Oct 18, 2009

Sun Libra-Moon Scorpio images: Oct 18, 2009

Having missed my chance entirely to post something on the New Moon in Libra earlier, I've decided to splash up the Sun Lib-Moon Scorpio blend that has taken effect after the New Moon (25Libra-Libra) because one of the two Images for Integration always intrigues me...see what you think about the current atmosphere and the word images given below.

Air-Water blends tend to be on the misty, ethereal side. This mind + emotion combo produces energies with a wonderful sense of humor; it's a very creative blend on the romantic and poetic side, too. With Sun in Air and Moon in Water there are mystical tendencies in the wings though negatively this blend may give a certain 'feeling vs thinking' or 'attached vs detached' confusion.

Impracticality and/or procrastination may result when the Lib-Sco energies are not synthesized consciously for best effect through directed use.

Sun Lib-Moon Sco: 'An army general becomes patron of a new museum of art...A wolf and an elegant Burmese cat become inseparable friends.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey.)

As far as the collective unconscious goes, we've got army generals coming out our several ears, but a "wolf and a Burmese cat"? Notice early on Monday (Oct 19) and into Tuesday if you hear words along those lines in the media or in conversation!

And if President Obama is the elegant Burmese cat (his natal Sun and Mercury are in Leo - and he's 'the ruler' = Leo; plus, he wears elegance well, doesn't he?)...then who oh who might be the wolf?

Here's one of my catlike Blue Tiger Art icons to rouse your elegant yet wild animal instincts for Monday morning and into Tuesday, Oct 20!


Stars Over Washington turned 4 years old on Oct 16, 2009 and will be found at a new address before the week is over, which is:

www.starsoverwashington.com for your records.

Its old Blogspot address should continue to work as well but I thought I'd let all 10 readers of this blog know what's up this week for SO'W. jc

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