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Dec 9, 2009

Most Americans in same boat floating on Jupiter/Neptune

"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now."

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes, I put 'most' Americans in the post title due to the top one-percenters who were never in the boat in the first place; in fact, the power elite consider themselves above the common boat and floating on that yacht you spy in the distance...

Here's a previous post concerning April 4, 1968 and the assassination of Dr. King. If you click to enlarge the chart for that day on a Memphis balcony, you see rising the midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune, a pair whose Great Conjunctions have occurred all through 2009 (culminating in their third and last conjunction on December 21, conj US natal Moon, the people.)

This reluctant astrologer has scolded the pair's demonstrable speculation/inflationary money/grand schemes/instability/wastefulness vibes all year as our financial system and health care debate for reforms have ground on.

Yet in the assassination chart of Dr. King, is that all there is to Jupiter/Neptune who may also represent a spiritual (Neptune) teacher and preacher (Jupiter)?

Perhaps Jupiter/Neptune's connection to religious fervor and expansion of spirituality was a theme on the horizon as Dr. King's popularity and leadership were being felt by the masses (Neptune) toward expansion (Jupiter) of anti-Vietnam war protests joining with Civil Rights protests to more strongly make the people's voice heard in Washington where control of 'the helm' is so jealously guarded against the people's of-by-for myth, gossip that was started by the founding fathers.

Politicians wouldn't want our of-by-for functions taking over the ship's course for then their secret lack of power without us would be fully revealed.

In part, *Michael Munkasey gives the Jupiter/Neptune combo as 'visions of how to effect totally different directions to life, generosity with the attention disadvantaged people receive (city garbage workers - jc), and studies concerning drugs, alcohol, or rehabilitation. These motifs are also concerned with how dreams influence society.'

As you know, Dr. King had a dream.

And as you may know, several of the older families in the US - still in leadership positions - are known for making their fortunes through drug smuggling and
, also a major cash cow for the CIA. This includes the period of 'helming' under Reagan and Bush (though Reagan idolaters conveniently forget.)

Yes, someone at America's helm in 1968 felt threatened enough to take divisive and subversive actions which were publicly demonstrated in Memphis on yet another dark day in our nation...and it was mourning in America once again.


Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.

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