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May 26, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor (6.25.54) nom'd for SCOTUS 5.26.09

Update Wednesday 5.27.09: here's Robert Reich weighing in on the Republicans v Sotomayor question.

Original post starts here if you don't stop reading immediately:

NPR has live-blogged this morning's announcement by the president of his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court Justice. If confirmed, Sotomayor will be only the 3rd woman ever to serve and the 1st Hispanic on the SCOTUS bench.

When Pres. Obama began his announcement this morning (10:15 am edt), 4Leo50 was rising with his natal Sun '13Leo' in tow, and his natal Mercury just risen.

Moon 4Can31 (conj 12th cusp of the announcement) conjuncts Sotomayor's natal Sun, a small indicator of new beginnings, yet the Moon makes no applying aspects, however, in the announcement chart, and is out-of-bounds of the earthly plane (which may only signify that she currently is not in the circuit or on the SC bench as of yet.)

A quick Wiki tells us that she was born in the Bronx, NY, on June 25, 1954. The Moon was in Aries for most of the 24-hour period but moved into Taurus, sign of the values preserver. This tallies with her statement this morning about the US Constitution and the Founding Fathers, but we'll see. I'll supply the 'Images for Integration' for Sun Can-Moon Aries/Taurus and you may compare them if you like.

But going by today's nom announcement chart with messenger Mercury Rx 23Tau35 and Pluto 2Cap40 Rx opposing her natal Sun, I'm not certain the secret hand of manipulating Pluto will allow her confirmation, although personally I'm reasonably happy with the possibility of her serving on the SC bench.

As was noted afterwards by NPR's Nina Totenberg (see NPR coverage above), the Republicans will have difficulty opposing an Hispanic, and her judicial record is "not particularly controversial." Oh the tangled webs...

Plus: she's been called 'The Woman Who Saved Baseball' because she quickly ended the 1994/95 strike!

Yet I'm sure the GOP have their 'she's liberal and an activist' brushes out and are busy painting posters and funding ads galore to undermine, not just Sotomayor, but to gum up a successful, trouble-free SC nom from a Democratic president, his first but probably not his last. Politics put ahead of the nation's sake, hmm?

Sun Can-Moon Aries (Water-Fire): A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause...A quiet home-body becomes a sports champion.

Sun Can-Moon Tau (Water-Earth): A family photo album...A flourishing family business...A painter captures the taste and smell of a landscape. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

Aries is the sign of the pioneer, of numero uno, which certainly fits her opportunity for SCOTUS.

But considering Pres. Obama's remarks about her this morning, about how she's "rooted in the real world" and has not forgotten where she came from, I'll vote for Sun Can-Moon Taurus, for now. And she gave her mother, who was in the audience, a big shout-out for making her who she is.

Yet if Sonia Sotomayor as SC Justice doesn't please those in charge of the whole ballgame, this post and my surmises on her Moon sign will turn out to be moot in the end.


Read more on tactics against Sotomayor's nomination: 'Enemy of the White Male'!


Terry said...

Great article, Jude! I think she may have about 4 leo rising. I had a hunch that putting her Moon conjunct today's Mars might give a valid chart. To my surprise, it gave the 4 Leo rising of the nomination chart! It's not an official rectification that I will stand by, but I was stricken by the "coincidence" nonetheless.

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, Terry and thanks for commenting here. A tr Mars/natal Moon horoscope would serve well as a symbolic chart for the energetic event in my book!

Often i've been struck how Sun-Moon blends for a particular moment describe a person/s involved in an event when it's only the transiting Sun-Moon position i'm considering. People synchronized with events and opportunities/As above, So Below in action, si? jude