Oct 29, 2009

Health reform promise of Barack Obama Aug 2008

Now I know that campaign promises are perilously easy to make and devilishly hard to keep once the Oval Office door shuts behind a new president but for some reason, this one mentioning C-SPAN sticks in my memory given the week's announcement on health insurance reform legislation - and in light of how excellent an idea I thought it was when he said it:

"I'm going to have all the negotiations around a big table. We'll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies."

Barack Obama, August, 2008

Perhaps the table was too big on camera?

President Obama's natal 8th house (Shared Resources and Finances, Transformation and Death Matters) is being traversed of late by value-loving Venus indicating more intensity in relationships and in contacts with others. Saturn has been traversing his 8th house for a while now indicating disagreements with others over values and resources, and a need to take more responsibility for 8th house issues, so his honoring just after midnight of the 18 fallen Americans arriving from Afghanistan fits well the requirements of Saturn through 8th house.

His willingness to pay respect in this manner for the value of life pleases Old Man Saturn.

And concerning the above campaign promise matter my intuition is that his statement as noted above could well have been only a candidate's attempt to protect his position in some way, on some issue.

Well, Mr. Obama is a politician after all which was visibly displayed again on his recent trip to NYC to ask for mega-buck campaign donations from the very banking titans who now pay themselves bonuses with our tax money gifted them by Congress.

As I've groused here for years: they're all in it together - against we-the-people.


clymela said...

Thank you so much for this thought provoking piece.
I don't relate so much to mid-points although because you do I now look at them more often.
Off the cuff the Republican progressed Neptune on the MC is VERY interesting to me. This aspect helps explain the very bad play they seen caught up in. Pretending but we are not children and pretending on the world stage with power and meanness is scary. Also the square between the Neptune and the 12th house Saturn is stomach churning-acting out their images of demons? You know the ones that live under the bed or behind the door at night? This is NOT good for the world.

jude cowell said...

Clymela, midpoints combine planetary energies and may be Stronger than the energies of planets working on their own - like chemicals that become more potent when combined - yet some say that planetary mdpts must be precisely in the middle of their zodiacal positions to be in effect.

However, I have tested them w/ my own chart/s for years and find that the triggering planet or point affects their blend whether the mdpt is exactly 'in the middle' or not - i've seen exactitude bring outer manifestation too in my own life/chart.

Yes, I was stunned to see the Rs' Sec Nept at MC - guess it'd been a while since i'd checked them out - and the pretending/acting flavor along with Pisces' connection to generals in war implicates to me their desperate goal (MC) to continue fronting (Nep) for their neocon, hawkish sorriness and outlandish war-profiteering - and for the mistakes of the past such as lying (Nept) our nation into war. I never believed them but most people did - or tried to.

Plus, protecting Bush-Cheney's fat backsides is an issue, as well it would be for politicians unbothered by moral standards that they assume they float far above.

Thnx for reading and commenting as always (even if i forget to return and answer - you're always much appreciated!) Jude

jude cowell said...

PS: i meant 'Stronger' when triggered by transit or progression - and esp so when it's Both. jc