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Oct 18, 2021

Tyranny, Violence, Exploitation: the Pluto-Chiron duo

Monday October 18, 29021: Please note that today came the news that Colin Powell has died from Covid. He is mentioned in the post below, written years ago and here re-printed for its Pluto-Chiron and eclipse content. And note that 2021 Saturn in early Aquarius is a return to its 1639 degree mentioned in this post. jc

On the Tyranny of Plutocrats and Eagles That Crow

A reprint by Jude Cowell, with a few edits for clarity

One of the astrological signatures I think of first when it comes to tyranny, plutocracy, and governments is the Pluto-Chiron duo of oppression, primal violence, exploitation, corporatism, (predatory) capitalism, fascism, communism, zionism, Marxism, and other anti-societal -isms the world constantly faces via dark forces.

The cycle of Pluto and Chiron is approximately 60 years in duration and they last conjoined by degree (as seen from planet Earth) on December 30, 1999 and acted as one of the heralds of the New Millennium along with the August 11, 1999 Solar Eclipse, the 'Mother of All Eclipses' in the 1 North Saros series as what some call the 'King of Terror' Eclipse prognosticated by seer and astrologer Nostradamus.

Conjoining at '12 Sagittarius', Pluto-Chiron's Sabian Symbol is descriptive:

"A Flag Turns Into an Eagle That Crows"; "Keyword = ADJUSTMENT; positive expression: successful establishment through genuine self-expression; negative (shadow side/unconscious--jc) expression: idle prejudices and unsubstantiated claims." (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.) Few can disagree that the bogus lead-up to the Bush-Cheney invasion of Iraq (and really, Afghanistan, too) was predicated on "unsubstantiated claims" and fakery. Even Colin Powell acted his part in the game of persuasion which he performed at the complicit UN.

The 1 North series originated on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48 if you'd care to take a look at the societal conditions and historical events of that year for deeper insight into 1N eclipse themes which include: 'unexpected events add pressure to personal or group relationships; making hasty decisions is cautioned against because information is distorted and possibly false. There is also an essence of health concerns attached' to the 1N series' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Here's an early post I wrote about 'The King of Alarm Eclipse' Horoscope with a few details; please note that no edits have improved the following post.

Three Prominent Eclipse Factors:

1. The initial eclipse in a series permanently imprints upon each future manifestation of all eclipses in the series; for 1 North, this adds a Saturn-ruled Capricorn vibration to its Solar Leonine influences.

2. Eclipses are often called the 'wild cards' of the Universe due to their Uranian ability to reflect unexpected events and to reveal secrets and hidden causes. Changes of direction often occur.

3. New and Full Moons can act in similar Uranian fashion to Solar (New Moon) and Lunar (Full Moon) eclipses especially when they fall upon sensitive degrees, particular planets, nodes, and/or angles. Disruption and revelations may occur as with eclipses, the 'wild cards of the Universe'. Plus, New and Full lunations retain their 'seeding of a new cycle' and 'culmination phase' timings.

So as you see, the initial eclipse degree of 13 Capricorn opposes US natal Sun (leadership) which links its potentials to the US government, plus, another factor from 1N's manifestation in 1639 is that restrictive, depressive Saturn @6AQ22 conjoins America's natal South Node (of 1776) which adds potentials for limitation, isolation, separation, and ambitions that are out of harmony with prevailing societal attitudes and practices You know--like a vision of Global Domination aided by a false flag operation to emotionally manipulate the American people into waging preemptive war, the one we'll never on this Earth be able to wash off our collective conscience thanks to warmongering 'rulers'.

Ancient as the Hills: East vs West

Now if we consider the attacks of 9/11/01 as issuing from the 'King of Terror' (or, 'Alarm') Eclipse of August 11, 1999 @18Leo and thus as another of the heralding events of the New Millennium, we note that on 9/11/01, transit Neptune, signature planet of Islam, conjoined US natal South Node (6AQ) which adds elements of intrigue and misfortune that are out of control of its victims. A sense of fate or karma was prominent on 9/11/01 as Islam (Neptune) conjoined America's SN (fate; inheritance) with the American public reaping what had been sown (karma) for Washington's past (SN) hastily performed actions and betrayals. We might even say that certain past actors (SN) participated in the deceptive ruse (Neptune).

Then unsurprisingly, the attacks of 9/11 were used to justify the already planned implementation of tyrannical laws (ex: the US 'Patriot' Act) which undermine the very nature and principles of America--against what the American people thought we were--as our country was labeled by Osama bin Laden the 'great satan' -- but to me that was a perfect example of the devil calling the devil 'devil'!

As we look ahead, please note that a Solar Eclipse in the 1 North Saros Series repeats on August 21, 2017 @29Leo as the second of three Great American Eclipses. 'Information is distorted and possibly false' indeed.

Mar 16, 2020

The Truth About The Corona Virus Test Kits - Thom Hartmann

March 16, 2020: for those who may have missed it, here is a recent segment from Thom Hartmann concerning CoronaVirus test kits and results:


Astro-Notes on the CoronaVirus outbreak in China

Apparently New Year's Eve 2019 is the date that people in Wuhan, China first presented with the viral infection if reports are true. I assume that when that date is given it refers to our Western 'New Year's Eve' and not the Chinese New Year which began January 25, 2020 (Year of the Rat). On that evening, the Moon conjoined Neptune in mid-Pisces with Moon, Neptune, and Pisces as markers for illness and for possible infection or contagion. (As you know, Neptune is the urge-to-merge planet.)

Now usually the impressionable, sensitive Moon-Neptune pair tends to conjure lovely images in the minds of most earthlings, however, their conjunction on that particular date also met with a certain fixed star of turbulence, Achernar (Alpha Eridanus) and seems to have activated or reflected the star's keywords: crisis (at the end of the river) and/or a risk of rapid endings. And tragically, for some folks across the globe, rapid endings it has already been. And for many societies including America, a crisis has presented itself, and everyone is at risk.

