Jul 5, 2009

The Saga of Alaska Cat

Sarah Palin was discussed this morning on TV by Karl Rove and others yet the Bad Poetry muse alit and The Saga of Alaska Cat was written in spite of all their fine punditry.

Can rhyming sagas be brief like thwarted political careers? I think so, especially if they're self-thwarted...meanwhile, back on Earth, pundit Mo Rocca cautions, "Your opinion on the Palin-Letterman feud won't land you a job at McDonald's."

Maybe the following political saga can become part of my Bad Poetry resume if I should need one!

Alaska Cat is out the door
we don't know what she's leaving for
a federal probe? perhaps a scandal
might be just too hot to handle
GOPers if asked why
may voice support when others pry
their real opinions coyly veiled
Alaska Cat has now been nailed.

jc 7.5.09 10:am edt

photo: Zasha unpleased, by Maya at Spring Tree Road

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