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Oct 10, 2017

The Statue That Binds White Supremacy, World War III, Trump, and the US Congress

Wikimedia; Albert Pike, old age; See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The ongoing political and personal barbs between Senator Bob Corker and Donald Trump concerning Trump's irresponsible remarks and tweets that could "start World War III" and the continuing Confederate statue removal debate that seems determined by higher powers to delete US history from our eyes, reminds me of the one statue above all others that should be removed for it ties together The Confederacy, white supremacy, World War III, and Donald Trump with his racist brothers in Congress.

Yet as a Southerner with ancestors who fought in the 'Civil' War, I agree with 'our' General Robert E. Lee who in his day made it clear that we should not glorify the war that divided us but move forward with the United States of America and that we should not raise our children to hate the US government!

The now-protested statue of which I complain--and the one that to me should be removed from DC's Judiciary Square before all others--is that of Confederate General Albert Pike--in his day the grand poo bah of Masons, a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, member of the Knights of the Golden Circle, and major promoter, some say, of World War III.

But of course, there are those who claim that Pike's 1871 Letter to Mazzini which lays out the Illuminati goals for fomenting three world wars is a hoax. Perhaps you're one of them! Yet if there is skepticism over the letter and its war 'plans' among those-in-the-know it may be a simple question of timing, of not letting the cat out of the war bag before all is in place for global conflagration, victory assured. At war's end these wealthy chaos-creating meddlers expect they will be able to "build anew upon ruins" a totalitarian global government as if it's a good idea and the only course of action. A fret concerning this globalism topic is the upcoming Solar Eclipse of August 2018, nicknamed, The Tower with its theme of collapse and rebuilding.

Well, here's a previous post which includes an informative video Who Is Albert Pike? If you've never taken a few minutes to watch it, please do so now for it directly relates to the current white supremacist in the White House, the man-baby Senator Corker recently said out loud could "start World War III"--something I believe most members of the Republican Party, their enablers in DC (including corporate Dems), and certain bankers want very much to start--many for financial reasons, some for religious or ideological craziness pretexts, and many to establish a 'new world order'--as if God's plan for the world can be rushed by arrogant, greedy idiots!

See An Update Horoscope of the New World Order which is timed by the third Great Conjunction of Uranus and Neptune (18Cap) where transit Pluto hangs out these days ("the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed--" and you know that Albert Pike was many things including an astrologer.)

And yet we know that:

"War against a foreign country only happens when the moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it." George Orwell

So from Jupiterian Trump's recent statements of belligerence, it appears that someone has advised the billionaire-wanna-be of this potential for profit and profit is all he cares about.

Now on the topic of the Civil War here's an excerpt from a previous post with a link to the rest added, below:

To persuade the South to secede from the union, Illuminized Sionist-Rosicrucian Freemasons used the Knights of the Golden Circle (member: John Wilkes Booth) which had been formed in 1854 by George Bickley with the objective of spreading racial tension; its military arm was the Ku Klux Klan. Meanwhile, Jesse James stole gold from banks and buried it to fund the war (nearly $7 billion!)

The states that seceded would be united in the Confederate States of America with each eventually becoming like an independent country. Abraham Lincoln (inaugurated March 4, 1861) told the American people that, "combinations too powerful to be suppressed by the ordinary machinery of peacetime government had assumed control of various southern states."

America and the entire world are now in the grip of the 'hidden hands' of wealthy men who plan another World War and who had a major part in putting hothead Mars-Rising Trump in the White House for such a purpose. Read the rest if you dare or if you simply care about the world's direction: Civil War Apr 12, 1861: Midpoint Pictures and Hidden Hands.

A Few Astro-Notes on Senator Bob Corker

Have you checked out Bob Corker's Wikipedia profile? Senator Corker was born August 24, 1952 in Orangeburg, SC. His family moved to Tennessee when he was 11 years old. A quick peek at the 24 hours of his birth date (sans birth hour) shows Sun from 00 to 1Virgo+ and Moon ranging from 10 to 22 Libra. As you see, The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 eclipsed Corker's natal Sun which conjoins royal Regulus (success if revenge is avoided) and the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump. Will Bob Corker run for president? His Libra Moon is among the 2nd house Libra planets of Mr. Trump (Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter from 5 to 18 Libra).