So perhaps a quick consultation with the great Reinhold Ebertin concerning the biological potentials of the Moon-Neptune pair could be instructive to some degree while keeping in mind that Moon = the people and relates to health and the physical body while Neptune = the Collective, the masses, and contagion. Plus, shady Pisces (often a sign of weakness, feebleness, and/or sickness) describes the secretiveness of attempting to keep quiet about the facts of the contagion--and the fact that governmental leaders cannot be trusted to reveal correct data to the public especially when their election chances and careers may be affected--even when their unreliability sacrifices other people's lives! Yes, some politicians keep that extreme 'Ayn Rand selfishness' as their me-first goal in all things.

Biological Correspondence of Moon-Neptune:

"Paralyzed blood circulation; an over-balance or over-accumulation of water in the tissues of the body; a deficiency of the osmotic function functions relating to the utilization of the cell salts (disturbance of consciousness or awareness, also a break in consciousness; eye diseases)."

The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin

And to delusional Moon-Neptune in the realms of Politics and Business, Michael Munkasey in his book on midpoints adds, "scandals involving production or other quotas". You know, like the belated production in the US of CoronaVirus test kits?

(The 'cell salts' link, above, takes you to Jude Cowell Astrology where I posted a video by The Scottish Astrologer sharing which cell salts are necessary for each sign of the Zodiac!)

Feb 25, 2018

We Don't Work for the Government - the Government Works for Us

Today SO'W is pleased to present another post written by Kevin Estes who provides us with a millennial perspective on the current condition of the US government.

We Don't Work For The Government, The Government Works For Us

by Kevin Estes

Years ago, the US Government actually performed its duty and worked for the people.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the reason for programs like Social Security.

Dwight Eisenhower is the reason for our highway system, allowing us to travel longer distances in a shorter amount of time.

Lyndon Johnson is the reason for Medicare, Medicaid, and the Food Stamp Program.

Even Richard Nixon, who is most known for the Watergate Scandal, is the reason for Supplemental Security Income, better known as SSI, and for the EPA.

Yes, upon a time Government actually worked for the people (the Democrats were becoming the left wing party, while the Republican party was more moderate). When did it go wrong?

In 1981, Ronald Reagan signed the Economic Recovery Tax Act of 1981, lowering the top income tax rate from 70% to 50%, and then in 1986 signed the Tax Reform Act Of 1986, which lowered the top rate from 50% to 38.5%. After these tax cuts, the economy entered a recession in the late 80s and didn't recover until the time Clinton entered office. Reagan is also known for the Iran Contra Scandal, which involved the sale of weapons to Iran.

Bill Clinton, despite presiding over a strong economy throughout this two terms in office, signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act in 1996, which significantly reduced welfare benefits. He also repealed the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, which lifted strong regulations on the banks that were implemented by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The repeal played a big role in the Great Recession that took place in 2008-2011.

George W. Bush is well known for his two sets of tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, both of which heavily benefited the wealthy, and also played a major role in the 2008 recession, as he refused to raise taxes while two wars were going on. He also signed the Patriot Act into law, suspiciously shortly after 9/11, rightly making people wonder if it was a planned attack for the purpose of suppressing freedom of speech by labeling violators as "terrorists".

Barack Obama is well known for Obamacare, which is a federal mandate to purchase health care, and likely a ponzi scheme to make health care providers richer, as premiums increased under this law.

And Donald Trump recently signed a huge tax cut for the wealthy into law, while taxes will go up for everybody else in 2025.

All of this, in the name of making their donors richer at the expense of the "little people".

How To Fix This

Simple. Get the money out of politics! If it was made illegal for corporations to bribe politicians, politicians wouldn't feel the need to make the rich richer, and have more freedom to govern according to the political indicators in their astrology charts. In Obama and Clinton's charts, the left wing economic and cultural indicators are very strong, so it's very likely that if they didn't have to be owned by multi million dollar corporations in order to get elected, they would have run the country in a much more progressive manner, similar to the likes of Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. As long as big money is involved in politics, the rich will continue to get richer at the expense of the poor.

Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto has been in the sign of Capricorn since 2008, and will be there until shortly after the 2024 election. It is no coincidence that the Great Recession started when Pluto first went into Capricorn, and that the issues regarding money in politics have been at the forefront throughout this transit. The Mueller Investigation, with Trump, Kushner, and many other Republicans being investigated for collusion with Russia, as well as money laundering, is likely a precursor to future laws prohibiting big money from influencing elections. With Pluto, the transformer, in Capricorn, the sign of government and big business, laws making the bribery of politicians illegal will be inevitable.

And these oligarchs know this, which is why the US Government is growing more and more authoritarian every year, in an attempt to slow down these changes, before Pluto enters the humanitarian sign of Aquarius for good in 2024. However, nobody beats astrology in the end, and it's foolish to believe that you can.

Eventually, the government will once again serve its original role, to work in the best interests of its citizens, keep us safe, and ensure us a good quality of life, but that won't happen until the oligarchy that has been in place for close to 40 years collapses.

Thanks Kevin! Perhaps the upcoming August 2018 Solar Eclipse--'The Tower Eclipse' with its theme of existing structures collapsing--will spark such a collapse of oligarchy in the US! After all, the US government was and is meant to be afraid of We the People--not the other way around. jc

Feb 21, 2018

Authoritarianism - Wrong Only When the Other Party Is in Power?

