May 19, 2009

Maureen Dowd and the plagiarism of Pluto/Chiron

So far my favorite article on the subject of Maureen Dowd and her current plagiarism misstep is written by Jack Shaffer on Slate Magazine where I hung out a bunch in my pre-blogging days.

In fact, I've added the Press Box Correx feed in the sidebar for my own convenience, but you're welcome to check it out if you like.

Tiresome, isn't it? That the 'oppression duo' Pluto/Chiron has yet another -ism on its long list of disenfranchisements...the -ism they call plagiarism, a very sneaky form of thievery. Until someone notices and the sneak factor is seriously impaired.

Speaking of sneakiness and its disadvantages, there's always the fun new children's book Sneaky Weasel for kids or for the crooks of Washington and Wall Street to profit by!

And say...did anyone notice that those highly touted 'ethics seminars' Capitol Hillers were to morally benefit from a couple of years ago only led directly into the financial crash of 2008 which was, of course, oncoming for years?

Guess the concept of financial stewardship wasn't included in the 'ethics' courses our 'reps' took to cure the corruption that ails them and threatens to undermine our national sovereignty while decimating our private lives.

Why are old Republicans the happiest people in America? asks David Letterman on my TV just now. A: Because they'll soon be dead and we'll be left with the problems caused by old Republicans.

But since the R v D thing is an illusion to keep the masses divided and weak, I have to add: Don't leave out the old Democrats. It's simply their turn just now to play leader, that's all.

The worm will turn. The worm will turn.


clymela said...

I just thought that Maureen Dowd is pretty separate from what she does. I personally don't listen to her at all. I find her very pedestrian with a feminism that I evolved through about 35 years ago.Personally I believe she shows her pretty teeth just to get her handlers excited not to get me to think a new thought.

astrodreamer said...

I don't get it. What does Pluto/Chiron have to do with plagiarism? Are they in aspect now? Are they in aspect to Dowd's chart?

jude cowell said...

Yes, Dowd has written things i appreciate but overall i'm not sure about her intentions.

Thanks, Clymela, for the Welcome Back - i appreciate that too!

Haven't seen Hersch on TV lately but hope to catch up on videos and reading over the weekend...came back to 'real world' work waiting for me in abundance - good but interferes with blogging and news hounding.

Still got my vinegar though! ;p


jude cowell said...

Hi astrodreamer, thanks for commenting!

Plutocratic Pluto/Chiron as midpoint or as two bodies in aspect has been a major astrological theme of this blog (and my writings elsewhere) due to the quality of oppression and abuse in such isms as fascism, statism, corporatism, racism, and other such disenfranchisements.

I was generally relating the word plagiar-ism to that concept but you aren't required to agree!

And as you know, Pluto is associated with publishing and its power - which plagiarism from one of America's prominent writers abuses.

Jude ;p