May 10, 2009

White House Correspondents Association Dinner: video 5.9.09

Stop the presses: Mainstream Media congratulates itself once again while letting the public down and promoting the NWO script!

President Obama's remarks are contained within two videos captured by Huffington Post if you missed Friday night's White House Correspondents Association Dinner and photo-op media circus.

Until now I hadn't taken the speculation seriously but really: is Mrs. Obama sporting a baby bump? Check out her snazzy pink dress in the photos.

Yes, I watched the festivities in real time on C-Span and thought Wanda Sykes' jokes were hilarious (easy to say since they weren't directed at me - she had some really good zingers though.)

Huffington Post also has a slideshow of the evening's photos of celebrities and politicos - some posing, some schmoozing with one another, but I must warn you if you view the slideshow: don't let NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg's bow tie frighten you unduly (sunglasses might be appropriate if you value your eyesight. Wish I'd known.)

And the caption for the pic of Whoopi Goldberg taking a snap of the president with her crossbones-decorated cell phone seemed odd to me because there was another famous person standing next to her who went unidentified in the caption! Perhaps his name will be added upon the morrow...

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