Oct 6, 2009

Bill 'NAFTA' Clinton speaks on Jobs! video 10.5.09

Is this a joke? No, it's only Bill Clinton, the president who ushered in NAFTA and US jobs out the door, speaking Oct 5 on...wait for it.....jobs!

To be fair, Bill Clinton isn't solely to blame for outsourcing US jobs, closing manufacturing plants, and so forth. Corporate America's 'go cheap and sell out America' agenda had been underway for some time prior to Clinton's first term in the White House. But not only did President Clinton not stop the hemorrhaging, he sped up the flow with NAFTA - and, following Washington politics' usual 'call things the opposite of that they are and fool the fools' ploy - they called it and continue to call it - 'free' trade!

And I still say the US government has our armed forces waiting in the wings for chronically out-of- work Americans to sign up for perpetual war service. Now wouldn't that be a version of a 'jobless recovery' to die for?

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