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Apr 12, 2021

Karmic Planets block President Biden's Plans into 2022

April 12, 2021: Photo: President Joseph R. Biden {public domain}

2021 into 2022: Cosmic Influences Affecting the White House

by Jude Cowell

Well, it isn't as if a major shift of the US government's policies and tone to a more democratic position of logic and compassion could be easy after years of Tr*mpian mismanagement, anti-constitutional actions, lawlessness, and plain old brutality. Therefore, it must be no surprise to you, dear reader, that beneficial planetary influences upon President Biden's natal planets will be partially mitigated going forward by a few difficult planetary transits from karmic planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Karmic because they take a long time to get where they're going and represent a build up of energies and conditions which must eventually be dealt with via the planets they aspect.

So below are prominent transits now in progress - squares, oppositions, sesquisquares - that pop out at yours truly and suggest an extended period of blockages and obstacles to President Biden's plans and goals with forces and people (planets as actors) standing in the way of his, of our, of America's path to progress and improvement. And sadly for the common good, such blockages are what we've learned to expect from radical reactionary Republicans and their wealthy authoritarian enablers.

Note that 'coming soon' transits are italicized:

Pluto sesquisquare natal Saturn (5x, twice in 2020; 3 of 5): January 23, 2021, August 13, 2021, November 27, 2021. Goals are severely criticized and secretly or indirectly undermined.

Pluto opposite natal Jupiter (3x): January 29, 2021, August 4, 2021, December 4, 2021. Difficult legal and financial battles, power issues, avoid gurus including religious ones.

Saturn opposite natal Pluto (3x): February 17, 2021, September 20, 2021, October 31, 2021. Battles for authority and control with no clear victor, larger forces attempt manipulation of events and/or people, a transformed sense of responsibility and authority.

Saturn square natal Mars (3x): April 19, 2021, June 26, 2021, January 7, 2022. Derailed plans, patient, calm persistence required, hard work, eventual success.

Neptune sesquisquare natal Pluto (3x): April 25, 2021, August 28, 2021, February 24, 2022. A confusing time when goals and objectives require reassessment for best results.

Uranus opposite natal Mars (3x): June 4, 2021 (with energetic Mars conjunct his natal Jupiter exalted in Cancer, possibly a financial indicator), November 4, 2021, March 25, 2022. Unpredictable people and events, possible danger, threatened security, unstable conditions, quarrels, rebellion or revolt.

Now naturally, these transits to natal planets activate any of their aspects in the natal horoscope. A prominent exception in President Biden's natal chart is his unaspected Mars @12Sco35 in 11th house of Groups and Associations (but depending on the house system used, very near his 12th cusp or inside the Unconscious 12th house.) Natal Mars with no contacts or influence from other natal planets can act in an unrestrained, direct manner, and a build-up of negative Mars traits (anger, aggression, willfulness, lack of control, etc) may suddenly erupt in a temper tantrum or a show of force. However, maturity helps control such Martian tendencies with Mr. Biden's Scorpio Mars suggesting the potential for taking secret or hidden actions.

Yet to me, the most interesting natal aspect is his Saturn-Pluto sextile which has, and can at some point, become the base of a YOD pattern by transit or progression whenever a planet reaches the apex degrees of 7 - 10 Capricorn (YODs can time a crisis, karmic opportunity, or special task). On its own, a Saturn-Pluto sextile indicates one who insists upon having detailed information before making decisions, is a good organizer, defends against victimization, and often deals with issues of power and control (A. Epstein). Plus, a fortunate objective of the sextile for our difficult societal conditions is a desire to refine or reform authoritarian forms of government, a massive effort which seems to be underway!

And if we wish to include one fortunate transit that can mitigate any or all of the above influences, it has to be transit Saturn trine Biden's natal Saturn which puts him easily in touch with like-minded people, forms a measure of stability to his governing methods, and provides for a balanced approach due to the wisdom he's gained from past mistakes and experiences. This beneficial trine has and will occur three times in 2021: in March, August, and December.

More about Neptune's Influence: Scandal or Inspiration?

Now prior to Election 2020, many observations were expressed online about the fact that transit Neptune in Pisces was knocking on the natal 4th house door of Joe Bidenandnd dire predictions were suggested. The final of three exact conjunctions to his Pisces IC occurred on February 19, 2021 so the karmic planet of undermining, dissolution, erosion, deception, theft, and loss is now floating within Biden's 4th house of Domestic Scene, one of the Psychological houses. And of course, with Astrology being all about polarities, Neptune's nebulous energies can boomerang into his 10th house of Career and Public Status as well suggesting how his opponents are searching for old or new scandals to exploit against him and the Democrats. However, Neptune transiting 4th house indicates circumstances that require flexibility, adaptability, inspired thoughts and actions, and, in this particular case, represents the presence of secret service agents within Mr. Biden's environment. My guess is that Joe Biden's natal Uranus trine Neptune provides him with the ability to side-step influences from lower or degrading forces by correctly handling higher levels of consciousness, utilizing a natural talent for seeing through illusion and dishonesty, and identify a man with highly developed intuition which can raise our society to a higher plane.

