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Jul 13, 2009

Sotomayor: a wise Latino woman on Capitol Hill 7.13.09

Yes, today is the day that SCOTUS nominee Sonia Sotomayor makes her way to the Masonic Temple on Capitol Hill, affectionately known as 'our' Capitol Building, to begin the process of being vetted for the top bench of the nation.

Questioning begins tomorrow, Tuesday, yet her statement today makes for an interesting combination of Sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces, then Moon on to Aries Point at 10:39 am edt. Aries Point (AP) is, of course, a World Point where important things can happen within prominent personal projections. The AP is ruled by contentious Mars rather than by the dreamy Jupiter/Neptune of inspired Pisces.

My thought is that Sonia Sotomayor wouldn't be where she is today without a strong natal Mars being consciously and assertively channeled...Pisces to Aries: dreams put into action.

Yet there are small men on Capitol Hill who feel threatened by a woman with such a well-directed Mars! And we'll probably be aware of their names before the week is out if we don't know them already. "Outside the mainstream" and "judicial activist" are their complaints so far, yet she is a more experienced (Mars) judge than any of the exalted ones who now sit on the US Supreme Court bench.

But tossing a wrench in the works may be all the Rs can manage to do to undermine the president's agenda, so the Rs must have a chance to try their spins by performing their tricks this week at the Capitol Hill Theater.

If astrologically we take today's planets (and their aspects to one another) as indicative of Sotomayor's singular week on The Hill, we see that support is certainly there for the Moon (a woman) from Mars and from Saturn with only one very big fly in the judicial oiuntment - a square from heavyweight Pluto.

This indicates that her determination to achieve will be deeply tested while her previous personal history and old attitudes are placed under the microscopes of Congress and the media. Publishing, of course, is linked with Pluto, and Moon/Pluto signifies public relations and propaganda (both for and against the nominee.)

Well, I wasn't feeling too optimistic for Judge Sotomayor's SCOTUS prospects when I wrote about her nomination chart of May 26, 2009, 10:15 am edt even though the Moon 4Can31 had moved beyond opposition from Pluto, but was conjunct her natal Sun 3Can+ (birth time unknown, born June 25, 1954, Bronx, NY.)

Her May 26 nomination chart shows 4Leo50 rising with Sun as chart-ruler making no applying aspects (which emphasizes the Sun's sign and house position - 5Gem28 in 11th house conjunct asteroid, Pan, one of the trickster elements but associated with law through the ancient sign of Capricorn); May 26 was just after the New Moon 3Gem28 which fell upon Mr. Obama's natal Moon, a fortunate factor for new beginnings in his Lunar Return of May 2009.

Transiting Astraea - keywords: law and justice - is Rx at 3AQ08, interestingly the position of Inauguration 2009's Jupiter in 10th house (noon est, Capitol Building, Jan 20, 2009.) One of Jupiter's many hats is: the judge. This indicates that if confirmed, Judge Sotomayor will be an integral part of the president's team (or so presidents always assume about SCOTUS judges!)

Charts for tomorrow, when the questioning begins, show Moon reaching '13Aries'..."A Bomb Which Has Failed to Explode Is Safely Hidden."

I mention this primarily because Republicans have stated that Sotomayor will be confirmed unless something 'explosive' occurs during the hearing - hark! I think I hear the sound of GOP operatives tinkering away at the wires now...especially considering today's position of asteroid Hopi - keywords: ambush; prejudice - conjunct Sotomayor's natal Sun 3Can+ and thus opposing her natal Mars.

So today's Pluto 1Cap29 is conjunct Sotomayor's natal Mars 2Cap20 (in her 12:58:02 pm edt chart, the hour of Sun-to-Midheaven in NY on her day of birth) so plutonian power has come to call with the ability to 'magic wand' her Supreme Court hopes into the annals of history as long as her actions (Mars) coordinate with the larger program of the ultimate behind-the-strings power-player, Pluto in Capricorn, sign of law, the courts, politics, and business.

Here's the CSPAN video feed of the proceedings this morning though I don't know how the link will work later on if you find this post after the hearing ends.

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