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Jun 1, 2009

Full Moon '18Sag' June 7, 2009: Washington, DC

Having glanced at the horoscope for June 7, 2009's Full Moon 17Sag07, set for Washington, DC (2:11:39 pm edt), the Venus Occultation (a rare celestial event) of June 8, 2004 pops out as the Sun spotlights it as well as the major world event that occurred during the Occultation on Sea Island, Ga...'twas the G-8 Summit of 2004.

2004's Venus Occultation (or 'Transit') fell at 17Gem53 Rx; '18Gem': "Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd" (and they're asking: where's our money?)

Marc Edmund Jones' negative expression for '18Gem': "a thorough dissipation of selfhood through alien relationships"...just what our government has done to America, and it's interesting that Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner is in China with our lien-holders now...which may also relate to June 7's Full Moon and US/China relations since oppositions always infer relationship issues or stand-offs.

2004 is also the year that the plutocrat pair of oppression and -isms paralleled one another - Pluto parallel Chiron, mid-August, 2004. The -isms include, as you know: statism, corporatism, fascism, totalitarianism, communism, racism; plus, the favorite of the very select few, primal violence. This conflagration of high-handedness uses population control to further their utopian world view, as well as what Naomi Klein calls Shock Doctrine tactics to destabilize, then take over property, land rights, and resources located thereupon, etc.

So what could the Sag Full Moon of June 7, 2009 be a culmination of in the daily (mundane) world, the fluctuating Moon's purview?

Something was put in motion at the last New Moon 3Gem28, which was a New Moon in Pres. Obama's Lunar Return chart, as previously noted. This reflects a new cycle beginning in the president's daily life (Moon) and/or with public relations (Moon = the people.)

Without taking hours to blurb about this Full Moon chart I do want to note that the opposition of the Sun 17Gem07 and Moon 17Sag07 form a Mutable T-Square to apex Saturn 15Vir10 who's busily working (Saturn in Virgo) in the behind-the-scenes 12th house (a place where most politicians love to hide for secret deal-making and rank-pulling tactics.)

Mr. Reality is now moving forward (Direct) to perfect his stomp upon America's natal ideals and dreams (Neptune 22Vir25, in n 9th house of Higher Education, Philosophy, Religion, Foreign Travels, and In-Laws) in August which also happens to be the position of Pres. Obama's natal Mars. Mars, Saturn, and Neptune make a difficult combination of energies but since I've mentioned it more than once before, I'll keep mum on it here.

In his very useful book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney states that such an apex Saturn is an 'overly rational skeptic, one who mistrusts the power of imagination and the emotions.'

He sounds 'cool' doesn't he?

Less scattering of nervous energies is required to fully express this apex Saturn so that they may be applied directly and practically. Communications may be frustrated, yet through hard work, apex Saturn in Mutable T-SQ has become an intellectual achiever and an expert at 'carefully constructing mature thought systems that can make an enduring impression upon social consciousness.'

Challenges involve authoritative positions which emphasize the 'dispersal or distribution of purposeful data and specialized information' and knowledge which has been patiently gathered and synthesized. This apex Saturn may indicate a scientist, researcher, technological whiz, or a scholar accustomed to managing painstaking details.

Here is 'keen ambition to undertake serious duties and social obligations without resorting to power plays' or an overbearing domination of others. His 'consistent efforts toward the building of true law, order, and justice within his existing society are highly respected by others' and 'personal authority and leadership' show 'strength of character, integrity, and fairness to all those who judge him.'

After hearing Pres. Obama's announcement this morning concerning the GM bankruptcy filed today (Chptr 11), and knowing that Mr. Obama's planet of authority, Saturn, is strong in its own sign of Capricorn (law, politics, business), I'm thinking that on one level, the light of June 7's Full Moon will shine on Pres. Obama's leadership, fairness (a concept he mentioned in his remarks today, yet with more lost jobs on the horizon, that's quite a shaky tightrope to walk), and on his versatile powers of intellect which make him a master of ideas who can get things done on a practical level.

Plus, BHO taught constitutional law for ten years and his Cappy Saturn must have loved that no end!

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