For another consideration see the Biden-Harris Confirmed January 7, 2021 Horoscope - with Nemesis rising.

Joseph Biden's natal horoscope.

A Closing Note: As you see, these transits to Joe Biden's natal planets give us only a basic look at the cosmic weather affecting him and thus the country (2021 into 2022) so factor in transits to Mr. Biden's progressed planets, his planetary returns, and so forth, for a fuller picture of the period, both positive and negative.

Feb 12, 2021

Pluto is Creeping Around 'Nazi Rising' Eclipse planets!

February 12, 2021: A Forewarning: Transit Pluto Can Help Activate Nazism

by Jude Cowell

In one of my previous posts you'll see the 6 South 'Nazis Rise' Solar Eclipse of 1932 set for Berlin, Germany. Meanwhile, the world is again threatened by the rise of such draconian movements of authoritarianism so in view of recent and ongoing events in the US and across the globe, it seems significant that transit Pluto in Capricorn is already within orb of 1932 Saturn (28Cap55 Rx, 10th house in Berlin 1932). Therefore, tr Pluto (@25Cap34 today) has been activating the aspects made by 1932 Saturn in the eclipse chart:

Tr Pluto, planet of transformation and regeneration, recently opposed 1932 Pluto (Capricorn vs Cancer, as we've seen before) and remains within orb of squaring 1932 Uranus, zealous, fanatical, and Utopian when in Aries. Transit Pluto will exactly conjunct 1932 Saturn 3 times: 1. February 9, 2023; 2. July 30, 2023; 3. December 17, 2023 - for the first time ever. So the possible manifestations of this Pluto-to-Saturn transit applies now, through 2023, and into 2024. Of course, in the background of society there are other transits occurring as well, some heavy, some mitigating. But Pluto-Saturn contacts are the weightiest and suggest transformed or altered traditions and structures, current circumstances bringing restriction and limitations, the past affecting the present, ambition that may be 'off the charts' or roguish, and issues of abuse of power which will intenstify and must be dealt with (better sooner than later but tragically, currently sitting Republican senators appear not up to the task of taking an ethical stance and voting against white supremacist Trump which means that his take-over efforts will be emboldened, even strengthened). This adds to the danger suggested by the Nazis Rising Eclipse Horoscope - because history rhymes.

Karmic Planets Saturn, Uranus, Pluto Bring Generational Conflicts

In addition, current Pluto transits to the 1932 planets in the horoscope linked, above, include potentials for assaults from powerful entities upon political and economic structures, no-compromise struggles for control (ex: of the Oval Office), and restrictions upon resources that are necessary for government to function (a longheld Republican dream).

Now if you view the 1932 Eclipse Horoscope, you'll notice a prominent, motivating T-Square of much dynamism between Mars, Saturn, and Uranus (with the Mars-Saturn midpoint as the 'death axis' pointing toward erratic, disruptive Uranus) and this, according to Reinhold Ebertin, denotes 'sudden acts of violence', and Noel Tyl adds, 'breaking loose.'

As always, your on-topic comments and observations are invited as long as your name is attached - No 'Anonymous' or 'Unknown' comments will be published. Jude

May 13, 2019

G-20 Summit June 28-29, 2019 Osaka Japan

Just prior to the July 2, 2019 Solar Eclipse and within its two-week period of influence, the 14th annual G-20 Summit will be held June 28th and 29th in Osaka, Japan. Expected to attend are Trump, Xi Jinping, Putin, and other government figureheads who play the roles of 'world leaders' on the global stage but whose true puppet masters (bosses) remain elusive in the shadows.

Horoscopes of the July 2, 2019 Solar and July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipses (charts set for Washington DC) may be viewed here.

And note that the Solar Eclipse @10Can37, falling between US natal Sun and Jupiter, is in the business-oriented sign of Cancer while the Lunar Eclipse perfects @24Cap04--within the 22-25 Capricorn degree-range of the Zodiac now lighted up like a threadbare Christmas tree thanks to transits by restrictive, authoritative Saturn and wealthy, manipulative powerhouse Pluto, both karmic planets (reaping what's been sown), and their upcoming Great Conjunction on January 12, 2020 @22Cap46. Together Saturn-Pluto energies can be harsh, frustrating, cruel, and fanatic with a deep desire to escape all limitations. And as you know, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is also a sign of business and of government and law so there's no predicting what the G-20 boys and gals will get up to as they hunker down together in luxurious seclusion without oversight or supervision.

Perhaps the summit will be more of an oath-refreshing session during which new orders will be given and new 'tasks' will be undertaken. Plus, under the over-excessive influence of the July 2nd 3 North Solar Eclipse (which brought the world WTC 9/11/01), Trump and his culprits-in-arms may even receive 'news that transforms a situation' and be handed outlines of the next 'large plan' to obsess over. Who oh who can they exploit next? Will Uranian-in-chief Trump play along? (Fat Jupiter still leading a Locomotive shape of planets = a ruthless high-powered executive demanding success.) Or will his nibs be the ostracized wallflower in the corner? (Unaspected Venus in Gemini conjunct Trump's natal Sun.)

