Dec 7, 2009

Mars~Saturn~Pluto, the shadowers + Copenhopin' opens

Ready for a 'Stability Police Force' in the United States?

Let's convert its heavy-handed ugliness to some appropriate astrological symbolisms: 'stability' = Saturn, 'police' = Mars, and 'force' = Pluto.

You don't want the energies those three planets represent to come knockin' on your door around midnight, now do you?

The pairings of Mars/Saturn, Mars/Pluto, and Saturn/Pluto all represent serious power issues and can bring hard circumstances. And yet their principles are necessary. It's certain people's motives of dominance and greed that we must be wary of.


So please read the article linked above, if only to be aware of possibilities.

Though shadows are falling yet a new day dawns...

Even if separately we're each a tiny pawn in a massive chess game....en masse we are more powerful than those who would control our lives and futures by imposing the dire Orwellian visions one of their grandpappies had late one night after consuming a heady carafe of brandy with a brace of cigars...but crimee! that was centuries ago. Egoists, I repeat.

Yes, the shadowers want a new 'Utopia' of suckiness, not progress. Backwardness. And naturally, we remember that no empire lasts forever. Meanwhile, speeding empiric falls and crumblings are some of the chaotic specialities of...the shadowers who lie in wait like wolves.

This Just In: the Copenhopin Summit that opened with fancy entertainments today has in its sunrise chart (Copenhagen, Denmark @ 8:31:35 am CET) a hook-up showing of the propaganda pair, Mercury and Pluto 2Cap19/2Cap35 in 1st house; Jupiter 21AQ52-Chiron 21:56 are snugged beside Neptune 23AQ59 in transiting 2nd house. Both the Jup/Nept cycle and 2nd house relate to money issues.

We may expect rhetoric issuing from the summit to be subtle and manipulative, and perhaps even enticing. An underlayer of cruelty may remain hidden a while longer.

Sunrise Dec 7, 2009 (Pearl Harbor Day, I know - the chart for the first bomb is well-studied next to the chart for the 1st plane hitting the WTC on 9/11/01, for both events took the US into 'justified' wars) has Sun/ASC 15Sag19 with Venus 6Sag47 oriental (planet that rises before the Sun, no matter how far apart they are in zodiacal degrees.)

Venus oriental = people who deal with valuable things; money issues; one's image upon the reflective 'screen' of the world's collective unconscious which may be substituted for one's true personality; masks, personae, veils, and subpersonalities abound in the they relate to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen Dec 7, 2009.

December 7, a date 'that will live in infamy' all right, but around here it lives as very possibly a false flag op perpetrated by Freemason FDR & pals in order to shove America into war (again.)

The DESC of the Copenhopin' Summit sunrise chart (15Gem19) has America's natal Mars/Uranus midpoint conjunct it = either great and speedy energy with a rebellious attitude, explosive actions, revolution, and/or accident potential.

And with Mars 18Leo36 (tr 8th h) triggering not only the Mother of All Eclipses degree of Nostradamus fame (August 11, 1999), but 18Leo+ is also the position of vengeful Venus on the morning of 9/11/01. Assure me that these planetary factoids aren't connected within a higher plan, if you can.

Now you figure it all out. My head hurts. I shall chillax with a charming Christmas Art w/ Music video from a very creative pair, Rob and Julia Howe!

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