The Earth-Air blend of Sun Virgo-Moon Libra denotes a practical idealist and a courteous intellectual (Corker is said to be the most intelligent man in the US Senate). Humorous, considerate, and rational, Bob Corker will be sorely missed in the Senate when or if he fails to run for re-election, as he has stated he would not. A senator and Republican who is ready to forgive others because he recognizes his own fallibility will not be easy to replace with a similar model--actually, impossible to replace from the looks of things for this personality blend shows that he has respect for the dignity of others, excellent reasoning power, and a "civilized concern for the wellbeing of all." And though the senator may at times seem detached, he appreciates both art and science, and has "the ability to cooperate with others for a common cause."

Senator Corker's daily mantra may be: "the unexamined life is not worth living." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey). Of course as we know, this viewpoint is diametrically opposed to the imbecilic profit-above-all mindset of Donald Trump who thinks he's never made a mistake and has nothing to apologize for.

The Prenatal Eclipse (PE) of Bob Corker @28Leo (conjunct The Great American Eclipse degree!) is in the 8 South Saros Series and manifested four days prior to his birth so that his PE is also his Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to birth) making him something of an 'eclipse baby'. The themes of 8 South, which last occurred in 2006, are: separation, loss, to be finished with something and feel sad; physical injury possible due to over-strain (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Yes, it must be quite a strain having to deal with a red-faced, angry, egotistical Mr. Trump who seems to be attempting to "start World War III" but who can't seem to 'best' Senator Corker whose IQ is probably way above his. I wouldn't want to deal with Trump, would you?

Feb 29, 2016

Horoscope: Libra Lunar Eclipse March 23, 2016 Washington DC

Brief Astro-Notes on the March 23, 2016 Lunar Eclipse @3Libra

by Jude Cowell

First, here's the Lunar Eclipse horoscope set for March 23, 2016 (Sun 3 degrees past Aries Point) manifesting at 8:00:48 am EDT the White House Washington DC with Aries rising and Mars as chart-ruler; a Mercury Hour with Full Moon @3Libra17 in 6th house (Wash DC):

No rigid Fixed energy, all active Fire and Cardinal/Cadent with Jupiter still leading the choo choo as the engine of a Locomotive pattern of executive ability and determination toward success (Tierney). Jupiter Rx is here @16Vir23 (North Node 21Vir50 stationing near US natal Neptune (grand spirit, large plans, fraud, bubbles. Through conjunction, the Jupiter-Neptune pairing echoes at least three things: Rubio's and Cruz's Jupiter-Neptune signatures though Rubio's is stronger), Bernie Sanders' Sun-North-Node-Neptune trio (drawing great crowds thrilled by a vision of a 'great future'), President Obama's natal Mars (hidden motivations, actions), and fixed star Denebola, keyphrases: out of the mainstream; and/or to go against society (Brady.)

Note that Jupiter turns Direct on May 9, 2016 @13Vir15:19, quite a mystical degree described by the Sabian Symbol, A Family Tree. The Jolly One once Direct will have another meet-up with the North Node, a Jupiterian point of encounters with the public) and the Jupiter-NN signature will again be triggered. In Politics, we may expect legal consequences from treaties with allies to be in the news along with interference in legal matters by religious organizations or people. Closed legal societies should probably be in the news more often than they are as they manipulate from behind locked doors--perhaps their actions will be investigated prior to November 8th. Disruptive imports/export issues and our hampered legal system will continue to be problematic so prepare for more erroneous decisions and errors in judgment.

Now with the Sun @3Ari17, Mars rules or disposits the Sun, another reason to closely examine Mars in Sagittarius in the natural house of Scorpio, the 8th (big business, spying, corporatism, shared resources, transformation, death, the occult) so be aware of males (Mars) between te ages of 25--35, give or take a year or two. A financial "Game of Cricket" is being played and it's amusing to me how often the sound of a cricket chirping has turned up in popular entertainment (ex: Baskets).

Chart-ruler Mars, in Sagittarius and ruling its domicile, 8th house--some would say, intercepted so perhaps unconscious) makes only one Ptolemaic (major) aspect in the chart--8th house Mars squares nebulous Neptune (11th house of Groups-Associations/Hopes), strong in its own sign of oceanic, bottle-chugging Pisces. Dissolution, dismay, and contagion abound for collectively Mars SQ Neptune brings potentials for: rationalized actions (to escape the consequences of guilt, one assumes), waste of time and energy, laziness, projection of negative traits onto others before they can label you first (ex: demigoguing), risk-taking, even perils or danger.