Well, eventually we'll know more than we wish we knew about what these large-scale Jupiter-Pluto developers and plutocrat-wanna-bes have in mind for the world by or around the end of the year since the December Eclipse ends 2019 wth Jupiter and Pluto issues.

Related Posts include: Horoscopes: 1982 and 2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions and Astrology Overview: Eclipses of 2019.

For more eclipse info see Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Dec 18, 2016

Synastry Grid: Inauguration 2017 w/ Mr. Trump's natal planets

On Inaugurating Mr. Trump

by Jude Cowell

Back in April I posted the horoscope of Inauguration 2017 with a few notes (horoscope is re-posted, below, along with Mr. Trump's natal chart). Today I post a synastry grid of his natal planets and points with the planets and points of Inauguration 2017. As you see, the grid shows more squares, oppositions, sesquisquares, and inconjuncts (highlighted in red) than helpful aspects such as sextiles and trines (in green); conjunctions are not highlighted since they suggest either positive or negative results via a blending of energies; please note that some transits are applying and some are waning:

Note that one addition is penned in red: the Inauguration Mercury square natal Neptune since this is a 'natal echo' of his Mercury-Neptune square which distorts his perceptions, hints at deception, and indicates an indiscreet man. As a transit, Mercury square natal Neptune may affect his Oath taking and other traditions on Inauguration Day since following directions will be difficult for him (as it (as it always is) and the assimilation of information or instructions will be next to impossible. For Mr. Trump, intuition and instinct will be uppermost with logic taking a backseat (as always, actually!). Yet he may not notice with Inaugural Neptune trining his natal Mercury, a transit that favors inspired or intuitive communications.

Maybe Mr. Trump will tweet his inauguration!

Horoscope: Inauguration January 20, 2017 12:00 pm EST Capitol Building Washington DC:

Natal Horoscope of Donald J. Trump:

Astro-Notes on his natal chart: Part One (chart shown) and Part Two (with his Sun-Moon personality blend).

Related Posts: Dec 2016 into 2017: Karmic Planets hit the natal chart of Donald Trump, and The Unaspected and Out-of-Bounds Planets of Donald Trump; Mr. Trump's Natal Moon and the Sapphire Star (conjunct his South Node, a separative point); and Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper (though Mr. Gingrich has been critiquing Mr Trump of late--perhaps they're too much alike!)

Nov 21, 2016

After the Revolution: the Oriental Planet of Donald Trump

Now that Mr. Trump will take the Oath of Office on January 20, 2017, I have been studying his natal horoscope even more closely than before. One chart factor that keeps 'popping out' at me is his 10th house Uranus in Gemini which leads the rest of his planets and is the last planet to rise before the Sun. This condition is called the Oriental Planet and as such provides clues to his 'inner guiding voice' and to the skill set he inherited at birth. Mr. Trump can use his 10th house (Career; Public Status) Uranus in communicating, trading, deal-making, negotiating Gemini to maneuver himself out of the scrapes he gets into though I'm tempted to add that the duplicitous nature of the Mercurial sign of Gemini (along with quirky system-busting Uranus) is usually how he gets into trouble in the first place!

Be that as it may be, a search for more information on Oriental Planets has lead to a handy article written by Michael R. Meyer, author of A Handbook for the Humanistic Astrologer among others.

Here I paraphrase Mr. Meyer concerning people born with Uranus Oriental, some of which applies to Politics and Society:

As Guiding Planet, Uranus describes what needs to be shaken up because it's out-moded or 'in the way', particularly in the social and political sphere. Uranus oriental folks are often dissatisfied with themselves, with their social status, and with general societal conditions. Quirky radical Uranus reveals in an unexplained way that conditions and circumstances could be improved but unfortunately, The Awakener (astrological Uranus) doesn’t necessarily provide insight into how to manage things "after the revolution."

Plus, as you know, the Uranian Mr. Trump has called NATO "obsolete" ('outmoded') but as The Guardian reports, Trump warned by Nato chief that 'going it alone' is not an option. Well, I'm not certain his Uranus Oriental is impressed by such a warning as long as member nations don't "pay their fair share" (grouses Mr. Trump's golden Jupiter in fairly balanced Libra!) And Uranus does tend to isolate, separate, and/or break up systems and organizations.

Read more on Uranus and the 'inner voices' of other Oriental Planets.

I think all but the most gullible among us already feel that Mr. Trump really doesn't know how this president-thing and 'revolution' should or will proceed in a way that safeguards our nation, if indeed that's what he intends to do. Uranus is, after all, America's 'totem planet' of war, revolt, revolution, crisis, separation, and disruption and his difficult Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse @8Gemini (2 Old North) with its 'bad news' potential conjoins US natal Uranus!