Stars Over Washington is pleased to publish another in a series of posts by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes. The following originally appeared on Kevin's Left Wing Astrology blog:

Authoritarianism - It's Wrong Only When The Other Party Is In Power?

by Kevin Estes

The US Government has never been more authoritarian and divisive than during the last 14 months, which is the amount of time the Trump Administration has resided in the White House. Some notable incidents from Trump and other GOP during these 14 months:

Trump firing James Comey, then attempting to fire Robert Mueller in an attempt to obstruct justice

Trump saying that NFL players who protest should be fired on the spot

Trump putting blame on counter protesters during the Charlottesville demonstrations

GOP lawmakers proposing legislation making it legal to run down protesters in the midst of the Keystone XL/Dakota Access Pipeline protests

Laura Ingraham saying that LeBron James should "shut up and dribble" after he criticized the Trump Administration

GOP Representative Clay Higgins saying that all Muslims should die

Courtland Sykes, a Republican running for congress, saying that he wants to come home to a cooked dinner every night, in a sexist remark

Jeff Sessions removing anti discrimination protections for transgender citizens, and Trump banning them from the military

Trump not approving release of the Democratic memo, indirectly incriminating himself and obstructing justice even further (if he was truly innocent, he would have no problem with it getting released!)

And there are many, many more that would take all day to name. The point is that the same people who were using their first amendment right during the Obama Administration, speaking out against Obamacare and Benghazi, are shockingly silent, during a time in which the reputation of their entire party is in complete jeopardy as a result of these divisive and immature actions, as well as the Mueller Investigation.

Or is it shocking?

Right now, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift, known as the transition to the Aquarian Age. In astrology, Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, and it is known as one of the most progressive signs of the zodiac, if not THE most progressive. In an age ruled by this sign, many of the ideals embraced by the Republican party are quite frankly, incompatible with these energies. Racism, sexism, homophobia, and overall inequality will simply not be tolerated anymore, and deep down, they know this. So, many of these Republicans will simply lower their moral standards in order to gain power, when in reality, their party is in shambles. We are technically still in the Piscean Age, so the illusions are still in play.

It's In Their Astrology

In many examples on this blog and on my Pinterest account, it is proven that left and right wing politics are shown in people's astrology charts. Economic leftists have Venus, the 2nd house, and their rulers in aspect to Neptune, the South Node, the sign of Pisces, and the 12th house (those on the cultural right who have this pattern can also support tariffs, major military spending, and even fascism, as it's the dissolution, Neptune, of wealth from the poor to the rich), and cultural/social leftists have Moon, the 4th house and their rulers in aspect to Neptune, the South Node, the sign of Pisces, and the 12th house. Economic rightists have Venus, the 2nd house, and their rulers in aspect to the North Node, the 2nd house, and the sign of Taurus, and cultural/social rightists have the Moon, 4th house, and their rulers in aspect to the North Node, the 4th house, and the sign of Cancer.

Overall leftists have liberal impulses in both categories, while overall rightists have conservative impulses in one or both categories, and people with an equal number of indicators in a category for each side tend to lean to the right. Those with a mixed (partisan) or aggressive (authoritarian) pattern in regards to aspects with the asteroid Pallas are the most prone to the philosophy of "the end justifies the means". Aggressive Pallas indicators are Pallas and its ruler in aspect to Pluto and the South Node and in hard aspect to Jupiter, and defensive (Libertarian) Pallas indicators are Pallas and its ruler in aspect to the Sun, Mercury, and North Node. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of our elected officials have either mixed Pallas or aggressive Pallas, including everybody in the Trump Administration that I have cast a chart for.

We Need To Know

If we only knew that our political views, among other things, are basically ingrained in our astrology charts, the country, as well as the entire world, would be a lot less divided because we'd know that our political viewpoints are like our personalities, in that there is no right and wrong, but just "is". If everybody had the exact same personality or exact same political views, things would get real boring, real fast, so all our different Sun signs, Moon signs, rising signs, Mercury, Venus, and Mars signs, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune generations, etc., as well as our different innate political viewpoints are likely in God's plan to keep things interesting for all of us rather than divide us. Our political views being astrological complexes makes a whole lot of sense when you realize that you typically can't bring someone to the other side, no matter how well thought out your argument is. And while people's parents and place they grew up in may be a factor, whose to say that these people weren't fated to be in that situation before incarnating? And if we knew the true reason for people's political views, as well as innate ethical nature, we could prevent something like the Trump/Russia fiasco from happening ever again, and find out if the politicians running for office actually have the viewpoints they're expressing, or are faking it in order to get elected. I do have pictures of all the rising sign appearances saved on my Pinterest.

To put it briefly, the calling out of one party's flaws, but refusing to do the same for the other party, is a major reason why the US is so divided, and is a major reason why our freedoms are disappearing more and more over time. Imagine how much progress we can make when we're willing to hold elected officials from our own parties accountable, as well as the other party? It's not like the laws they pass will only negatively effect those on the "other side". In other words, authoritarianism is never okay, even when it's your side in power.

Even though there haven't been many posts lately, I have still been active on Pinterest, mainly with the "astrological liberals" and "astrological conservatives" boards, as well as the "sports astrology" and "cool imagery" boards, the latter of which is to save higher vibration imagery in order to help with the current shift. If you're worried about the Trump Administration and are into psychics and tarot card readers, check out Kirsten Langston, Tarot Politics, Truth Warrior Tarot, and Lena Rodriguez on YouTube, as all have predicted Trump's downfall in the next few months, and the first three have extremely charismatic personalities as well! Just thought I'd give them all a recommendation as discovering these people has helped me get through the extreme anxiety I was under a few months ago. Keep up the good work!


Sep 27, 2016

Anonymous: Message to the United States Government 2016 - video

The US government, aided and abetted by the global corporate syndicate, is working to undermine the US Constitution. Tyranny has been the result of this infiltration and the time for resistance is Now.