As for July 4, 1776 (a date with meaning that always catalyzes from behind the scenes), our national Saturn-Neptune midpoint @3Libra ensnares the March 23, 2016 Lunar Eclipse at its 3rd degree of Libra. We may find info in the midpoint pictures thus formed using Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey to guide us:

Saturn-Neptune = Moon = Sun = Mercury: women's diseases, chronic or acute; pessimism; feeling inhibited; an emotional drain; increased drug dependency; drama and illusion; effective practices are deceptive; activities serving no real purpose; painstaking attention to hard work; strangely nervous; secret or hidden government activities.

Saturn-Neptune = poor, sick, depressed, suffering people; social programs for the needy; materialism v idealism; deluded leadership; deceptive leaders; respected person involved in questionable activities; misusing law officers; worthless policies; denials of responsibility; socialism, communism, marxism, bolshevikism, capitalism, etc. By the eclipse, Saturn and Neptune will have parted from their recent and ongoing square, a period of false hopes and promises, disillusion, disappointment; an imposition of reality is needed and will be supplied around the time of the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse in discriminating Virgo. This 'coming down to earth' quality will be noticeable into 2017 and the first months of the next presidency.

Not to forget powerful Pluto @17Cap18 at Midheaven (the Goal Point) which should be noted though it's been done a zillion times on SO'W: this is the degree of the Enlightenment planets Uranus and Neptune three times in 1993 when they met in Great Conjunction for a modern 'new world order' horoscope. This forms the "the big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise" equation (Tyl) with stealthy, wealthy Pluto the manipulator triggering their conjunction and adding his evil magic wand.

Please enlarge the image to read my notes on the chart. Mea culpa! this post originally had quite a bit more chart details especially concerning Campaign 2016 candidates but Blogger ate that effort (waste!) and now my schedule doesn't include an attempt to compose the same text over again since as usual I have no notes to work from. Only the horoscope which you see before you.

"Even the gods fight stupidity in vain," Schiller.

Be sure to check out Astrologer Patricia's video report on the Lunar Eclipse of March 23, 2016.

Dec 16, 2014

An Updated Horoscope of a New World Order (1993)

Horoscope: a Modern 'New World Order' October 24, 1993 Washington DC

by Jude Cowell

Now that my SolarFire Astrology software is updated to v9, I'm in process of reviewing some of the older horoscopes I've worked with through the years and finding that many of them are now easier to calculate for a more precise 'birth' hour. One such is the 'Modern NWO' horoscope set for the third of three Great Conjunctions of outer planets Uranus and Neptune, the Enlightenment/Age of Reason duo, which occurred on October 24, 1993 @18Cap32.

1. February 2, 1993; 2. August 20, 1993; 3. October 24, 1993 (from 18Cap33 to 19Cap34).

Now if you've read this blog of my dissenting fusses before you may know that the Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' seems to me most applicable for the so-called 'new world order' or, 'new economic order' or, Global Government, or, Zionist Earthly Kingdom at Jerusalem--whatever you want to name the luciferian global syndicate and its centuries-long 'great Plan' to take control of the entire globe. Smoosh the 'Illuminati' in there somewhere with its Total Awareness program, and you have a picture of most, if not all, of the Plan's anti-societal, depopulating, genocidal, psychopathic illness which becomes more visible in public every day. The false reality of 1999's The Matrix was pretty close to the beast and is a good example of how they use the entertainment industry to place ideas into consciousness thus making drastic changes seem more palatable later on when it's time to implement them or something very like them.

Go back further than 1999 and you find Robocop hinting at Transhumanism and the current robotic, militarized Police State.

So here you see a horoscope of what may be considered (if you wish!) a natal horoscope of the Modern New World Order for the power game is really older than the hills--back to Heaven, if you think that way. For astrological purposes, its genesis can be dated at various times in history with events such as: the beheading of King Louis XVI, the founding of America (and the Bavarian Illuminati, also set up in 1776--it's like we're twins), the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Bush Sr's invasion of Kuwait (he actually stated publicly that 'Desert Storm' "heralded" the new world order, plus, other historical dates and events you care to name. Such events are signposts along the way and to them may be added previous Great Conjunctions of scientific genius, Uranus, and elusive Neptune, planet of spirituality and mysticism--but also of deception of the masses.

