May 20, 2009

Obama calls Space Shuttle Atlantis 5.20.09: audio link

Today at 5:45 pm edt, President Obama called the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis and I can hook you up with the audio of the call here if you like.

At 5:45 pm edt in Washington, DC, Hour of Saturn (14Vir55; in 11th house), 00Sco26 was Rising.

Rounding up to '1 Scorpio' the ASC conjuncts the natal Sun's degree of the New World Order (Oct 24, 1993; determined by the Uranus/Neptune Conjunction #3); Sun 00Gem00 is in 8th house, and Moon 12Ari17 is in 6th house with attracting Venus 15Ari16, asteroid Atlantis 19Ari40, and desirous Mars 21Ari44.

Atlantis '19 Aries' is, of course, conjunct the Sun's exaltation degree.

A YOD (Finger of God pattern), indicator of a special task or a crisis, is formed with ASC sextile Pluto 2Cap47 Rx (Pluto in 3rd house of Communications); the sextile points toward the Sun ('the leader' in a national chart); thus a midpoint picture may be read as:

Pluto/ASC = Sun: seeing a whole new avenue for development and success; full steam ahead; attaining esteem and respect through physical prowess and strength; a ruthless conduct toward people in one's environment.
(all mdpt pics: Tyl; Ebertin.)

Pres. Obama's natal Neptune is in 1st house and is being 'stomped upon' by the transiting midpoint of Saturn/Pluto 8Sco51, so we have:

Tr Saturn/Pluto = n Neptune: the desire to harm others secretly; lies, fraud, falsehoods; not being seen for who one is; being doubted; unstable life situation because of the inexplicable, because of fear.

(Yet the Saturn/Pluto combination of energies can be: the adept; the magician - neither of which are out of Neptune's realm of mysticism. It's all about motive and how we choose to use our chart factors, isn't it?)

Pres. Obama's Progressions for this date and hour show an ongoing Secondary Progressed midpoint picture which may be of concern for his presidency and for the nation...

Saturn/NN = Neptune: deception, fraud, lies; confusing others about one's personal stand; confusion in one's environment.

I mention this now because these pics fall in the 1st house of this 'BHO calls Atlantis crew' chart and relates to his presidency (Saturn/NN = the sponsorship of more experienced persons) and to Neptunian veils, deceptions, and illusions which are so very undermining to us all. Being a US president is a risky tightrope to walk especially with so many people attempting to undermine (Neptune) you at every turn.

The 5:45 pm edt Midheaven 5Leo31 (MC = the goal) has America's natal NN (North Node) upon it along with Obama's natal Cupido 6Leo36 as well (corporatism; The Family), and the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune trio, now all at '27AQ' conjunct US natal Moon, is in 4th house, the Basis of the Matter.

NN 2AQ22 has crossed the IC into 3rd house (Communications) which puts South Node 2Leo22 and Obama's natal Mercury 2Leo20 (communications) at MC but in 9th house of Long Distance Travel.

The 'Images for Integration' Air-Fire blend of Sun Gemini/Moon Aries are:

'A nimble-footed street fighter dodges his way to victory above all comers...The eternal freshness of a Constable landscape.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey; this is John Constable's natal Sun-Moon blend.)

For this and other reasons shown in this chart, I tend to suspect that the stated purposes for the Space Shuttle Atlantis' *current mission may not be all that meets our eyes, but surveillance of the planet may meet the power elite's peepers - along with America's ongoing 'eternal' desire to best other nations in the race to dominate from space.

*Atlantis mission: repairing the Hubble Telescope which was successful, they say, so we'll be viewing more lovely cosmic photos!

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