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Dec 31, 2009

Obama Presidency's 2010 Solar Return sparks new analysis

Chart shown: 2010 Solar Return to the Inauguration 2009 chart, Washington, DC.

On Jan 20, 2010, the second year of Barack Obama's toddler presidency begins thus marking its first 'birthday' as noted in Astrology as a Solar Return for which I shall assume are obvious reasons.

A few days ago I posted an article here with the same horoscope displayed of the 2010 Solar Return to the 2009 Inauguration chart of Jan 20, 2009 (12:00 pm est Capitol Building, DC) so we could see how Year 2 might go along. Blogging time was brief and so it was a meager analysis on my end.

Jan 20, 2009 was, you may remember, an extremely frigid day in our nation's capital so Aretha Franklin wore a vervy new hat. Additionally, Hope sprang eternal in people's hearts if they had them.

Well, I'm pleased as can be to start off the New Year here on SO'W with a Guest Post by Jonathan W who modestly describes himself an Astrology beginner (we are all novices!), an author, screenwriter, and actor. His talents abound and Astrology is, I believe, one of them, for Jonathan has written an analysis of the 2010 Solar Return of the presidency of Barack Obama which I recommend to you, Mars Rx rising and all!

My original post is linked below. I now happily turn you over to Jonathan whose insights into the 2010 Solar Return chart may spark thoughts and provoke comments which are outcomes most welcome on this blog:

The 2010 Solar Return of the Obama Presidency by Jonathan W

What's interesting is how many retrograde planets are on the cusp of a House! One can expect the dismantling of goals Obama had assumed were a done deal -- Sixth House cusp obviously indicating Health Care Reform -- as well as the discovery that his ambitious plans are balancing on a slippery slope.

To have the ruler of the Midheaven, Mars -- in my view, Obama's attempt to appear less thoughtful and more of a tough Commander in Chief -- retrograde on the Ascendant suggests his efforts will either backfire or be stymied or frustrated.

Whatever the case, he'll find it very difficult to sell this "tough" version of himself due to the Public's reluctance to buy it -- illustrated in the Moon/Saturn opposition, that Aries Moon's square to Pluto/Mercury, and Saturn in Libra's overall insistence on authenticity and sincerity.

Add both Mars and then Mercury (important in the selling of the message) retrograde, the Cardinal t-square energies challenging Saturn's authority and Pluto/Mercury's hunger to mold the message with the Public Moon not buying any of it, and the chart just SCREAMS frustration! We could even end up with another version of his infamous Primary-era "Can I just eat my waffles in peace?" quote.

This Mars retrograde square Pluto/Mercury also suggests his efforts militarily (in Afghanistan?) will not pan out and will instead severely challenge his ability to spin this version of a War Leader Obama successfully.

But that Mars on the Ascendant and ruling the Midheaven is determined to be Commander in Chief even if that Moon feels more comfortable with -- or at least buys more readily -- the more thoughtful, feminine aspects of this Administration (Moon sextile Venus). Or maybe even the actual women in this Administration!

Perhaps importantly, Uranus on the cusp of the 9th may also indicate unexpected surprises from those overseas who are emotionally (Moon) and angrily/energetically (Moon in Aries) at odds with our Government (Saturn) and will challenge authority (Cardinal t-square) in ways that tap into and use power and perhaps even martyrdom (Pluto). And Mercury in the mix clearly suggests travel, Pluto hints at things done in the dark under the radar and the Cardinal energies allude to action, not planning. Action. This, too, can make it frustrating for Obama as that Retrograde Mars may make it difficult to respond effectively or the response will backfire and make things worse.

It is interesting that we find ourselves "revisiting" terrorism during Mercury's retrograde, though. Is this a foreshadowing of that Pluto/Mercury attempt to tap into our Fears via their relationship with the 6th/12th axis, the 12th in Cancer ruled by the Moon? Will the Government (Saturn) in this New Year attempt to more stringently control (Pluto) our movement or how we move (Mercury) in response to whatever Uranus on the 9th cusp might throw at us? Will Obama's response be more Draconian rules and regulations (Saturn square Pluto/Mercury) which we'll fight against (Cardinal t-square)?