'Fanaticism' is the title I have given the horoscope (and the Syndicate of zealots and criminals it signifies), not the least because of the toxic Pluto-NN duo of violence, brutality, infiltrators, security breakdowns, secret treaties, pacts, deals, and the use of clandestine information and data-gathering. It's the "tiger by the tail' duo with karmic Pluto, god of Hades, sporting his invisible mantle of power and hidden wealth, and using the Jupiterian point of encounters and meetings, NN, as his contact with the public and with his minions and infiltrating agents and assassins. Machiavelli is twerking in his grave.

2014 into 2015 Planets Affecting the Chart: Destiny of the Masses?

Of note in current transits is karmic Saturn soon to leave intense Scorpio and enter Sagittarius, sign of The Seeker and The Foreigner. Consolidating Saturn now travels between 9th house Pluto @24Sco29 and the North Node @3Sag32 Rx, a point of future direction, or, destiny. Now I won't take up your time analyzing all the transits and what they indicate since you can do so yourself, but I will add the midpoint picture it creates, plus, a bit more.

When transit Saturn catalyzes the Pluto-NN midpoint we may expect some people to realize that relationships must be built over time and based on trust--meanwhile, the crooks and malcontents among us are more likely to express the trio's rebelliousness and rigidity which usually result in violent terminations of relationships and alliances.

Another midpoint picture of importance involves the Uranus-Neptune conjunction itself: transit Pluto is within 5-degree orb of 18Cap now and for me, the timing includes the current take-over of the US Congress (as of the first week of January 2015--Jan 3rd?) by the Republican Party of radicals and anti-government plutocrats and their cousins, the monarchists. Not that Democrats aren't enablers and complicit culprits in the Great Plan--most if not all of them are--and are also descendants of the original culprits. Now that's long-range planning.

And so we will do no better here than to quote expert astrologer Noel Tyl concerning the trio's midpoint picture, Uranus-Neptune = transit Pluto: "The big picture demands a certain course of action which must be followed; very little option to do otherwise."

Why, this 'big picture' evens describes how political candidates are 'vetted': can you make decisions based on no facts but what we tell you? In other words, will you follow orders without refusing our tap on the shoulder and disregard the fate of the unwashed masses below you? It also denotes the tiresome political script we hear from all players in Washington DC and elsewhere--never answering questions directly--and hints at the planned program of militarizing police departments across the country, among many other things now in plain sight.

In addition, a 29th-degree Moon (in critical or crisis condition--the people) at the end of Aquarius rises along with its preceding planet, Saturn Rx--a depressive pair as you know. Venus, one of the names of the ancient goddess these modern-day psychopaths worship (as did America's Founding Fathers--ex: Columbia), is the lead planet in the chart's Bowl formation which reveals their tendency to follow the feminine archetype against the mainstream of current thought and belief. The star, the diamond, the 8-petaled flower, a 'V' hand signal (not for 'victory' when a departing Richard Nixon flashed it, but for Venus)...all and more symbols signify the Founders' goddess-based religion of mysticism.

So! I'll hush for now and hope that you can enlarge the horoscope to read a few notes such as the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series in which this abomination falls (13 South). Its degree (00Gem31) in 3rd house conjoins Alcyone of the Pleiades and if you're familiar with that area of the Zodiac you know it's a fated or karmic region of Middle Eastern stars of bullish rage that inspire revenge, beheadings, and other calamities and when activated gives all of humanity 'something to cry about'.


Blog Note: you may wish to type 'Eclipses' or 'New World Order' in the sidebar Search field and you'll find lists of related topics including the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse, also @00Gemini; so by degree sensitivity, there's a resonance between 2012 events and those of 1993. You'll also note that the IC of the above horoscope, its Foundation Point, was recently illuminated by the December 6th Full Moon @14Gem18 of fulfillment and awareness. The IC is also where America's natal Mars-Uranus midpoint is placed in mid-Gemini with its explosive, dangerous, and warring implications. But please remember: I only study the charts and write this stuff which grumpily issues from my child-of-the-revolution dissatisfaction with how our nation is being run into the ground but I've never intended to tell you what to think.

