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Jul 23, 2009

Highway Robbery in California

From LACity:

'Sacramento's Dangerous Shell Game

by Antonio Villaraigosa
Mayor of the City of Los Angeles

July 22, 2009


This [budget] deal -- and the system that produced it -- reflects a clear abdication of our state's responsibility to provide critical services to its taxpayers.

The City of Los Angeles alone could stand to lose nearly $275 million in revenue and services this fiscal year. That includes up to $120 million in property taxes and $60 million in gas tax funds that the state is under no obligation to repay.

These cuts are simply unacceptable. They take aim at our City's purse strings while our local families get caught in the middle. They target our efforts to stimulate the economy, and gun down new investments in infrastructure, job creation, and the green economy.

We will not stand for highway robbery, and we are currently evaluating every legal option at our disposal to ensure that Los Angeles does not suffer from the misguided priorities of this budget proposal.'


A glaring part of the big plan to gut states, create a large centralized government, and meld America into a one world government. And they use World Peace as a cover! jc

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