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Jun 17, 2009

Astrology of 'more power to the Fed' 6.17.09

Well, I'm not certain I've ever considered Senator Christopher Dodd to be a master of understatement until today, but he and Barney Frank must necessarily promote the president's new financial reforms which intend to give much more power to the Fed along with other reform initiatives - the unveiling of the reforms occurred at the White House this afternoon.

This is an updating of the existing structure along with some additions, NPR reports. 'Micro-managing' charges are being leveled as I type. Well, lack of managing benefited mainly the wealthy and corrupt, so what else can we do?

And yes, I have blogged before on the major transits now affecting the natal chart of the Federal Reserve Bank (Dec 23, 1913)...powerful Pluto conjoining natal Sun (identity) while simultaneously opposing natal Pluto 00Can05 Rx, so the Fed's chart of 1913 contains a natal Sun/Pluto opposition, and a Mercury/Saturn opposition, too. Both aspects are good for alienating others with control issues and extreme defensiveness.

So here again are a few details on the important Pluto transits since they relate to more power being sought or bestowed, along with tr Saturn's effects (if you compare what I'm about to type with what I've typed before there may be a few differences since I tend to compose at-keyboard)...

Pluto to natal Sun is a time when the urge to attain more power, influence, and recognition is paramount; if already aggressive and dominating, more aggression and domination will be evident; circumstances will force or motivate toward new starts and transformations.

There is a need to gain more control but no guarantee that success will result; the past will influence the present especially if responsibilities were avoided or disregarded previously; accepting help from others is difficult for self-reliance is a driving force - thus, isolation increases; pride, fear, and self-recriminations become part of the environment while egos take a beating; eventually strength may increase along with independence and determination. (Will more power give more independence? I suspect so, don't you?)

Pluto opposite natal Pluto: one great power is locked in a no-compromise struggle with another power. (This is the transit I've said indicates to me the strong possibility that challenges have come from afar in the financial collapse of 2008/09. Hello?)

Now since control is an integral part of having power, I'll mention that transiting Saturn, planet of authority and restriction, has been squaring (blocking) the Fed's natal Mercury/Saturn opposition, therefore...

Saturn SQ Mercury: mobility is limited including those involving computers and technologies; correspondences contain bad news; meetings are contentious, and assignments are difficult to complete or there's not enough time in the day; business and commercial enterprises suffer from frustrating delays and complications; complaints from others must be dealt with; if determination and patience are increased, much may be accomplished.

Saturn SQ Saturn: present circumstances afford little flexibility; people and situations impose restrictions, fears, rules, and formalities that make success elusive; old karmic debts come due (by 'karmic' I mean: past behaviors and actions that have sewn what is now being reaped. Both Saturn and Pluto are karmic planets.)

Well, there are the power and control transits affecting the Fed's current circumstances and psyche, and so I must ask: will giving this private entity
more power and control over our society, finances, and government be a stroll down the wrong primrose path for America?

For when we look at what the Fed has done with what they've already had, it makes you wonder if they've learned anything at all - or worse: is their massive power-grab 2009 a major part of the Big Picture from the start?

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