All on-topic comments and shares are appreciated! jc

Dec 5, 2013

Is there a natal chart for the 'New World Order'?

Meant to replace the Bretton Woods Agreement, and often referred to as a 'New World Order' (aka, global government), a modern-day natal horoscope may be set up for (imho) the third of the Great Conjunctions of Enlightenment planets, Uranus and Neptune, which conjoined three times through 1993 around the 18th degree of Saturn-ruled Capricorn:

In Sabian Symbols, '18 Cap' = POLITICAL POWER, the negative expression of which (for that is what we are already experiencing) is: 'smug or strong-armed paternalism' (Jones.)

And of course, the turning of US natal Mars in Gemini by progression (Rx as of Summer 2006--the neocons broke our military, a condition that is ongoing with President Obama at the helm) has aided the international cabal of intellectual elites and bankers who call the shots from behind the scenes and use America as their military arm to enforce...a draconian new world order--including, as we see more and more often--on US soil via police forces.

As you've noted, 1993 implicates President Bill Clinton in the charade which used 'NAFTA' as a ruse to financially unite a large part of the world as does the EU and the upcoming Trans-Pacific Trade Pact which will make national sovereignty a thing of the past. So now the slogan is, 'Lean Forward, America'? Into more job losses!

Oct 5, 2012

New Book on Saturn in Scorpio and "A Sight-Seeing Bus"

Today, October 5, 2012, Saturn moves into Scorpio from its sojourn in compromising Libra. Control is a major facet of the karmic planet of The Father, aka, the senex; other facets include: reality; fact; authority; authenticity; responsibility; accountability; restriction; constriction; boundaries; structure; status quo--and with the change from Libra, its sign of exaltation, we know that Saturn's concern with control is also one of Scorpio's primary interests or goals.

Enter master astrologer Donna Cunningham, who highly recommends a new book Saturn in Scorpio: Your Guide Through the Dark by Mandi Lockley which contains info on Saturn transits to planets and follows Saturn's often heavy footprints through the houses. How timely!

Now let's consider the Sabian Symbol of Saturn's degree today at its most Scorpionicness: 1 Scorpio:

'1Sco' = "A Sight-Seeing Bus": FRIENDLINESS:

Positive expression: a basic impersonality which capitalizes on the opportunity of the moment and helps reorder the situation whenever there is difficulty or dissatisfaction;

Negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): a genius for avoiding any and every actual expenditure of self.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

Now on this dark Saturnian topic we could mention a few cosmic connections to the October 3 Obama v Romney debate and the disassociation from truth that we witnessed. But why do it here, when so many are busily fact-checking for us?

Besides, we have a Scorpio Eclipse coming soon on November 13 @21Sco56 which conjoins the 12th cusp of Politics and Karma in the July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT 'Sibly' version of America's natal horoscope.

And since all eclipses have an ability to uncover or leak darkly hidden secrets, I wonder what tidbit or scandal may turn up on the peep-eye! menu for any and all political candidates as 2012 careens on?

Oh, and one more thing about Saturn entering Scorpio: The Taskmaster will conjoin the natal Sun of the New World Order @1Sco19! Here's a bit I wrote about the NWO natal chart way back in 2005 and here's a copy of the natal chart I published then with its birth date and time based on one of three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune (The Enlightenment planets) which occurred all through 1993:

You'll note that the November 13 Solar Eclipse hits NWO Mercury 22Sco25 which is encased by its natal Mars 19Sco00 and Pluto 24Sco29. Try this midpoint picture of the NWO: Mars-Pluto = Mercury: desire to realize plans fanatically. (Ebertin.)

NWO Sun = "2Sco" = " A Broken Bottle of Spilled Perfume."


Pos: persistence in creative effort and utter fidelity to the inner essence of selfhood;

Neg (unconscious/shadow side): witless dissipation of every resource of self and society. (Jones.)

And turning all our public institutions into privatized entities that benefit the wealthy while implementing vast schemes upon the 47% in order to effect massive population control.

Apr 15, 2012

May 2012 Eclipse to NWO natal horoscope

May 20, 2012 Transits to the New World Order Natal Chart

by Jude Cowell

In a previous post, the horoscope of the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse at 00Gem21 conjunct Fixed Star Alcyone was on display (click image to enlarge the chart which is set for Washington D.C.)