So what are the chances that Donald Trump will gain more realistic historical and philosophical perspectives with the alt-right history-challenged operatives gathering around him in the White House? Yet if president-elect Trump can manage to do this, he may find the balance necessary for fulfilling the *Republican plan to shrink and revolutionize the US government into whatever crabbed form they pretend is an improvement while still protecting the US populace and improving their plights...after the zealous dust of Uranian chaos settles, that is.

And so it seems that America's future depends upon one president's erratic Uranus in changeable Gemini, a familiar condition for We the People considering our nation's revolutionary beginnings, although now as then, outcomes and consequences will be unexpected, to say the least. Will the old order of Saturn give way to the new order of Uranus just as quickly as it would have under a neocon president such as perpetual warmonger and may-as-well-be-a-Republican Hillary Clinton? As I type, 'Democrat' President Barack Obama continues to push the TPP which will do much to set up corporations as everyone's overlords. Thanks, Obama.

All this said, how curious that some journalists intend to garble the notion of a 'Trump revolution' all together. Example: Donald Trump May Have Won--But this Is Not a Right-Wing Revolution.

Isn't it? My suspicion is that both History and Donald Trump's Uranus beg to differ.

Related: Dec 2016 into 2017: Karmic Planets hit the natal chart of Donald Trump.

*Please note that it isn't only Republicans who wish to collapse America so that a 'new world order' can be established--and if the Democratic Party actually fought against global government, outcomes would be more favorable to the American people and to the rest of the world. jc

Feb 23, 2013

Horoscope: Feb 25, 2013 Virgo Full Moon w Austerity notes

Feb 25, 2013's Full Moon Spotlights 'Austerity v Growth' Solutions

by Jude Cowell

On his blog at The Nation, John Nichols writes how Sequestration Sacrifices Jobs to Save Billionaire Tax Breaks as radicals work to impose austerity against the American people in order to redistribute wealth toward the top as their basic priority.

And I believe the Full Moon in Virgo (sign of Jobs and Work) which perfects on Monday, February 25, 2013, details among other things the 'sequestration' stand-off now occurring in Washington and relates to our delinquent Congress reassembling itself next week for business on Tuesday, if not on Monday. Here's the Full Moon horoscope with a few notes:

Full Moon @7Vir23, February 25, 2013 3:26:03 pm est Capitol Building Washington DC: Hour of Jupiter (money, growth, investment; ideology) with Jupiter @7Gem28 in 11th house of Groups and Associations (conjunct US natal Uranus 8Gem55 which usually brings social, financial, and political improvements.) Jupiter is apex in a T-Square with the Sun-Moon opposition (all three at 7 degrees = karmic, or fated--reaping what's been sown), and Pluto @11Cap03 is the Thales Point or Planet (trine Moon, sextile Sun) in 6th house of Work, Employment, Service which is meant to be a 'help' to the oppositional situation.

However, Pluto remains involved in a sextile with Saturn (another fated pairing @11/11 degr--both are 'karmic' planets) which formed the base of the crisis-laden YOD pattern (apex Jupiter Rx) in the Winter Solstice 2012 horoscope, a pattern which ably describes the social fanaticism, enforced monetary controls, and denotes 'brutal efforts to start a new order' which Saturn-Pluto want to establish (and which will send the US economy back into recession or worse, thereby undermining the second term of President Obama along with our nation; hopefully, POTUS isn't in on the billionaires' fanatical schemes.)

By the end of March (and I'm pinpointing the March 27th Full Moon for possible resolution--culmination--of these difficulties or at least, a can-kicking down the road agreement which may ease tensions a while), the difficult YOD configuration of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto re-forms as direct Jupiter moves into orb of the pattern (beginning on March 10th.) On March 29th at 2:36:15 pm edt Capitol Building three YODs are shown which add complexity to conditions already manufactured into a cluster-fug by politicians and their wealthy backers.

As Mr. Nichols says, "America is not broke" and 'sequestration' "is the start, not the finish, of a process that undoes economic recovery and causes job losses to spike by even greater numbers." He calls out Simpson-Bowles for "promoting schemes such as 'chained CPI', the slashing of cost-of-living increases for Social Security recipients that will squeeze the buying power of seniors and people with disabilities and further impeded growth. That will cost even more jobs."

Now as you know, 'growth' and investment are concepts of Jupiter which will soon move back into the line of fire of Saturnian austerity coupled with Plutonian control of wealth and power. Austerity measures have caused severe damage overseas (see Paul Krugman's Austerity Europe) where implemented yet Simpson, Bowles, the GOP, and various 'privatizing' billionaires of international persuasion want to sock it to We the People as they exploit the current budget difficulties--most of which they purposefully created--in order to benefit the wealthy and further take over the helm of our nation. No, they have no loyalty to America or to the social safety net that has aided the American people and the US economy for decades--and perhaps they wish that austerity will hide their years-long embezzlement and other fraudulent practices.

And considering the suffering, harm, even death that their austerity plan will bring to real people, I must consider their proposals as population control measures meant to decrease our number and leave more resources for the greedy.