Update Dec 5, 2022: the video by Anonymous has been deleted from this post by unseen forces and, as it turns out, it's the Republican Party of Herr Tr*mp wanting to delete the US Constitution because the orange albatross thinks destroying it will shove him back into the Oval Office again so he can steal more national security documents and make mega-profits off the Office of the Presidency. Again. Oh, this would greatly please his foreign handlers. jc

Original post continues here with mild edits for clarity:

The main purpose of Stars Over Washington: "Astrological comments on America, on Washington DC, and on the politicians who infest them..."; so types yours truly, A Child of the Revolution, whose ancestor, Francis P. Power of Maryland (1756--1818), joined John Glover's Marbelhead Mariners and risked his life participating in the ferrying of George Washington and 2,400 troops and artillery across the icy Delaware River, December 25/26, 1776, and who fought in the Battle of Trenton which changed the tenor of the Revolutionary War.

Therefore, writing SO'W is the least I can do for the sake of America! Jude

Related posts include: Christmas Day and a 'Double' Ancestor (the natal chart of my 4th-great grandfather (paternal and maternal!) David Barnett born that auspicious day, December 25, 1776 in Christiansburg, VA); The Solar Eclipses of Valley Forge 1777; and the natal Horoscope of the US Constitution set for September 17, 1787 4:00 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and showing the document's Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius blend of 'moral certitude' -- which is one of the reasons that criminals are determined to be rid of it and We the People must be even more determined to defend it.

Jude Cowell

Apr 30, 2016

Observations of America 2016 - Max Igan

April 29, 2016: Max Igan visits America and reports from Lima, Ohio on his impressions of life in the US circa 2016 and a government that has given up all pretense of providing for the needs of its citizenry:

Surviving the Matrix episode 256 American Voice Radio April 29, 2016

Visit The Crowhouse.

Mar 31, 2016

Is The DC Nuclear Summit A Sham? - Thom Hartmann reports

March 31, 2016: from Thom Hartmann on the Nuclear Summit 2016 which begins in Washingoton DC tomorrow, April Fools Day:

A related nuclear topic: Bruce Cathie's Harmonic 33.

Jul 4, 2015

What Does the Constitution Say? - Organic Laws of the USA - video

Now here's a very interesting interview to publish here on Independence Day 2015 concerning America's founding, its government, and laws:

#FederalGovernment #USConstitution #DeclarationofIndependence #StatesRights #UShistory #OrganicLaws

Feb 27, 2015

"Pap and Seder: Charlotte’s Web Marijuana - A Breakthrough" video

Pap and Seder: Charlotte's Web Marijuana - A Breakthrough
Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder discuss Alaska becoming the third U.S. state to officially allow the legal use of marijuana, as well as the extreme medical benefits that come from medical marijuana.

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Apr 2, 2014

"Operation Paperclip": Nazi Scientists to America--PBS clip

Nazis in America: After World War II--and Now?

by Jude Cowell

For years it's been known how after WWII, the US government secretly invited Nazi scientists to come and work in America as we fought against the Soviets in the Cold War--thus saving their murderous tushies from judgment at the Nuremberg Trials .

The following 5 min-57-sec PBS clip is from an interview with the author of the new book, *Operation Paperclip, Annie Jacobsen, speaking on the topic:

Well, I shall have to procure her book to discover how the author treats Hitler supporter Prescott Bush, the often-exalted NASA scientists (Nazis), and the morphing of Hitler's eugenicists into modern day 'geneticists' now bringing us 'progress' in the forms of nuclear bombs, clones, trans-humanism, genetically modified foods, and other Frankensteinian projects of frightening proportions.

Astrologically this is supported by America's Saturn-Neptune (secret or invisible government) tendencies especially if we use our 'Sibly natal horoscope' set for July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA, or another natal chart for that date with materialistic Saturn and idealistic Neptune at, near, or straddling the Midheaven of the chart, the Goals and Aspirations Point.

fyi: *Operation Paperclip is available in Kindle edition for $12.99. Amazon's Look Inside feature for the book is available as well.

Jun 26, 2013

Max Keiser on Snowden's NSA revelations (w video)

International Confidence in US Economy 'Crumbling'

This just arrived and I'm posting it just as it came to me:

Along with exposing widespread international surveillance, Edward Snowden has revealed how exactly the US is financing its military ambitions, according to Max Keiser, who says:

"What's interesting is that Edward Snowden worked for Booz Allen. Booz Allen allegedly along with a few other companies are the masterminds behind LIBOR market rigging, energy market rigging, FOREX market rigging. And this is really the fuel that keeps the American military empire going, because the American economy, itself cannot support its military ambitions, so they've resorted to market manipulation and the kind of intelligence that Edward Snowden is able to aggregate is key to manipulating markets in ways that make Booz Allen, allegedly, the channel for billions and billions of dollars into America's military campaigns.

"And this is really about money, markets and manipulations. It's not about security. It's not to do with anything that the White House says. Remember, the White House is a puppet of Wall Street, Booz Allen, the hedge funds and the financial interests of the corrupt bankers."

So, then how do some of those big companies like Google, or Facebook actually benefit from the PRISM surveillance program? Is there a financial gain from them?

"Absolutely, because all of the manipulation involves rigging the indexes. And the indexes are all data-sensitive. So, if you can manipulate the data, you can manipulate the indexes and you manipulate the markets. And if you have advanced knowledge of that inside information you can make billions of dollars of front-running, high-frequency trading, algorithmic trading. And, of course, all the banks on the Wall Street are in on this and all the banks in the UK.

"It's very telling that the foreign minister of Ecuador said that, 'Look, you're talking about us extraditing Edward Snowden, what about bringing back those bankers we asked you to bring back to Ecuador who we caught rigging and terrorizing our market?' What about the Icelandic bankers that have been asked by the government of Iceland to be extradited back to Iceland that are being held in the UK?

