Oct 30, 2009

Truman quote on the CIA's cloaks, daggers + JFK

Like a puppy with a bone I always return to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. What am I reading tonight? Here's a tidbit from 1963, still of a haunting spirit which is, I suppose, quite appropriate for Saturday night's Halloween:

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government....I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations."

Written by former President Harry Truman, in a letter to the Washington Post, one month after the JFK assassination, December 21, 1963

He said, "policy-making arm"!

Well, not enough had been written about the Nov 22, 1963 assassination of the too-popular-for-the-GOP Democratic president so I added my 1-cent's worth which you may check out if you wish. Turns out that US presidents who threaten to rein in and/or expose the hydra-headed world banking system don't get a chance to complete their lives.


Peter Doughty said...

I just pulled up the chart I have for the CIA: 9/26/47, 10:10 a.m. A terrific one for a cloak-and-dagger entity, with Saturn-Pluto on the MC, Chiron in Scorpio on the AC, Jupiter in Scorpio in the 1st, Mars exactly opposite USA Pluto ... The CIA Sun about to come under the Saturn-Pluto square: time for a major reorganization? Movement SOMEHOW toward original purpose?

Jude Cowell said...

Excellent, Peter, thank you! The precise CIA chart data was sent to me a while back (you? don't think so - was it?) and it disappeared (very appropriately) before i could get the chart into my files, so double thanks!

And such apt synchronicities w/ Sco Jupiter, Saturn/Pluto @ MC, etc - kind of scary isn't it?

Moseying now to snag the agency's chart into my files, Jude