Now back to the horoscope you see above. Perhaps you can read my notes if you click the image to enlarge. Two factors I want to mention are the T-Square/s formed by the Full Moon and by deceitful Neptune opposing the Moon across the 2/8 axis of National Treasury (2nd H) and a full 8th H of Debt, Credit, Taxes, Shared Resources, Corporations, Transformation, and Death. Neptune is oriental (rising before the Sun = a chameleon) and the planets form midpoint pictures, any, all, or none of which may apply--and note that evaluating Venus is at a critical-crisis 29th degree conjunct 8th cusp as she nears fraudulent Neptune in Pisces:

Sun-Moon = Jupiter: pressure to change an entire value system (Venus = values--see 'accepted social norms', below); taking too many directions at once; a philosophy for coping with life; opportunities used to advantage; desires for joint endeavors, expansion, and possessions; success.

Moon-Neptune = Jupiter: grand imaginings and plans; far-reaching wishes; fantasy; enhanced ability to read people's motives and put these into a political context; compassion and sympathy (warning: a conscience and concern for the common good may be needed to feel these-jc.) (Munkasey; Tyl; Ebertin.)

We may also wish to consider the potentials for expression in Politics and Business for the Sun-Moon and Moon-Neptune pairs of energy, according to *Michael Munkasey:

Sun-Moon: Thesis: how the people's will is applied to taking the country into new or important directions; the international reputation of the country (in the crapper, thanks to Washington's Political Theater squabbles--jc); reading the attitude of the people when making national policy.

Antithesis: national will forcefully imposed by the leadership; a loss of face in international politics (GOP delays and ridiculous arguments over Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense? -jc); pessimism flows through the population or lawmakers.

Another midpoint picture may be of interest to our topic for it may create a bright spot in our dreary situation and forms a Minor Grand Trine if we don't mind counting the Ascendant (8Leo18) as a place for the expression of its energy:

Uranus-ASC = Jupiter: 'new approaches to solving social or legal problems; optimism'...or, more negatively, 'new opinions which are contrary to accepted social norms.' (Munkasey.)

'Accepted social norms' such as acting as our brother's keeper and honoring the social contract between generations the way an allegedly Christian nation ought to do?

Ascendant 8Leo18:

Well, there are many other chart factors that deserve consideration but let's close with chart-ruler Sun's applying Ptolemaic aspects to determine how matters will proceed from the February 25th Full Moon...

1. Sun square Jupiter (0A04) spotlights wheeler-dealers who are arrogant, pompous, and immoderate and need to re-order their priorities; truth is bent to accomplish goals (success-at-all-costs) but this will cause them complications later on; others are expected to accede to the demands of manipulators who want to avoid keeping promises (such as social safety net programs--plus, the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square underlies current unrest, riots, strikes, protests, and revolutions and supports the breaking of contracts in generational stand-offs.)

2. Sun sextile Pluto (3A39) may represent two groups: varmints who are uncompromising, self-reliant, and wish to control the world; totally certain of their ideals, they become impatient when expected to listen to the ideals of others, and, knowing that 'knowledge is power', they withhold details from others in order to maintain control and make it difficult for others to mount challenges to their plans; on another level, this sextile denotes leadership acting as mediator in order to reconcile opposing sides and find solutions; a desire to aid the less fortunate is evident.

3. Sun trine Saturn (4A04) indicates leadership (Sun) which finds acceptance of responsibility (Saturn) for others to be easy, and knowing how to take advantage of opportunity is inherently understood (doing things 'the right way at the right time') which results in reasonably defined goals meeting with success.


*Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey.

Note: as Venus nears conjunction with Neptune in veiling Pisces, some mention of the pair's influence in Politics and Business may be worth our attention since it relates to potentials for an inflated treasury as a way to manipulate growth, those who gain wealth from oil, gas, and/or chemicals, exaggerated or misstated resources (ex: 'America is broke," says the GOP), scandals over deceptive practices or the misuse of the treasury, spies in the financial system (hackers? turncoats?), monetary fraud, and/or subversives who wish to gain access to finances (ex: those who would 'privatize' Social Security funds, dissolve even more pension funds and other savings programs, and establish austerity over the people in order to channel wealth upwards.

Here are a few recent posts concerning similar topics for March 2013:

Sequester Fester and Jupiter's Path, Horoscope: Mars to Aries Point March 12, 2013, March 2013: December 2012 YOD re-forms w apex Jupiter, and Horoscope: Spring Equinox 2013.

Aug 18, 2012

Election Day 2012 drenched w a karmic Scorpio Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse in intense Scorpio marks November 2012 Elections

by Jude Cowell

As you know, Scorpio is a karmic (reap-what's-sown) sign and one must act on the up'n'up in order to make any real progress when a Solar Eclipse in Scorpio manifests. Intensity and force are provided by Scorpio's ruler and sub-ruler, Mars and Pluto, which are most formidable when their energies act in tandem and together, often supply a karmic "something you were always meant to do" feeling. And with Scorpio, an image of political "snake oil" is typically applied.

