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May 6, 2009

Scorpio Full Moon at midnight with YOD pattern 5. 9.09

Full Moon 18Sco41, 12:01:22 am edt, White House, Washington DC, USA, the Universe.

Hour of the Moon (in Fall in Scorpio as was the Inaugural 2009 Moon, the people); Rising is 9Cap27 conjunct a difficult Fixed Star Facies, ruthlessness or the victim - and no, I don't care much for the implications in this chart and had to fuss at myself to get me to publish it.

There is a YOD pattern (Finger of God) indicating a special purpose or task for the apex or focal planet to perform - in this case the recently-turned Mercury which is still on its Rx degree 1Gem35 in 5th house of Risk-Taking, Gambling, Creativity, Children and Romance. YODs are also indicators of crisis or a critical point in a situation.

Can little Rx Mercury, though happy in its own sign of communicator Gemini, handle intense Pluto, planet of publishing, untold wealth, and secret manipulations? Is there any 'good news' to be had? Will it need to be retracted later when Mercury turns Direct and moves forward past its shadow degree?

5th cusp, however, is in Taurus (27:09) giving Mercury 1Gem35 more resonance with the 6th house of Work, Health, Service, Servants, and the Military - than with the 5th house because Mercury has 'no outlet' in this chart's 5th house. And 5th cusp is conj a couple of violent stars, with Mercury conj Mirfak (Alpha Perseus: young male energy; challenge-oriented ) so Mercury's puer eternus = eternal youth status is underscored by its Gemini placement and strengthened at Rx station; its message-bringing qualities are much in evidence although under tremendous pressure from controlling Pluto and career and world transformation considerations (MC.)

The Rx condition may also emphasize Mercury's 'no outlet' status because it signifies delays and re-dos or reviews of Mercurial things such as paperwork, agreements, promises and things said, speeches, contracts, plans, deals (especially involving Commerce), and vehicle issues. Naturally I think of the auto industry and trade agreements in particular; 'broken campaign promises' are being remarked upon as well - and Mercury's station trines Inaugural 2009 Mercury in Aquarius...which was also Rx (Pres Obama's second oath-taking, as you know, a re-do, just in case.)

The YOD pattern that I'm allowing involves Midheaven (MC), the Aspiration Point of any chart, so a midpoint picture is formed which I've scribbled on the chart (click to enlarge) but will type for you here...

Pluto/MC = Mercury: a person with great powers of suggestion; scientific fame or recognition; thinking big; planning.

I say 'allowed' because not everyone would use a YOD unless there were three planets at each point, but I think an Angle (or Node) tied in with the propaganda duo, Mercury and Pluto, gives them a soapbox (Mc) on which to practice their wiles and broadcast to the world.

And of course, Pluto the Publisher may be at odds with Mercury the Reporter...or they have a very special task to perform together in spite of difficulties and adjustments.

The chart also contains a T-square pattern which gives the opposition between Sun and Moon an outlet for their 'dance'; an opposition always points to relationships and/or partnerships; Sun (male) and Moon (female) may show action in the romantic department (husband/wife) but also a competition between conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) forces.

Health-conscious Saturn 14Vir58 Rx had acted as a Thales Point (to 'soften' the opposition) but the Old Man is now beyond orb. He is, however, the chart-ruler and makes only one applying aspect (how things will proceed) to a planet - an inconjunct to Mars, strong in rambunctious Aries, and in 3rd house of Communications, and Mars in 3rd also relates to vehicles.

Sun/Moon = Jupiter: success; desire for joint endeavors, wealth, and possessions.

And Jupiter is in 2nd house of Money, Earning Ability, and Values, with Sun and Moon falling across the 4/10 axis of Security, Home, Career, and Public Status; financial matters are necessarily on the menu.

Let Us Mosey Back to the YOD, the Mars/Saturn inconjunct, and the midnight Full Moon in spooky Scorpio:

Inconjuncts (or quincunxes, if you prefer) show that major adjusments are needed - the same with the two inconjs forming the YOD pattern which is 'pointing' at Mercury.

This Mars is easy for Saturn to intimidate; it's difficult to determine who's responsible for what; there are problems fulfilling the desires of Mars without being destroyed in the process. (The astrological Mars represents males between the approximate ages of 25 - 35; perhaps we'll hear of more veterans' healthcare issues such as lack of payment, etc, and Arian explorers come to mind.)