What about these other instances where banking terrorists are being sheltered in the US and the UK? They're not responding to extradition agreements. So this is all about financial legerdemain. Unfortunately, Americans don't have enough money to fight their wars anymore so they have to resort to snooping, data-gathering, and market manipulation."

Will we see financial fallout between China and the US?

"Well, China has got a fantastic card to play, one trillion US dollars that they can dump on the market anytime and jack interest rates up five or six points, which would throw the real estate market back into collapse. China is pulling the strings here and China has all the cards to play. America is the biggest debtor nation in the world. Look at the bond market today (June 25), it's selling off spectacularly all over the world because confidence in the American hologram of finance is collapsing.

"They flipped the switch. They see that the emperor has no clothes. They see that there's no underlying economic activity to support the military and financial occupations emanating from the US. It's game over!"

May 24, 2013

US natal chart w/ 'Thor's Hammer': Sun-Saturn = Moon

Sun (president) plus Saturn (Congress; SCOTUS) vs The People's Moon

by Jude Cowell

A fated planetary pattern called Thor's Hammer (aka, Fist of God) may be seen in the natal horoscope (July 4, 1776) of America between the Sun-Saturn square aiming toward US natal Moon @27AQ10 (We the People):

Some basic notes are scribbled thereupon so please click image to enlarge. You'll note our Midheaven, the WHY? Point (Goal) has 2 Libra: "The light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh" for its Sabian Symbol. Keyword: THRESHOLD which negatively implies "a loss of reality in an infinitely regressive other-worldliness or a total lack of all practicality." (Jones.) Hmm! Sounds like a few current-day congressional anti-government obstructionists we both could name!

Sun square Saturn denotes our Founding Fathers getting their authority act together in our nation's earliest days, and the presidents' (Sun) methodical application of what's been learned (Saturn) as the decades have passed. This square also indicates the difficulties of the presidential job with its imperatives which must be accomplished in a patient one-step-at-a-time manner.

Unfortunately for the American people and the rest of the world's populations, this measured approach has come to include the establishment of a global government with the US acting as its military arm. President Obama's speech yesterday in when he seems to have redefined America's foreign policy with a much-needed if elusive end to war was inspiring if true, dangerous and cynical propaganda if false.

Here's Stephen Colbert on the president's 'repealing power' topic from last evening:

Hit by Thor's Hammer (sounds like drones strikes, doesn't it?

Of interest are the potentials for the karmic Sun-Saturn pair in Politics and Business as given by Michael Munkasey in his Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets:

Thesis: The will of the people as defined in the principle founding documents; checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations; form and definition in an enterprise.

Antithesis: unreasonable centralization of authority in one location (obviously Washington DC--jc); a leadership preoccupied with the various forms of law enforcement; older and more distanced leaders; pessimism and gloom as a center focus of policy.

And for those who use July 4, 1776 as our national founding date, what are the potentials revealed by the midpoint picture created by the Sun-Saturn-Moon pattern in America's DNA (natal horoscope)?

Sun-Saturn = Moon: self-discipline comes naturally; sensitivity to otherwise rigid frameworks; added instincts for showing caution or self-control (MM); a sense of loneliness; feeling inferior, hurt (Tyl); fear; bereavement; depression especially in relation to organic disturbances (Ebertin)--'thanks' for all the toxic contamination, pharmaceutical industry--jc

Understandably, it seems that our current fear of government has been within us from the start--first with the British crown. And our fear has been purposefully increased many times over by infiltrators through the last several decades who are determined that the American people give up on America because of the government's inefficiency and ineptitude!

Not none o'me!

Hope you all have a very safe Memorial Day weekend. Jude

Mar 28, 2013

'The Red Tape Diaries: Veterans' Benefits' (Jon Stewart video)

Last evening on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart was brilliant while being hilarious concerning the shabby treatment the US government provides for our returning war veterans. in case you missed it, here's an excerpt--please overlook the lack of my embed success:

It seems to me that it's the same millionaires and billionaires and/or their colleagues and kin who profited and profit by the US invasion and occupation of the Middle East, passed the cost of war to US taxpayers, and now hide their profits and other profits offshore in order to avoid paying US taxes which would help support the United States of America. And of course, it's primarily America's Rich People's Party, the Republicans, who protect the status quo of the war profiteers' little win-win set-up.

The insidious yet blatant lies told by Bush, Cheney, and the others to take us to war negate the US taxpayers' financial burden for the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld wars. Now if only we could find a way to allow the select few old men who start wars learn to pay for them.

And yes, JG, US progressed Mars turning retrograde in 2006 relates directly to returning war veterans, the increased arming of America, lagging gun control proposals, financial thievery, and our impaired (thanks mostly to Bush and Cheney) ability to take action and/or fight when such action is actually called for because the Bush-Cheney wars have made us weaker and more vulnerable and despised as a nation--precisely what global government types want.

Clues are the Sabian Symbols for US Mars turned Rx by progression, '18Lib' and '19Lib':

'18 Libra' = CONSEQUENCE: "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" (a word picture which seems so far to describe Julian Assange and Sgt. Bradley Manning quite well rather than the war criminals who invented shoddy reasons for taking American troops into the oil-rich Middle East and who brazenly continue to lie about it all to this day. The negative connotation of this degree = "total inappropriateness of impulse and act" (M. E. Jones) with both 'impulse' and 'act' being within the province of astrological Mars, god of war.

'19Lib' = DIVERGENCE: "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" which may include Cheney's 1% Gang. (You know that the invasion of Iraq included a ransacking of antiquities from the Baghdad Museum, right?) Negative ramification of '19Lib': 'abnormal mistrust of everything worth while.'

As Jon Stewart has said, "Corporations are people, but they're not Americans."

