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Aug 31, 2009

Fueling Fires: out-of-bounds Mars in Cancer Sep 1, 2009

Tomorrow is Sept 1, 2009, and once again America is spending part of our summer alight with raging wildfires, especially in California, which means we're again having trouble with an out-of-bounds Mars, now conjunct US natal Venus @ '4 Cancer' and in process of intimating his activist self between Venus and our nation's natal Jupiter '6 Cancer' - and you know that Cancer is the sign of Home, Domestic Scene, and Family.

Yes, testy, testosterone-driven Mars, god of war, quarrels, and a dedicated fire-starter, is 'in the house' (Cancer.)

US Venus/Jupiter = tr Mars: preoccupation with opportunity; trying to make things happen successfully; stirred up feelings; strong powers of wishing.

(Any~all~none may apply on various levels at different moments.)

Even California's Mt. Wilson Observatory is at risk as the fires' area doubled overnight.

Prayers for safety go to the folks in our western coastal regions from this gnat of a blogger on the eastcoast. CA has enough troubles from underminers already, doesn't it? (And I suspect that a few of them are on the public payroll, but that's a grouse for another post.)

Well, if you notice Politics at all, ya gotta love the Sabian Symbol for Mars' current position @ '4 Cancer' which may also be considered as Venus' position in the US birth chart..."A Cat Arguing with a Mouse"...'JUSTIFICATION...

positive expression: a gift for persuading others to accept the motives of self and to co-operate with its ends;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: interminable quarreling with the nature of things.'


The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Dr. Marc Edmund Jones.

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