May 18, 2009

Fixing the NY Fed + EU headquarters fire May 18, 2009

Being just-returned from vacation, I can't possibly catch up with the news fast enough to suit me (much less all five of my readers) but I think this opinion from Eliot Spitzer on fixing the NY Fed makes some interesting points and connections.

That's if you think the rotten banking system should be repaired after gross amounts of spoilage have taken place.

Turns out the much-touted Wall Street 'gentry' aren't all that, are they?


And if anyone discovers the precise time the fire broke out today in the Brussels headquarters of the EU, please clue me in...I'm about to search for something more exact than 'early afternoon' (NPR) so I can set up a chart to compare with the EU's natal chart.

European Economic Community: Jan 1, 1958; 12 midnight, Central European Time; Brussels, Belgium.

This chart shows a rigid Fixed Grand Square; Marjorie Orr interprets the entity as having a tendency toward "lavish expenditures" and "a deep-rooted resistance to change" in her excellent book, The Astrological History of the World.

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