Sep 26, 2009

Sibel Edmonds interview: those who played roles in 9/11

Being busy of late with various art projects, this Sept 21 interview with whistleblower Sibel Edmonds almost escaped my radar but thanks to a watchful reader, I've now caught up with her astonishing revelations concerning the attacks of 9/11 and the roles of Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, and Paul Wolfowitz among other actors of treasonous proportions.

You'll note the reference to '4 months before 9/11' which implicates the Solar Eclipse Series prior to that of the attacks themselves which fell into the 3 North Series: 'over-excessive, news that involves young people or that transforms a situation; info causes obsessive worry; large plans are wanted to be undertaken, but don't get carried away.' (Paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The American military did get carried away by warmongers and liars - to Iraq to break the country in two, with the UK taking the south, the US the north. Turkey's role is detailed in the article above as well, so please check it out since the 2002 gag order issued against Ms. Edmonds by then-Attorney General John Ashcroft is now lifted. You won't like what you read, but I recommend you read it anyway.

As you know, the 3N Series occurred @ 00Cancer, a World Point where big events transpire, but '4 months before 9/11' falls earlier into the 2 South Series @ 4Cap14 where Pluto will be visiting before we know it. Pluto 00Cap+ now opposes 9/11's PE as the Edmonds interview is uncovered and spread.

2S is the PE Series of Bush's first illegal, ill-fated, misguided, fraudulent term. (Just so you know where I stand on the varmints of 2000 and 2001 and always remembering SCOTUS and Justice Renquist's intimate roles in our election scam. And still, the US nervily pontificates on elections' legitimacy abroad!)

Actually Pluto's orb when transiting may be considered to be 5 degrees on each side of a particular degree, so perhaps plutonic delving is already occurring as he is now in orb of 4Cap14...

Paraphrasing Ms. Brady again on 2S which manifested on Dec 25, 2000: 'unusual groups and one's involvement in them and the feeling that one may gain a great deal with such involvement.'

Interestingly, 2S is the *PE Series of: Ronald Reagan, Woodrow Wilson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Noam Chomsky, the New Millennium, and my favorite artist, Paul Cezanne.


*PE = Pre-Natal Eclipse Series, the eclipse season during which a person, entity, or event are born. Every 18.6 years a repeat of a Solar Eclipse in a Series manifests bringing with it the same issues and casting similar shadows upon current events; some Series have a more negative flavor than others and a South Series Eclipse may carry more of an unconscious quality with them. 'Old behaviors' may be relied upon.

So every 18.6 years, one is provided with a chance to deal more effectively with these issues through more mature consideration, developed talents, and initiative which one could not have possessed in infancy. But the chance also exists to deal in a negative, unconscious way - one more reason to be aware of one's natal chart!

Aspects from natal planets to an Eclipse degree show where one might receive aid through positive aspects such as sextiles (60 degr), trines (120 degr), and sometimes conjunctions (0 degr); more challenging aspects such as squares, semisquares, sesquisquares, oppositions, inconjuncts, or quindecuiles, indicate where blockages may exist either from the environment or from within, mentally and/or emotionally.

My observances with eclipses seem to indicate, however, that oppositions, as aspects of awareness, may actually be one of the most helpful of all aspects since opposite degrees can operate as Illumination Points where unconscious motivations lurk. But then, of course, one must be willing to take the awareness ball and run with it.

As for governments, they aren't known for admitting or honestly dealing with much of anything, for honesty could interfere with 'winning' the next election.


Read more on Eclipses and their effects by ace astrologer Donna Cunningham on her SkyWriter blog.

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