriend' FB, too, ever since the news broke of Goldman-Sachs and RUSSIA sticking their camel noses under the FB tent.

It's only a matter of time before I leave FB, so if you want to check out my pages/wall/photos/artwork/astrology, whatever, I suggest you do it very soon! (See sidebar for link: 'Facebook? Really?' from which, perhaps, you can tell I had serious reservations about joining FB from the get-go. My misgivings are now confirmed.)

Of course, my dilemma is: will closing my FB account leave a sticky residue as experienced when I left MySpace a few years ago? Or will it be a clean break?

I suspect shenanigans will be afoot, don't you?

Nov 1, 2010

On Karl Rove's subpoena (video) and Pluto/NN

Trying to catch up after having out-of-town guests this weekend is proving difficult for I've missed a lot of politickin' the last 3 or 4 days. But you know I have to begin by posting this video concerning the October 24, 2010 serving of a subpoena upon Karl Rove, that warmongering goose stepper I adore despising for the lies he's helped perpetrate upon our nation and the lives his ambition has cost.

Served as he arrived for a segment on Face the Nation, at 10:00 am edt in Washington DC on Sunday October 24, 2010, we see that 00Sag338 rises with '1Sag' being the symbol of: "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire"; Mars 27Sco21 has just risen identifying a contentious reaction to having to give a deposition when you've operated for decades without ever testifying under oath concerning your political actions, misdirections, indiscretions, and law-breaking.

On Oct 24, the Sun @ 1Sco03 is somewhat auspicious since October 24, 2010 marked the 17th birthday of the current NWO-ers with that 'new order' planetary pair, the enlightened Uranus and Neptune, who met three times in 1993 with their 3rd conjunction standing in as a modern day 'NWO natal horoscope' with Sun 1Sco19.

Another possible NWO natal horoscope is for the last time Uranus and Neptune hooked up in Great Conjunction: March 21, 1821. This may be the primary date which will act as a natal horoscope for the previous incarnation of the NWO but I've not completed my sleuthing into the matter so it's inconclusive at this juncture; a 4-second orb on that date for Uranus and Neptune is their closest approach I've found so far.

However, on March 21, 1821, genius Uranus and inspirational Neptune met at 3Cap01 - where transiting Pluto and tr North Node are trouncing about lately (Pluto conjoins NN on Nov 9, 2010 @ 3Cap38; tr Moon reaches 3Cap38 on that date at 3:13 pm edt, DC; Pluto/NN = common destiny of a large mass of people, Moon = the people, so I keep mentioning their triple conjunction though no one seems to notice. I will be interested in keeping an eye on the news for any big meetings or summits held on or near Nov 9, 2010. Perhaps you already know of one?)

We Love Jon S. and Stephen C.; We Do Not Love Karl Rove

Interestingly, both Pluto and NN were rising at noon on Saturday Oct 30, 2010 for Jon Stewart's and Stephen Colbert's rallies in Washington DC to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. (Astrological Saturn is associated with both sanity and fear! And with the accountability Jon shouted out for regarding the culpable media and cable TV.)

Yes, I really appreciate Jon Stewart's serious remarks about the US and the pi*s-poor job the press with its 24/7 news cycle is doing 'for' democracy. And yes, I agree that it is only in Washington DC and in the press that things in America are not 'working'; Washington's obsessive belly-button gazing is the joke of the planet!

So. The subpoena served to Mr. Rove at 10:00 am on Oct 24, 2010 also shows two asteroids rising with quarrelsome activist Mars: Eros (the piercing) and power asteroid, Hidalgo. You may remember the BP-Gulf Oil blowout chart with Hidalgo rising at...curiously enough...'1Sag'...that 'Grand Old Army' degree again.

Plus, the first midpoint to rise in the Rove-subpoena horoscope is Sun/Pluto 2Sag08 so we have:

Sun/Pluto = ASC: suppression of the environment for the attainment of one's own aspirations; experiencing the ruthlessness of others; a crisis of self-preservation. (Ebertin.)

Well, it seems Mr. Rove assumed he would suppress the environment as usual while appearing on Face the Nation but the ruthlessness of others stepped on his happy Sunday morning dream scenario and quashed it a bit.

One chart factor worth mentioning is a major transit for anyone (and not everyone experiences it in a lifetime): tr Pluto 3Cap13 to Mr. Rove's natal Sun (birth time unknown but his hatch date is Dec 25, 1950 in Denver, CO.) This places his natal Sun around 3Cap41, give or take, and obviously, the current positions of transiting Pluto and NN conjoin his natal Sun.

Tr Pluto to n Sun marks a time when more power, control, influence, and recognition are desired; if one has been ruthless or aggressive in the past, an increase of both may be expected; independent actions taken may be courageous or foolhardy; a new start is indicated yet the past will have much influence upon how things proceed.

