Aug 17, 2009

Solar/Lunar Eclipses affecting Russia's natal chart

Natal chart of modern Russia, Dec 8, 1991; 7:45 pm EET; Moskva (Moscow); historical record; Hour of Venus 2Sco50 in 4th house; Chart-ruler Sun 16Sag08 conjunct Mercury 15:51 Rx, in 5th house.

Uranus 12Cap20, Moon 14Cap25, Neptune 15:22, from 5th house into 6th house; Saturn 3AQ27 in 6th house (note: Russia's natal Saturn conjuncts Jan 20, 2009's US Inaugural Jupiter 3AQ32 in Inaugural 10th house.)

As I read today of the troubles in Russia, I am moved to take a look at Russia's natal horoscope and see that the recent/current Lunar and Solar Eclipses are affecting the Big Bear's national chart.

July 7, 2009's Lunar Eclipse 15Cap24 'eclipsed' natal Uranus, Moon (the people), and Neptune (the masses) in Capricorn, 5th to 6th house.

Our current Eclipse season of July 21/22, 2009's Solar Eclipse 29Can27, conjuncts natal Nemesis 29Can49 Rx in 12th house, but is actually another lunation manifestation from Russia's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, the 11 South.

Highlighted in red in 12th house you see Russia's PE '19Can' in which the establishment of the current incarnation of the Russian state was implemented. Therefore, the same issues and themes from that time (1991) are again awakened across the steppes.

As you know, the 11S Series is the 'systems fail; new methods and ideas are needed to deal with events brought by the Eclipse; any blocks may be violently or tragically removed.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The whole world, in tandem with Pluto's transformative mission through the sign of structure, government, law, and business (Capricorn) is under siege from old systems failing or falling down on the job. If we could only figure out what went with the tax monies that were set aside for such systems overhaulings, we could ask the bandits to pay up!

And now here's a Round-Up of current Russian headlines, some with a marine flavor which relates to natal Moon/Neptune being eclipsed on July 7; plus, the July Solar Eclipse fell in the Water sign of The Crab, Cancer:

There's been a deadly 'accident' from dam burst or explosion at a Russian power plant; 10 dead, dozens still unaccounted for. (July 7 Lunar Ecl affecting natal Uranus = 'electricity' and, of course, Moon (the public) and Neptune (water.)

Russia's missing merchant ship has been found off the coast of West Africa.

Russia okayed to purchase German shipyard.

Russian officials blame Islamic militants for deadly suicide attack in Ingushetia; EU said to be miffed. ('Miffed' is my word. jc)

Kremlin's proxy policy contributes to anarchy in 'unruly' provinces.

German-Russian summit in Sochi emphasizes trade, so they say.

"Banking secrecy saves lives" according to the Prince of Liechenstein (who may have his own reasons for saying such a thing. jc)

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