Feb 19, 2013

April 2013 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse to Share More Secrets and Light Our Path

by Jude Cowell

The first eclipse of 2013 is a Lunar Eclipse @5Sco45:44 on April 25, 2013 at 3:57:07 pm edt. The horoscope is set for Washington DC:

Hour Mars (@3Tau59 in 8th house); Fixed-Earth is strong and the chart is weighted on the Succedent side with balanced North-South hemispheres and an emphasis on the western side of Others-Partnerships, and possibly Open Enemies.

(Since the Moon rules ocean tides, with a Lunar Eclipse we may expect more leaks of the inconvenient kind, including hacked information--government and business.)

The trail of dispositorship leads to Venus in her own sign of Taurus (13:00 in 8th house conjunct US Inaugural Ascendants on January 20th noon in DC every 4 years); opposite the 2nd house Moon is the Sun @5Tau45:44 and Mercury 19Ari04 (degree of the Sun's exaltation) are also posited in 8th house of Debt, Credit, insurance, Shared Resources, Corporations, Transformation, Death, and the Occult--ruled here by Mars. And of course Scorpio is an occult sign with a Lunar Eclipse there denoting more secrets and scandals to unfold added to those revealed by the Solar Eclipse of November 13, 2012 @21Sco56 (the 2012 election eclipse); plus, the Nov 2012 Solar Eclipse fatefully conjoined US natal 12th cusp of Politics and Karma in the 5:10 pm 'Sibly' natal chart.

In Mundane Astrology, 2nd house represents the National Treasury and Moon there describes fluctuations, changes, and publicity, with the Moon ruling the eclipse's 11th house of Groups and Associations.

Prominent and closest planet to an angle is Jupiter @16Gem26 on the 9th house side of Midheaven (The Goal) both of which trigger the Venus Transit degree of June 2012 (paternalism, aka, the GOP's 'war on women'.)

Secretive Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, along with Chiron @12Pis38, indicates loss of jobs and employment on one level though I hope it also shows inspiration for creating jobs. Pisces is on the Descendant so there may be some confusion, even deception, is Partnerships and more problems for the US with Open Enemies, as noted above.

Then there's radical Uranus in Aries in 7th house showing disruption and unrest from partners--or from those who should be partners such as Rs and Ds 'doing the people's business' rather than working to undermine the president in an attempt to score political points in spite of how their obstructionism and hatred for Barack Obama ruins our nation and makes us look like idiotic, childish weaklings overseas. Ironic how Republicans have for decades made a big show of their concern for America's 'strength abroad'.

And since the Moon applies to conjunction with staid Saturn (2A38), Mr. Lesson Bringer has much to say about the proceedings issuing from this eclipse with chart-ruler Mercury (commerce, trade, insider trading and communications?) in Mars-ruled 8th house. Saturn and Mars are opposing one another (4A24) though the Venus-Saturn opposition is fading but 2/8 matters seem to be as stressful in late April into May as we know them to be with upcoming deadlines manufactured by radical politicians with ideological points to score and a Democratic president to foil.

Now as you know, timekeeper Saturn is one of the karmic or fated planets and when I type that I refer to reaping what was sown. His slow orbit of 28-30 years is inexorable but his reward--or the lack thereof--is sure to arrive as deserved. And fateful Pluto in Saturn-ruled Capricorn moves even more slowly but surely, permanently transforming and regenerating what he destroys ('permanent' being Saturn's word!) With the two in mutual reception and Saturn conjoining here the Ascendant in America's Scorpio Rising natal chart, 2013 is as much if not more of a watershed year for our nation as one year leads into the next. For Saturnian accountability relating to Scorpionic matters has arrived (business, money, spying agencies, occult shenanigans, etc.)

Yet motive always counts! And though the US is called "the great satan" in certain regions of the world (and drone strikes don't improve that opinion), I retain my faith in the American people as I do other populations of any nation I can name. Hierarchies tend to be what and whom I decry so with Pluto de-structuring or toppling governments and thrones the world over--and he's only just entered the 2nd decanate of Capricorn--my deepest hope is that no matter what disturbing secrets are uncovered in the coming year and how miscreants in Washington shake our trust in government, we'll depend upon decent folk to come through for one another and hold the line against corruption in high places.

And if fortune should favor us, perhaps the guardian angel nature of benefic Jupiter at MC will provide a clearer and safer path along our moonlit journey into May 2013 and beyond once Sun and Moon perfect with complete awareness across the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

For a handy list (including US planetary Return dates) try 2013 Solar and Lunar Eclipses.


For excellent Political Astrology articles based on the US Scorpio Rising horoscope, visit Neptune Café authored by master astrologer Michael O'Reilly. And do check out Ed Kohout's excellent mundane work when you get a chance!

Sep 30, 2012

Suppressed Footage of Atomic Bomb damage (video) w Jon Stewart video and Mars-Uranus

Shhh! President Truman Lost No Sleep Over A-Bomb Drops

by Jude Cowell

And here is an excerpt from the suppressed footage of the damage done to the Japanese people. The horrific death and suffering of women and children failed to keep the culpable Mr. Truman from his slumbers but the annihilation of Hirsohima and Nagasaki has always seemed to me to be one (only one!) of America's greatest sins for the US government roared like a dragon in heat and millions paid the price of Truman's Abomination Extravaganza:

Here is a view of the natal chart of the Hiroshima Bombing, August 6, 1945 8:15 am JST and among other things, you'll notice that on that date warring Mars conjoined US natal Uranus 8Gem55 (taking a non-traditional approach, new techniques, explosions, danger in the environment) and expansive adventurer Jupiter had recently transited US natal Neptune (illusion, pretense, paranoia, fanaticism.)