With the karmic nature of slow-moving Pluto involved, perhaps his shady past (Pluto rules the Underworld) is attempting to catch up with him. The position of his n Saturn @ 2Lib06 shows us he's recently experienced a Saturn Return when taking responsibility for past actions may be demanded. (Plus, the trial of Rove's past crony, Tom Delay, began this week but I expect little satisfaction from it, do you? Has the jailed Jack Abramoff turned on compadre Rove?)

And if the mysterious death of Rove's 'friend' and colleague Mike Connell is spotlighted by the Rove subpoena concerning 2004 election fraud charges in Ohio, I for one, will be heartily glad if one of the many mysterious crimes involving Washington DC players is revealed for what it is: a political assassination meant to cover up actions and protect the career of an operative such as Karl Rove who never met an election he couldn't cheat on or a campaign he couldn't make dirtier and meaner.

Last, let's consider the midpoint picture formed by tr Pluto/NN with Rove's natal Sun as focal supports the above indications of ruthlessness of tr Pluto to n Sun:

Pluto/NN = n Sun: the urge to impose one's will upon others with ruthlessness and vice versa; gaining respect.

A difference is that NN, a Jupiterian point of joining and encountering (he encountered a subpoena - he tried to disavow its receipt by dropping the papers!), 'joined' him at the precise moment of his TV appearance at DC's CBS Studios. And, of course, lawyering, judging Jupiter's natural house is the 9th house of legal matters and courts. Touche! He touched it so it's his.

Well, I hope the US Justice Department is serious about taking to task an old cuss like Karl Rove and isn't just setting up a legal matinee of dramatic actors where charges and rumors against Mr. Rove are - supposedly - laid to rest once and for all.

For I can tell them now that for a suspicious yet reluctant astrologer like myself, these dire times are way too late for that sort of tiresome ruse to work. When you snag an elusive rat in a trap, you'd better be sure you spring it.


Nov 1, 2010: the Fall 2010 Issue of Eclipse is now available at Julie Demboski Astrology so you may wish to subscribe, if you haven't. My latest article, American Empire: When Jupiter Bowed to the Sun, is proud to be a part of the Fall issue of Julie's excellent e-zine!


In addition, a political verse has been published in the wee hours which concerns the November 2, 2010 Elections. It's the Midterm Elections 2010 Blues; cat photo included.

jc 11.2.10 2:32 am edt

Oct 5, 2010

The fake news of Jon Stewart

Unless I misunder-remember, it was in 1999 that Jon Stewart took over hosting duties on The Daily Show which was already a favorite program at my house. Jon was familiar to us from his stints on M-TV and from his comedy routines so my daughter and I in particular were thrilled that he joined and subsequently turned the show into a fake news report each night. News anchor Stewart helps the American people deal with the madness and corruption of Washington politics, you know?

For in a town where the denizens are psychotically separated from the truth (and even when they know it, won't tell us), Jon's style of fake news is more honest and realistic than the false reality scenarios and propaganda Washington force feeds us.

So in case you missed it, do check out the interview Jon did recently with NPR for insights into our national treasure, the crazy comedian full of political common sense and blessed with good timing.

Treat yourself by reading the text or have yourself a listen!

Oct 2, 2009

Jon Stewart on how the Dem majority is doing - video

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
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This video posting looks a bit squirrelly in draft form but I'm posting it any way in case you missed Jon's coverage of the Democrat majority's work on health insurance reform and the much-needed public option that Capitol Hillers are finagling so hard to leave out of the legislation.

And it doesn't sound to me as if health care co-ops are anything more than a bait and switch tactic, Senator Conrad, and an all-around lame proposal according to those with co-op experience.

So the tiresome political theater continues as Washington politicians, their staff, and Hill employees get the best 'public option' health care than anyone in the nation - financed primarily by US tax payers.

That they continue to support. You and me? Not so much.

Apr 8, 2009

Stewart blasts 'tyrannical Potato Day' of Obama

When Jon Stewart gets going on politicians' ridiculous inconsistencies, he's my main man!

Republican talking points now in soul-searing conflict:

Pres. Obama is a weakling!


Pres. Obama is a tyrant!

Can they have it both ways? Should we-the-people allow them to? Are they trying to make us crazy?

(Yes. Thanks, Jon - for the sanity.)

Oct 30, 2008

Oct 19, 2008

For 'The Undecideds' from The Daily Show

If you're still one of The Undecideds, watch this focus group brought to you by Jon Stewart and The Daily Show staff.

Dec 12, 2006

Jon Stewart: the 109th Congress

Farewell, Sweet 109th from Huffington Post's Eat The Press has a video of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart bidding farwell to the pathetic Congress now passing...a must see!