There is a possibility of emotional blackmail being used with Mars inconj Saturn, and physical injury may be indicated along with scientific (Saturn) concerns.

Now as you know, Full Moon phases are the culmination of something begun 2 weeks prior at the New Moon (5Tau04 - here in 4th house, so Real Estate and/or Mining may be highlighted by this Full Moon.) The polarity of the 2/8 axis of Resources, Values, and Money is being emphasized particularly with the Sun/Moon midpoint 18AQ41 conj 8th cusp.

'18AQ' recalls the Solar 'Unmasking' Eclipse of Feb 7, 2008 for the Sabian Symbol for '18AQ' is 'A Man Being Unmasked.'

No one's true motives will stay hidden forever, no matter what shady operatives and brigands may think. Plus,'18AQ' is the degree of Ronald Reagan's natal Sun and is sometimes referred to as the 'end of progress' degree.

Brady's Predictive Astrology gives the 10 North Series as relating strongly to communications, frustrating or inhibiting events arriving bwo news, paperwork, or a young person (Mercury!); there may be tired, drained feelings that make it necessary to slow down the pace. Working quietly and carefully are the best solutions.

'18AQ' is considered a sensitive degree for the US so I think that issues from around Feb 7, 2007 may come back to haunt someone or will need further dealing with in some way. Eclipse influences do wane, of course, but this degree is always up for a good triggering...and there's Mercury Rx to bring things back to the surface more than once (Rx.)

Now what was I saying about apex Mercury?

Well, for starters, this Mercury has an overwhelming sense of duty and is determined to complete all assignments; there's great persistence and thoroughness with this rather compulsive-obsessive energy and the Rx quality is stressful. Yes, Mercury is driving itself awfully hard here which may result in a bitter 'rode hard put up wet' feeling; these can be entrapped fellows which dishonest people take advantage of.

Mercury's apex quality in a YOD denotes one who needs to gather all loose ends and disjointed concepts before it can best develop its considerable intellectual faculties; conscious preparation is a requirement, and superfluous details must be consciously ignored even though there's a compulsion to seek more information than can be comfortably handled or understood.

The need is for consistency, thoroughness, and greater efficiency, and if well-managed, apex Mercury can operate in a very urposeful way and have a greater impact on others especially in a specialized field of study or discipline.

The role of master communicator, influential teacher, and/or social enlightener describes the task of this apex Mercury.

And the base of the YOD, the Pluto/MC sextile (60 degr) is even more intriguing. Notes on Pluto sextile Mc are taken from Alan Epstein's excellent 'Understanding Aspects' series, The Sextile.

The challenge of this sextile is to delegate authority without losing control of the project, yet the tendency is to insist that all be done Pluto's way based on 'his' decisions which, once made, are seldom if ever reversed. Pluto's can-do nature and coping ability is strong along with a deep analytical capacity.

Complete control of finances combines with a need to maintain credibility and reputation at all costs; one's position and status must be defended. Pluto sextile Mc may remind you of a boss you once had - one who holds on to detailed information in order to keep the reins of power in his hands and so that his decisions won't be challenged.

A concern with the future is a driving force and he will go it alone if no one supports him in his plans. He often does not trust the information given to him and double-checks sources. This aspect may be found in certain careers in particular: publishers, entrepreneurs and business executives, financial wizards, researchers, physicians, and the field of psychology or psychiatry.

And Pluto is said to signify the 'secret hand', a select few elites who control or attempt to manipulate the world to their liking.

That there are people at the top of a power pyramid (which some say may be seen in the symbol of the all-seeing eye of Horus floating above a pyramid on back of the US dollar bill - turn one over if you have one) seems a given to me, but perhaps you disagree.

That top dogs of any stripe let knowledge of their true intentions trickle down to underlings (who then control parts of the plan) echoes this sextile between Pluto in controlling Capricorn and the obsessive Scorpio Midheaven...all pointing to Mercury Rx in Gemini, sign of the communicator.

My notes on the Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio blend are posted here.

And now, here's a real treat: Julie Demboski on the current YOD between Mercury sextile South Node pointing a finger at Pluto!


Other Sources: midpoint pictures from Tyl and Ebertin; Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney; a taped seminar by Erin Sullivan but I'm not sure which one; Alan E. Meece's Horoscope for the New Millennium ('end of progress' degree'); Brady's Book of Fixed Stars; and my natal Pluto sextile Mc.


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