Plus, today's position of Jupiter conjoins the Uranus position of August 6, 1945 @16Gem29 (unpredictable inspirations, group causes taken up, financial investments prosper, and Astrology is beneficial) and the Bombing's Midheaven (The Goal--objectives take a major new direction, significant alteration of lifestyle.)

There are a few midpoint pictures in the Hiroshima Bombing horoscope which cry out to be mentioned while we're on the topic so I'll close this fuss with them and a Jon Stewart video.

The first involves the Uranus-Neptune pair, planets of The Enlightenment (well, they certainly lit up Japan, didn't they?), which last met in Great Conjunction/s three times on or around '18Cap' in 1993 and their Oct 24 meeting times a natal chart of the New World Order (which is actually what we're discussing here like a silent, sinister program running in the background.) The Sabian Symbol for '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER; neg: smug or strong-armed paternalism--MEJ.

Another midpoint picture spotlights President Truman (because he was US president at the time) by its degree--13Can13 (conj US natal Sun)--and because Uranus conjoined MC as the Bomb dropped (within a 1-minute orb), so there's another midpoint of plutonian power @13Can13 as well:

Uranus-Neptune = Pluto @9Leo57: the big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise; great losses, calamities, catastrophes.

Uranus-Pluto = US natal Sun: revolution; urge for independence (by the Man From Independence); breakdown; catastrophe.

Pluto-MC = US n Sun: wanting to spread one's wings and fly; eager for excitement; major life change is illuminated; desire for power and authority.

And of course there are revelations shown by the MC-Uranus-Mars trio at The Goal Point of the chart involving the hotheaded, rebellious, forceful pair of Mars-Uranus:

Mars-Uranus = MC: an inflexible character with a desire for independence (peep-eye, Give 'Em Hell Harry!); putting a gun (or bomb) to someone's head; taking drastic measures.

Mars-MC = Uranus: the big push, the quick advance; winning right away; rash; argumentative; inflamed.

Uranus-MC = Mars: rash action; upping the tempo; argumentative and challenging; temperamental drive for ego recognition.

(All midpt pics from Tyl and Ebertin with my italics and bold added; any, all, or none may apply though perhaps you agree that they all do apply.)

And now, speaking of draconian war crimes, perhaps you remember The Daily Show the night that Jon Stewart apologized for calling the culpable Harry Truman "a war criminal":


Is this a lighter topic? Hmmm...uncertain.....

What to expect from the first of four debates this Wednesday night (Oct 3, 2012 9:00 pm edt)? Mr. Romney must "instigate" while President Obama is determined to hold onto the ball!

During the debate I'll be watching planets rise, set, culminate and enter/leave houses as the brouhaha goes on and if anything curious or interesting occurs (as particular topics are addressed or incidents happen) I'll write about it on this seven-years-old-on-Oct-17th blog for your consideration. Of course, more astro-details concerning the October debates are found in the just-published issue of Stars Over Washington Monthly newsletter for those who sign up for a one-time electronic delivery at a Special Holiday Price of $15 for 3 months of info! And as you would expect, the two November eclipses and Winter Solstice 2012 are included along with the First Vote on November 6 at Dixville Notch N.H. jc

Jul 15, 2012

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell says Bohemian Grove is "nothing" (video)

Speaking of Bohemian Grove and Newt Gingrich's attendance there (as in my last post w video), here is MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell being interviewed on the secretive topic. Is it curious that Mr. O'Donnell isn't at all concerned about satanists embedded in governmental power structures? Does egomania explain everything?

(fyi: s-words and f-words are used quite plentifully in this video.)

Apr 24, 2012

First Criminal Charges Filed in 2010 BP Oil Spill


Government Files First Criminal Charges In BP Oil Spill

Former BP engineer Kurt Mix has been charged with obstruction of justice for deleting text messages after the Gulf of Mexico spill in 2010, NPR has learned.

More at

Eleven men died on the Deepwater Horizon and thousands of livelihoods were destroyed along with wildlife and the Gulf Coast environment. May the criminal charges filed today by the US government not be the last.

Nov 28, 2011

Julian Assange accepts major Journalism award (video) w the Jupiter-Saturn cycle

Monday November 28, 2011: Awards, Lies, Pies, and Turkeys

by Jude Cowell

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, as I enjoyed a slice of pumpkin pie with family, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange accepted a major Australian award, the Walkley Award, for "Outstanding Contribution to Journalism.

The Walkley Award is equivalent to the Pulitzer Prize in America, and to this common gooder who'd like America to act more uprightly than the imperial dictatorship our government has become, Mr. Assange deserved a prize for revealing us to ourselves in spite of 24/7 government propaganda. It must be obvious to a majority of Americans circa 2011 that "exporting" our brand of "democracy" is a sham with tragic consequences, not the least of which is the bankrupting of the United States and the dissolution of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, an ongoing project for self-serving oligarchs, plutocrats, and despots who have Global Governance on their reptilian minds.

As you know, in 2011 many uprisings of The People have gone viral across the globe at the opposition phase of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle which began with their conjunction on May 28, 2000. Its Sabian Symbol pertains to the bankster/Wall Street/mortgage frauds that crashed the US and world economies in 2007/08:

Jupiter/Saturn @23 Taurus = "A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems."

Well, you've noticed that most of those 'gems' are now in someone else's coffers and not ours as trillions of dollars and mounds of gold were spirited out of the US through corporate bailouts and sent to foreign entities in similar fashion as was done in WWII to fund Hitler's war efforts and to boost the wealth of the House of Rothschild and its agents, many of whom were--and are--Washington DC officials (officials in theory if not in practice--not playing on our team.)

The '23Tau' symbol's association with wealth and thievery--and in America's case, with extreme income inequality--implies that its forward trajectory at opposition 2011 relates directly to the We Are The 99% Movement, or Occupy Wall Street, if you prefer, and to global uprisings of the fed-up.

