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Nov 5, 2009

Saturn/Pluto and the black budget of the CIA

Here are a few 'fun facts' as Dave Letterman might call them, about the way the CIA does its business by 'legally' stealing US tax dollars and outsourcing itself -- thanks, Alex.


Black budget is classified

"The CIA has the unique legal ability among all US government departments and agencies to generate funds through appropriations of other federal government agencies and other sources 'without regard to any provisions of law' and without regard to the intent behind Congressional appropriations. Every year, billions of dollars of Congressional appropriations are diverted from their congressionally sanctioned purposes to the CIA and DoD based intelligence agencies without knowledge of the public and with the collusion of Congressional leaders.

The covert world of ‘black programs’ acts with virtual impunity, overseen and regulated by itself, funding itself through secret slush funds, and is free of the limitations that come from Congressional oversight, proper auditing procedures and public scrutiny." The CIA black budget is annually in the vicinity of 1.1 trillion dollars – a truly staggering figure when one considers that the DoD budget for 2004 will be approximately 380 billion dollars. (Outsourcing the NCS)

"Intelligence professionals," R.J. Hillhouse wrote July 8, 2007, in the Washington Post, "tell me that more than 50 percent of the National Clandestine Service (NCS) -- the heart, brains and soul of the CIA -- has been outsourced to private firms.#

Of course, this way, Congress has plausible deniability whether various members deserve a free pass on CIA plots and mayhem or not. Did President Harry Truman know what a monster he was creating when he set up the CIA?

CIA: Sep 26, 1947 10:10 am edt Washington DC, Hour of Saturn; ASC 10Sco04, Chiron 8Sco20 rising; Mc 17Leo33 with IC 17AQ33, the position of tr Jupiter's Direct Station 17AQ10 of Oct 14, 2009 12:34 am edt Washington DC. Will Jupiter bring more mega-bucks for CIA activities within the US (4th house)?

Controlling Saturn loves the color black and master spy/saboteur Pluto is wealthy enough to never worry about real budgets which fetter by their very natures!

CIA natal Saturn/Pluto conjunction = n MC: Knowledge of how to acquire, use, and wield the types of power which can make significant changes to society; power or prestige in a field of expertise is acknowledged by others. (Munkasey.)

The current transiting Saturn/Pluto square has brought convictions for several CIA agents in Italy...Saturn conj US n MC (Sibly.) And we know that our complicit government would never bring charges against this powerful agency or its tentacles and bosses. Why, the finger of blame might then point in Congress' direction if Capitol Hillers dared put the CIA's homegrown - or foreign agents - on trial.

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