With all eclipses behaving in Uranian fashion as 'wild cards of the Universe' and thus having a reputation for uncovering even the darkest of secrets, we may expect November 2012 to be revelatory for its unmasking of Scorpionic secrets with a distinct potential for betrayals and suspicion that, when used in political propaganda, may have the effect of swaying voters in one direction or another. Some of us may even resort to 'opting out' and staying home on November 6 but this would be a a very bad mistake, folks, because that's what undermining factions want Americans to do. Plus, remember how neocon warmongers simply crowed over the beauty of Afghanistan and Iraq holding "democratic" elections under George Bush? Well then, even though US elections are rigged, let's not give them up so easily for they same so'n'sos ought to be crowing for our democratic process, don't you think?

The Solar Eclipse of November 2012

The month of November 2012 is notable not only for America's hugely important presidential and congressional elections (November 6, with voting planet Mercury Stationary that very day @4Sag18 and turning retrograde at 6:03 pm est--is this the electorate 'turning back' to President Obama?), but for its 15 North Solar Eclipse @21Sco56 on November 13. This eclipse occurs close enough to Nov 6 be the Solar Eclipse of Election Day 2012 (within two weeks), with its theme of 'joy through commitment.' (Brady.) Well, I don't like to type this out loud but with Mercury turning Rx on November 6, we may expect that results are disputed and that deciding outcomes may drag on, possibly until mid-December when a forward Mercury reaches and moves beyond its shadow degree of 4Sag18.

Please Pass the Turkey and the Lunar Eclipse

Though Thanksgiving Day is early this year (Nov 22), a busy November brings a second cosmic event--an almost-Thanksgiving Lunar Eclipse on November 28 @6Gem36 with the Sun falling into the happier Sagittarian zone of the Zodiac. The Moon is near transit Jupiter 11Gem54 Rx with US natal Uranus 8Gem55 stimulated. (Moon-Jupiter = US n Uranus: confidence; expectation of reward. --Tyl.) However, you'll note that the Lunar Eclipse ruler, Mercury, is Direct @18Sco24--approaching the Nov 13 Solar Eclipse degree, but the Sun's ruler, Jupiter, is Rx, another indicator of delays and hindrances relating to leadership (Sun-Jupiter), and potentially to money, support, bankers, and other corporatists (Jupiter.)

Also, this Lunar Eclipse is significant for being one of 2012's close-to-Earth Supermoons, as defined by master astrologer Richard Nolle.

Another Factor about November 6's Mercury Retrograde Station

Though Mercury trines technology inventor Uranus Rx @5Ari09--voting machine glitches made easy? or, easily solved?), its Rx Station strongly opposes President Obama's natal Moon in Gemini (Moon = 'reigning need'--Tyl), an indicator that his plans and schedules are in a something of a bind, and that Mr. Obama will be confronted with conflicting opinions regarding his re-election. Someone may have a change (Mercury) of heart (Moon)--whether for the incumbent president or against him remains to be seen but Mercurial young people may be of special note, and obviously reporters and journalists will be in the mix. Personally, I wouldn't rule out the Chamber of Commerce (Mercury) playing what is perhaps the largest role in opposing the president for they seem determined to do so.

At any rate, his re-election progress is blocked and will be obstructed again once Mercury retraces its path to 3-4-5 Sag and opposes natal Moon. After that, perhaps President Obama's goals will once again be implemented from the White House Oval Office after the dust and deceptions of Election Day 2012 settle.


Alert: Liber has kindly left a link to a 6-minute pro-Obama campaign video with political lyrics if you don't mind a little singing now and then. And really, who does?

Apr 3, 2012

The YOD in Thomas Jefferson's Natal Chart

Post Updated April 10, 2012--see below for new info on apex Saturn; original post begins here:

Discovering that the natal horoscope of Thomas Jefferson is replete to overflowing with intriguing facets describing an intellectual giant of The Enlightenment, his natal chart has been an off-and-on study about the place and here I shall make mention of one primary--perhaps The Primary--personality dynamic in President Jefferson's psyche as denoted by his natal planets. (Birth data below.)

This important determinate for understanding a small sliver of TJ is the pattern of a YOD, like a squished down triangle with two sides 150 degr or thereabouts, and both aiming at an apex planet or planets, and in Mr. Jefferson's case, that would be his natal Saturn (sense of authority; maturity; government) Rx in 7th house of Partnerships/Legal Relationships, and posited @ 29Leo04 (conjunct Royal Star Regulus--success if revenge is avoided--and at a critical-crisis 29th degr.)

The sextiled planets at the base of the YOD are Uranus 26Cap56 (conj US n Pluto Rx) just having risen though ASC = 00AQ29 (you note that this degree is the position of the Sun during our modern era presidential inaugurations since they've been held on January 20 (1937) rather than in early March. Is Thomas Jefferson secretively honored each US Inauguration by those who use whatever means necessary to stay in power? Was the 00AQ52 association--Office of the President = Thomas Jefferson's natal Sun? If so, this concurrence had to be synchronized by people who knew how.

Ex: Benjamin Franklin published an almanac for years and made his fortune therefrom; as a scientist and philosopher he was known to dabble in what today we term, Astrology. Now you know that astrological prowess is always passed down through generations, that's nothing new. So let us not fuss over whether Mr. Jefferson, whose aftereffects were found to include a Rosicrucian decoder in his possession (for writing and reading secret messages--they had code names, too) was in alignment or not with groups that are perhaps only now revealing their true designs. Being a loner, perhaps he wasn't a joiner, and being of an ivory tower temperament (so he could think without interruption) Jefferson would have been more of a spiritual adherent to a philosophy rather than a practical one (showing up at regular meetings, etc.) He was accustomed to coming up with his own concepts and developed his inner authority (Saturn, the father, Rx--didn't model authority well for young Tom for Dad was either weak when strength was needed, or absent on one or more levels.)

Jefferson was known for speaking publicly--in a whisper! If you could prevail upon him to do it. Natal Mercury (speaking; communication style; thinking processes; whispers, apparently) @ 26Pis36 was mystical and at-one and thrived on his gardening pursuits (Venus and NN in Taurus near natal IC 22Tau02 = Home) and intellectual wanderings--of course you know of his professions of longing for home and family whenever he was away.

So! What of TJ's YOD (special purpose; crisis; turning point; crossroads; a spiritual opportunity), what midpoint picture might fit the bill of Mercury-Saturn-Uranus (all associated with Astrology, btw)? Here are some possible manifestations for the emphasized trio in the horoscope of this deeply complex man:

Mercury-Uranus sextile (brilliant problem-solver; individual v group; rational thinker with high intuitions; can approach concerns with a fresh or different perspective; intellectually stands apart from the group; uncomfortable if ideas are too readily accepted--did his best when he rejected group assumptions; desired to awaken or convert others; society's critic; an emotional outsider; heretical views created controversy; little confidence in new situations; the spiritual debate between good and evil; a philosopher; foreign travel or self-exile brings insights that lead to wisdom. (The Sextile, Alan Epstein.)

Here's the trio's midpoint picture which I shall ask you to consider in the light of US Inaugural Sun 00AQ+ (the leader.)

Mercury-Uranus = (apex) Saturn: a desire for personal liberation; suddenly overcoming inhibitions through acting quickly; a correct grasp of a difficult situation and attainment of success and life advancement; separating oneself from others or attaining safety for oneself.

(The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin.)

I shall close with Jefferson's birth data and a few more details:

Thomas Jefferson
April 13, 1743 NS
1:53:48 am LMT
Shadwell, VA

38N00 78W23
True Node

ASC 00AQ29 conj Uranus 26Cap56 (an ability to cope with anything--FDR has Uranus rising); MC 22Sco02 conj Pluto 15Sco49 Rx (the Eagle Point); Sun 22Ari54 conj 3rd cusp; Moon 10Sag46 in 10th H of Public Status; Career; Mercury 26Pis36 in 2nd H of Values; lusty Mars 18Leo42 in 7th H conj Pan Rx, a trickster element quite suitable for conducting back door romances (in Leo-esque France); a scientific Jupiter 4Vir45 Rx (7th H conj Saturn in Leo.)

In a few days, he'll be 269 years old! And there's much more contained in the natal horoscope of the mysterious Mr. J, but you'll want to set up his horoscope for more details, if you don't have it already. Have you seen his close conjunction between Neptune 9Can26 and Chiron 9Can37 (6th H), a spiritualized duo which curiously was eclipsed on July 1, 2011 @9Can12 by a Solar Eclipse which began a fresh new Saros Series...

April 10, 2012: The following paragraph is hereby updated concerning Jefferson's apex Saturn in a natal YOD configuration:

Thomas Jefferson's natal YOD's apex Saturn indicates a karmic challenge which emphasizes what already contains karmic implications due to the presence in the natal horoscope of the YOD pattern--a 'fated' undertone is present in the life. This means that both timing and inner maturity were necessary leading up to 1776 for Jefferson to properly use and deal with the dynamic energy of the YOD at the turning point the pattern represents and from which issued the Declaration of Independence. That Thomas Jefferson was given a cosmic purpose to work out seems obvious in hindsight and imho, he was aware of it as well considering his extensive research and study into cosmic or occult subjects, and in light of the critical, soul-trying events of his day.

Though he was happier in solitude, it was a priority (said the Universe) for him to join with others of the New Atlantis persuasion and get the job done of creating a new nation free from religious persecution. His establishment of the University of Virginia further bears out his intentions on the matter.