And you may wish to read the bit I wrote in 2007 about the NWO natal horoscope, plus, here's a re-publish of the chart as it was posted in 2007--click image or magnify your browser for closer viewing:

Note the NWO's Mars-Mercury-Pluto line-up in secretive Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio, sign of spies, agents, and Big Businesses such as Banking and Weaponry--and that NWO Pluto conjoins the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse horoscope's Ascendant set for D.C.--and vice versa. This feature that stands out clearly between the two charts (May 20, 2012 v October 24, 1993, #3 of the *Uranus/Neptune Great Conjunctions) for it shows a double Pluto/Ascendant synchronicity of which you may want to be aware since the themes of the May 2012 Eclipse affect the rest of 2012, at least or until the next Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 @ '22Scorpio'--which falls amongst the natal Mars-Mercury-Pluto trio in the NWO natal chart.

Mars/Pluto = Mercury: the desire to realize plans fanatically; presence of mind; noisy battles; abusive language brings attention; descriptions of powerful weapons; seeing is achieving; tenacious pursuit of plans; publicity; effective salesmanship (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

The November 2012 Solar Eclipse is from the 15 North Saros Series with a "joy through commitment" theme (Brady's Predictive Astrology) which doesn't sound too awful, does it? Unless bossy Uranus/Neptune types make it so. Yet as you know, any eclipse in the sign of Scorpio has a fated undertone to it.

So let's consider what Michael Munkasey has to say about the combination of (powerful, subversive, wealthy) Pluto and Ascendant, the WHAT? Point of any horoscope. We may assume that plutocrats, both American and --other-- will be active on certain levels which may be described by the following in the realms of Politics and Business:

Thesis: focusing consciousness on elements meant to do harm to others; space colonization (ISS? jc); inspection of waste disposal procedures; ID and reversal of potentially destructive ideas or attitudes;

Antithesis: introducing immoral or profiteering ways into practice (they've done that already but there must be more--jc); natural disasters that strike without warning; psychotic or self-destructive reactions; pollution or poisons; global trends for the environment.

What a nice bunch of evil one-world-government psychotics.


Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, M. Munkasey.

*The NWO's Uranus and Neptune, The Enlightenment duo, met three times in 1993 at or near '18 Capricorn' = POLITICAL POWER (Rudhyar); negative/shadow side expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones) on:

1. February 2, 1993 @ 19Cap34;
2. August 20, 1993 @ 18Cap48;
3. October 24, 1993 @ 18Cap33.

Their cycle is approximately 171 years' duration and they last met in the 1650s in mid-Sagittarius (near US natal Ascendant in our national Sibly chart though America was only a glint in Francis Bacon's eyes) and during their time of Great Conjunction there was a telling New Moon @ 12Cap21 on January 2, 1650--'13Cap' = "A Fire Worshiper" (WILL TO TRANSCENDANCE--Rudhyar) which may relate to the 'Illuminati flame' over gravesites of certain martyrs such as JFK, MLK Jr, and Princess Diana, and to the 'Eternal Flame' of the Olympic Games.

For further reading on such topics try Crystalinks and note the reputed and ancient connection to Gnosticism.

May 1, 2009

Unveil the New World Order - vanquish the demon

If you've visited this blog before you're perhaps aware of my many complaints against the ongoing take-over of nations and economies by the 'New World Order' which is a grab for world domination through the establishment of a fascist global government by a few morally deformed, wealthy individuals who style themselves 'the power elite.'

Having discovered a site devoted to peacefully fighting the fear tactics, propaganda campaigns, and economic machinations of this greedy, jaded power cartel, I want to make a link available here in case you'd care to check out a resistance movement on behalf of we-the-people and for people all over the planet.

It's called the New World Order Resistance if you'd like to read an explanation of what the NWO is and how it can be recognized and fought by taking back financial systems and our (once-representative) government.

Demons can only be successfully vanquished by first identifying them and calling them by their right names, so educate yourself - and speak out against the NWO so that others will become aware and activated!


Uh-oh: with apologies, here's my groanful New World Order Lament written Nov 9, 2007.

You know, a 'mockery of the NWO' site could be most useful because sometimes laughing at those who take their precious selves so seriously 'gets' their (Mendes) goats better than most anything else can. And they so royally and richly deserve constant mocking and full exposure.