Jul 17, 2009

Financial Friday: Simon Johnson on saving oligarchs

Financial Friday debuts here on Stars Over Washington with Simon Johnson's excellent history-spanning article in The Atlantic about the IMF and how not all the oligarchs can be saved. In order for reforms to work, President Obama needs to throw someone under the train as Putin had to do.

And while it's doubtful I can find enlightening articles on finance to feature every Friday, when I do, it will be given a shout-out here!


Anonymous said...

'The Atlantic' is owned and was founded by a ardent Libertarian and the columnists are picked for their Libertarian P.O.V. The person who established The Atlantic also established a neocon- right-Libertarian policy think tank who mostly works for medical and pharmacy industry clients in other words the status quo.

jude cowell said...

Makes sense! Thanks, Anonymous, i appreciate the details and admit to some misgivings as i passed along the link to this article.

Thing is, i read several economists' writings when i can, and know that they're all propaganda for one group or another. Lack of blogging time means i sometimes am simply passing on info here (dissemination stage) that i have not always personally or fully 'vetted' to go along with my own opinions and biases.

Partial blame resides upon the limitations of freebie blogging when real world jobs must take precedence!

Assuming that all persons have similar limitations --

Thanks again, Jude