Taurus is a practical, often materialistic earth sign with greed, possessiveness, and intolerance the shadow aide of this money sign; environmental issues apply as well to Taurus, sign of the Gardener, the Architect, and the Bull--and bullishness--of Wall Street.

We might even take the economic view that today's financial problems and the deleveraging being perpetrated against the populace is described by Saturnian demand being lower than Jupiter's supply. However, Jupiter now retrograde will eventually turn direct and move forward through the 30 degrees of Taurus and into lighter, Airy Gemini (communications) while Saturn's predictable entry into the sign of Big Business--the weighty Mars-Pluto-ruled Scorpio--is an entire post for another day. (Updated 11.28.11 @ 10 pm est.)

For Assange's updated views on the US government's behavior toward him for exposing Washington's lies and illegalities, view his video acceptance speech at Democracy Now! which includes remarks from Glenn Greenwald, or you may wish to read Mr. Greenwald's column at

Plus, there's a Jupiter/Saturn flavor to the natal chart of Julian Assange, if you're interested in his quirky, willful Sun/Uranus personality which supports Technology interests and talents bwo Uranus' co-rulership of futuristic, computer-loving Aquarius. Even the glyph for Aquarius favors a 'www' as in, Worldwide Web.

In Mundane Astrology, Jupiter and Saturn are used to represent the Republican and Democratic parties but that's outside the scope of today's post.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn, the Halfway Mark in Their 20-Year Cycle

Now what of the opposition phase between our two societal planets, Jupiter (expansion; growth; generosity) and Saturn (contraction; restriction; austerity)?

Oppositions between any planets are awareness-relationship aspects of culmination or fulfillment, and the May 2000 conjunction heralded the New Millennium, the Bush-Cheney coup of the presidency, and the attacks of 9/11 which have made thievery, coups/topplings, and bankruptcy much easier for globalists to accomplish along with changing America almost beyond recognition. The US Congress has purposefully added to its own toothlessness by traitorous actions of may kinds, and by negating its constitutionally granted oversight function.

Now in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle, the first ten years (ex: 2000-2010) are intense and describe a sort of winding up that peaks at opposition. The last ten years
(2010-2020) indicate a winding down of this intensity, and to a slowing of the pace and overall direction so visible in the earlier stages.

The current opposition is also a transit of Jupiter opposing US natal Saturn 14Lib48, a time when progress and growth are blocked or restricted; promising situations may tempt us to circumvent rules and regulations but this is ill-advised. Hold on to what you've got is the usual advice for this transit and that's just what we're seeing from the wealthiest members of the 1% as they try to hold on to what they've got without contributing to society--even if it's ill-gotten gains that rightly belong to others.

With the fed-up flavor of the Occupy Movement (and movements elsewhere but this blog is mainly about American vermin and DC politics), we're seeing a Jupiter-Saturn opposition tendency toward exhaustion since the rapidity of expansion has been so quick-paced that it's impossible to sustain--we now have a need to assimilate and reflect upon these financial and societal issues, a need that 2011's uprisings are facilitating on behalf of the collective good.

Given the post-traumatic stress syndrome caused by 9/11 and its handmaiden, Financial Collapse 2008, we now deal at the opposition with the Taurean realms of luxury, comfort, and security as the 99% demand fairness from the greedy 1%.

The Jupiter-Saturn combo of energies may also refer to diplomacy, perseverance, discontent, tenacious pursuit of plans, philosophical thinking, unsettled lives full of many changes, emotional tension, attainment of far-reaching objectives, a 'making it happen' strategy; industry, law professors, clergymen, civil servants, politicians, and government officials of the administration. (Ebertin.)

And Michael Munkasey gives Jupiter-Saturn potentials in Business and Politics as: checks and balances; changes in government, religious, and social orders; repression based on morality instituted by law or religion; too many restrictions on the operation of justice (ex: Wall Street CEOs not held accountable for crimes--jc); a judicial system at its breaking point (yep---jc); leniency and harshness vie for balance within the overall social and economic systems.
Yes, fatigue from war and want are certain to ramp up as calls for improvement in the global economy continue during the next ten years until the Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins again @ 00AQ29 on December 21, 2020, a key year in American and World history. The 2020 Great Conjunction perfects only once--in Air and conjoining the US Inaugural Sun of January 20th, assuming that America still elects presidents by then (it's not for certain.)

So let's stop discussing political turkeys for now and close with the midpoint picture created in 2020 by the planetary synchronicity of the transiting Jupiter-Saturn midpoint which directly affects the US presidency (Sun @ 00AQ+ since FDR's 1937 inauguration when the switch was made); any, all, or none may apply...

Jupiter-Saturn = Sun (the leader): inconstancy; gaining experience; changes of residence; feeling that you can positively influence social change; boasting a lot; increased self-pride and greater ability to demonstrate positive leadership before others; dreaming of the potential for actuality (of a NWO? jc); taking destiny into one's own hands; major changes according to plan, or, if nothing is prepared, becoming gripped by the status quo and having to make the best of things.

(All mdpt pics: Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)


For further reading on Jupiter-Saturn and other topics, you may wish to try New Insights in Modern Astrology by Stephen Arroyo and Dr. Liz Greene.

For more Mundane Astrology, suggestions include Neptune Cafe, Global Astrology, GOP Astrology, and Starlight News.

Plus, if America's past, present, and future concern you, don't miss What The Heck Happened to America? by Jeffrey Tucker.

As Thom Hartmann says about 'Trickle Down Economics': "Thirty years of Reaganomics--where are the jobs?" That's a great question for 2012 Republican candidates to answer if they can. Thom will cover Barney Frank's just-announced retirement on tomorrow's broadcast.

Love him or leave him, here speaks the 16-term congressman now: