May 1, 2009

Unveil the New World Order - vanquish the demon

If you've visited this blog before you're perhaps aware of my many complaints against the ongoing take-over of nations and economies by the 'New World Order' which is a grab for world domination through the establishment of a fascist global government by a few morally deformed, wealthy individuals who style themselves 'the power elite.'

Having discovered a site devoted to peacefully fighting the fear tactics, propaganda campaigns, and economic machinations of this greedy, jaded power cartel, I want to make a link available here in case you'd care to check out a resistance movement on behalf of we-the-people and for people all over the planet.

It's called the New World Order Resistance if you'd like to read an explanation of what the NWO is and how it can be recognized and fought by taking back financial systems and our (once-representative) government.

Demons can only be successfully vanquished by first identifying them and calling them by their right names, so educate yourself - and speak out against the NWO so that others will become aware and activated!


Uh-oh: with apologies, here's my groanful New World Order Lament written Nov 9, 2007.

You know, a 'mockery of the NWO' site could be most useful because sometimes laughing at those who take their precious selves so seriously 'gets' their (Mendes) goats better than most anything else can. And they so royally and richly deserve constant mocking and full exposure.


Tango daddy said...

Great post I want to see more about the NWO and the Illuminati and the absurd notion of the federal reserve bank. The future is going to boil down to a dollar a day or apound of pork. Hippies from the sixties went back to the land I never left.

Anonymous said...