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Jul 19, 2009

Guidance on the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse '29can'

If it's guidance or info you're needing concerning the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse at 29 Cancer, you can do no better than Julie Demboski's excellent analysis with her practical suggestions included.

Naturally I don't 'do' advice on this blog (or on any other!) because I tend to spend time using the lens of Astrology to look at History and at Politics and politicians, especially in the DC area of the world - and they ain't listenin'.

Yet it must be mentioned that Tuesday evening's Solar Eclipse will fall barely two degrees from President Obama's natal Mercury (2Leo20), which is how he says things, his style of thinking and planning, and his orating abilities. His Mercury is opposite natal Jupiter, too, so his Mercury/Jupiter opposition will be triggered.

That Mercury relates to his children, I prefer to pass over, if you don't mind. That the Eclipse has slightly over a 2-degree orb to natal Mercury may be good - the Eclipse energy is less intense that way and more objectivity can be present - particularly to one as self-aware as Mr. Obama.

Wing-footed-and-helmeted Mercury is also linked to travel, commerce, and trade, so the president's schedule and the content of his speeches will be of particular note this week of a rather difficult Eclipse Series, the 11 South, with its 'systems break down; new methods are needed' vibe for the next 6 months of the 11 South season.

The Eclipse opposes Inauguration 2009's Sun and Mercury Rx (00AQ+), so we may expect diverse opinions and people running off into various directions while changing their minds.

In fact, the president's thinking on Inauguration Day 2009 is subject to switches and quarrels and answers are difficult to come by. His speeches may not be as well-received as he would like, although recent ones seem to have lots of applause involved...we'll see if that response continues.

So will Obama's Health Care Reform bill be presentable by Congress' August recess? It may go either way, but one thing I know based on the opponents of the bill and their current talking points: stalling for decades is hardly a "rush" to reform.

The richer classes of America must share some little bit of their largesse, or America may fall. If that occurs, we'll know that the elite's priorities and loyalties lie elsewhere than upon our sovereign shores. (Some of us know this already, but apparently it must be demonstrated to be fully appreciated - and then it will be too late for the middle class, much later for our poorer classes. It is America's failure that we have so many people under the poverty line at this late date.)

But of course even without Astrology, we already know that systems of all sorts are breaking down or are under tremendous stress, so let's see what a White House chocked full of Democrats has in mind, shall we? For America, falling upon one's own resources may be one theme of this Eclipse - survival mode is another tinge of possibility. Shouts of 'protectionism' may soon follow as usual - how tiresome!

Until then, please check out Julie Demboski's thoughts on July 21's '29 Cancer' Eclipse and its possible effects on the house axis where it falls in your natal chart and the planets which '29Can - 00Leo' may aspect for you.

Julie's perspective will do you good while Politics seldom will!


A TV shout-out may be in order for those who are especially attracted to the Earth's Moon - tonight at 9:00 pm edt (in this market - check your local listings), PBS presents a program on The Moon which should be quite interesting! jc

Ever heard of The Moon Society?

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