Jul 4, 2009

Is a coming Fed indictment why Palin resigned?

It's Independence Day and I'm headed out the door but want to post this link sent me by my friend Alex D'Atria at Modern Astrology (see Astrology links in sidebar) on the story as we know it so far concerning possible federal indictment charges for Palin's squirrely use of Alaska's funds.

Deceptive, fraud-inducing Neptune to her natal Sun and Mars: boundaries have (apparently) been crossed and the feds may be whisking off her Aquarian mask!

If true, it sounds a bit like an alternate reality of what's been going on in the UK government actually - but without the moat.

And do check out interesting readers' comments under the Palin announcement video just below - one has a particularly angry Martian flavor - describing Palin!

Mucho Thanks go to Julie, Donna, Jilly, Clymela, Tango Daddy, and others for keeping an eye on the shenanigans perpetrated here on Stars Over Washington! Jude


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Hilarious!!! ;p

Now I too recommend this youtube link highly for Palin's unusual decision to resign - or as Rove described it today her "risky strategy"!

Thanks again, BadGlue, jc

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Well phooey, the link didn't work so please do yourself a favor and copy/paste the link left by BadGlue - get there however you can! jc

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youtube trying again...