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May 31, 2009

Obama to Cairo June 2009: shamanism afoot the sands?

It is a stunningly beautiful Sunday afternoon here and company is on the way. So this is a mere shout-out to a fresh post on another of my blogs concerning President Obama's trip to Cairo, Egypt June 4, 2009 and the possible shamanism/priesthood connotations in the Astrology of this historic journey...a sitting US president setting a well-heeled toe onto Muslim sands.

And after I suffered a fit of cross-pollination, you'll see that the above-linked post shouts-out to my latest blog, Two Hours You'll Never Get Back for its newly added feature on the Mythologies of Astrology's smaller bodies such as asteroids, trans-neptunian objects (TNOs), and dwarf planets, where it attempts to highlight their archetypal meanings. (See 2Hrs' sidebar column under image: 'A Large Disappt'd Audience' for Mythology links list.)

image: Planets at Play, jc 2009+

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