Apex Saturn in a YOD configuration shows one who makes continuous adjustments when it comes to his ego-security and self-preservation at the start, then experiences much anxiety and self-doubt (part of his whispered speeches? natal 12th cusp of Karma, Self-Undoing, Politics = 5Cap56, ruled by Saturn) due to a lack of support in his early environment. Plus, natal Saturn Rx = weak or absent father; Jefferson's Moon out-of-bounds--his only OOBs natally--shows his well-known faulty relationship with his Mother which was never resolved in her lifetime.

Apex Saturn leads to a painful awareness of one's personal deficiencies and to feelings of being an unwanted outcast, an emotional and psychological condition which must be conquered in adulthood in order to take correct action at YOD's turning point or crossroads, and to successfully manage the special task which the YOD decrees. Yet Saturn's natural drive to overcome obstacles along with the corrective nature of a YOD (for those who cooperate with the Universe rather than selfishly balking) made Jefferson well-suited to take whatever actions and studies necessary to reorganize himself and his attitudes which assured efficient functioning in the world.

YODs are often considered cosmic tests, and Saturn is the planet of tests and lessons, so a great sense of freedom from past burdens may be experienced when a karmic YOD involving Saturn strengthens the character and its energies are thus well-managed. This leads to a definite life direction and an acceptance of social responsibility (something many modern day politicians fail in miserably--so are they 'politicians' at all?); plus, purposeful activity, steady focus, realized ambitions, hard work, and dedication to serious goals are uplifted and, as we know, a significant, well-respected social status results which his name continues to enjoy to this day.

Thomas Jefferson's karmic YOD with apex Saturn made his Saturn Return around the age of 28 highly important to the requirements of his natal YOD's purpose. His Saturn Return occurred three times: Nov 12, 1771, Jan 7, 1772 (Rx), and July 23, 1772; apex Saturn came into play again with a special purpose of karmic proportions at his next Saturn Return of Sept 2, 1801 for he had been inaugurated US president on March 4, 1801 with Congress deciding on his behalf on Feb 9, 1801.


Recommended for more info on YODs and other planetary patterns, see Dynamics of Aspect Analysis by Bil Tierney.

Jun 17, 2009

Astrology of 'more power to the Fed' 6.17.09

Well, I'm not certain I've ever considered Senator Christopher Dodd to be a master of understatement until today, but he and Barney Frank must necessarily promote the president's new financial reforms which intend to give much more power to the Fed along with other reform initiatives - the unveiling of the reforms occurred at the White House this afternoon.

This is an updating of the existing structure along with some additions, NPR reports. 'Micro-managing' charges are being leveled as I type. Well, lack of managing benefited mainly the wealthy and corrupt, so what else can we do?

And yes, I have blogged before on the major transits now affecting the natal chart of the Federal Reserve Bank (Dec 23, 1913)...powerful Pluto conjoining natal Sun (identity) while simultaneously opposing natal Pluto 00Can05 Rx, so the Fed's chart of 1913 contains a natal Sun/Pluto opposition, and a Mercury/Saturn opposition, too. Both aspects are good for alienating others with control issues and extreme defensiveness.

So here again are a few details on the important Pluto transits since they relate to more power being sought or bestowed, along with tr Saturn's effects (if you compare what I'm about to type with what I've typed before there may be a few differences since I tend to compose at-keyboard)...

Pluto to natal Sun is a time when the urge to attain more power, influence, and recognition is paramount; if already aggressive and dominating, more aggression and domination will be evident; circumstances will force or motivate toward new starts and transformations.

There is a need to gain more control but no guarantee that success will result; the past will influence the present especially if responsibilities were avoided or disregarded previously; accepting help from others is difficult for self-reliance is a driving force - thus, isolation increases; pride, fear, and self-recriminations become part of the environment while egos take a beating; eventually strength may increase along with independence and determination. (Will more power give more independence? I suspect so, don't you?)

Pluto opposite natal Pluto: one great power is locked in a no-compromise struggle with another power. (This is the transit I've said indicates to me the strong possibility that challenges have come from afar in the financial collapse of 2008/09. Hello?)

Now since control is an integral part of having power, I'll mention that transiting Saturn, planet of authority and restriction, has been squaring (blocking) the Fed's natal Mercury/Saturn opposition, therefore...

Saturn SQ Mercury: mobility is limited including those involving computers and technologies; correspondences contain bad news; meetings are contentious, and assignments are difficult to complete or there's not enough time in the day; business and commercial enterprises suffer from frustrating delays and complications; complaints from others must be dealt with; if determination and patience are increased, much may be accomplished.

Saturn SQ Saturn: present circumstances afford little flexibility; people and situations impose restrictions, fears, rules, and formalities that make success elusive; old karmic debts come due (by 'karmic' I mean: past behaviors and actions that have sewn what is now being reaped. Both Saturn and Pluto are karmic planets.)

Well, there are the power and control transits affecting the Fed's current circumstances and psyche, and so I must ask: will giving this private entity
more power and control over our society, finances, and government be a stroll down the wrong primrose path for America?

For when we look at what the Fed has done with what they've already had, it makes you wonder if they've learned anything at all - or worse: is their massive power-grab 2009 a major part of the Big Picture from the start?