Sep 26, 2009

Does Iran have a Saturnian destiny?

Starry kudos to Nick Dagan Best whose article on Iran's Saturn in Libra Destiny covers the high points of Iranian history through the lens of Saturn in Libra transits.

As you know, Saturn rules Capricorn, sign of politics, law, and business, and is the planet of authority and control through its restriction principle. Saturn is exalted in the sign of the Scales of Justice, Libra.

Nick says that Saturn transits through Virgo into Libra have "coincided with some curious turning points in Iranian political history," and, "the nation's political pulse seems to be tied closely to (Saturn's) cycle," so I hope you'll check out his informative astro-analysis before President Ahmadinejad speaks on the world stage again.


Funkstar said...

I've been using the chart for the return of Ayatollah Khomeini on February 1, 1979, 9:30 am, Tehran. The chart itself very well describes the Republic, and the transits to it now so accurately time current events. Transiting Pluto on the Midheaven now.

jude cowell said...

Funkstar, thank you! Have just added the Khomeini returns chart to me files and will try it asap.

The Feb 11, 1979 chart from Marjorie Orr ASC 7Can+ had tr Mars to ASC when the Iran-Iraq war began in 1980 and US applied trade sanctions over the US hostage crisis, as Ms. Orr notes.

The chart for Apr 1, 1979 i've seen used most often and is the one Celeste Teal has in her book, Eclipses, which i tend to use with its 17Leo17 ASC.

Both these charts are from historical record and time an official event, and yet...

The chart you use has Mc 2Cap06 where, as you say, tr Pluto now hangs like a nuke in the sky; i also like the rising Moon 7Ari01, 'the people' and may describe a leader who says, "I AM the people" as Robespierre was fond of saying with his n Moon in Aries. (As we know, he was deluded in that.)

What i notice too is the Sabian Symbol for this Moon...'8Ari': "A large woman's hat with streamers blown by an east wind" (which shows the influence of spiritual forces - Rudhyar.)

So thanks a bunch for posting the chart data for it is the 1 of the 3 with tr Pluto angular - and at Mc, too. The current nuclear stand-off, as you say, is obviously revealed at the most public point of the chart.


Funkstar said...

Thanks Jude for letting me know about those other charts. I will chase that up and find the times to see what other transits are happening now, especially any eclipse or other lunation aspects.

I had been struggling to find the importance of Venus in the 01 Feb chart, as it is so heavily aspected, especially being squared by the Saturn/Uranus transit. Then last night I recieved a message from an Iranian friend who said:

"You know the common word amongst iranians at the present is that they are calling this ’green’ revolution a woman’s revolution this tiem in Iran so it is very timely you writing this.
it is common belief in songs articles and films coming out of Iran that it is the woman who will change the way....."

Well I hope this is what does happen because I do get a good feeling about the future of Iran, though it would be nice to show this astrologically.