Oct 6, 2009

WellPoint sues Maine, Evan and Susan Bayh richer

Susan Bayh, who is on the board of Wellpoint and is also the wife of public option naysayer, Senator Evan Bayh (D), can explain what's going on at the company that has made her a very rich woman.

WellPoint sued an ENTIRE STATE to increase profits.

Netting $2.5 billion in profits last year wasn't enough for WellPoint, the nation's largest insurance company.

Now, WellPoint's affiliate, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, is suing the state of Maine for refusing to guarantee it a profit margin in the midst of a painful recession.

As if Mainers didn't have enough to worry about just struggling to put food on the table, WellPoint is intent on forcing them to cough up 18.5% higher premiums on their insurance policies.

While WellPoint lobbies against granting Americans the right to affordable coverage, it's claiming that it has the right to a guaranteed profit margin, paid for by struggling working families. Mainers are outraged, and they're fighting back.


Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Films team

Read more: sickforprofit.com.

If Insurance Companies Win - You Lose

This heads-up from Alex at Modern Astrology.


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