(I'm trying not to notice the supportive sextile between Uranus and the North Node in Capricorn. If Obama and his handlers believe a "terrorist attack" will earn him support much like Bush got post-2001, they don't know much about Retrograde Mars, Saturn in Libra's abhorrence of anything inauthentic and insincere, and Uranus' tendency to be both unpredictable as well as impossible to control. Add to that the stutter-step of an inconjunct between the North Node and Neptune/Chiron -- and the Moon inconjunct Neptune/Chiron as well -- and the reaction from the People may be more a visceral anger (Moon in Aries square Pluto/Mercury) at Government (Saturn) than overwhelming support and gratitude that Obama "protected" us. Remember, this Moon has a relationship with caring Venus, not hyper-macho Mars.)

It'll be an uphill battle for Obama, though, as Mars Retrograde on the Ascendant can also strongly suggest a sapping of energy and drive.

Just recently, Obama revealed that this first year in office has left him "exhausted". Retrograde Mars on the Ascendant can suggest as well a tendency toward accidents, clumsiness, possibly even something involving surgery. And with the 8th spotlighted by Jupiter/Neptune, that's certainly possible.

The main thing in this chart is that Retrograde Mars. Being on the most important angle of the chart, the frustration, the inability to succeed quickly, the draining and sapping of energy ... all of those will be hallmarks of this year in Office for The One. In today's world of 24-hour media and a Public which is finally seeing beneath the Neptunian Allure of the Primary-era Obama, a struggling President unable to act effectively is exactly what we don't want or need to see.

"This thing we call "failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down." ~ Mary Pickford


Thanks, Jonathan! And Happy New Year, New York!

2010 Solar Return to the 2009 Inauguration chart.


Jazz said...

It's always interesting for me to see how an astrologer's bias seeps into the interpretations of astrological symbols. Maybe next time you'll analyze the 2010 Solar Return of Obama's Presidency with his natal chart to give a more well-rounded view of how Obama the man will handle his presidency.

By the way, Obama's natal Mars in Virgo is trine to his Saturn in Capricorn. I'm sure he's used to dealing with tough uphill battles. Even when people doubt him. That seems to be the story of his life.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Jara, and Thanks for commenting.

Many astrologers agree that return charts can be ananlyzed on their own but are best, of course, when melded with natal and progressed charts, agreed. Yet if i don't mention a connection to Pres Obama's chart or to US natal or other charts it doesn't mean i haven't kept them in mind - including the first Inauguration chart of George Washington. But for brevity's sake (and believing that most readers won't finish reading a Very Long post) not all info can be included in any one post. i do try to include links to older posts that cover the same material or subject whenever i can.

Plus, perhaps you're new to this blog and haven't read the many posts i've written on the president's strengths, etc. That's understandable since reading only one or two blog posts sort of puts newbies into the middle of an ongoing discussion - one of the weaknesess of blogs, imho.

However, if you think my 4 natal planets in Capricorn will take your intructions on how to write my articles or run my blog, you're doomed to be mistaken! ;p

And a quick read of my Welcome at the top of SO'W's sidebar would tell you this is a populist slanted Personal Weblog that uses Astrology as a lens to consider Politics and political thespians - rather self-explanatory, i think.

One more thing: if you know a non-biased human being, please introduce me, i'd like to shake his/her hand and ask what planet they come from, for i've yet to meet such a creature on Planet Earth.


Jazz said...

Four natal planets in Capricorn, huh? Well, that explains the bias. The half-empty glass thinking is quite fatalistic. And written with so much authority. Just strikes me as funny, especially considering it's about a person who has consistently proven that his critics tend to underestimate his ability to respond to adversity.

Good luck with that prediction. lol

Jude Cowell said...

Now i'm certain you know that "all human beings are biased" includes you, right?

"Fatalistic" Cap rather than realistic Cap? Yes, that must be it since no politician could ever be flawed and/or strong-armed by other more potent forces...or led by an urge for ultimate power.

Of course you know that pre-Uranus, Astrology was and is traditionally ruled by Saturn and i've often referred to myself as a Saturnian astrologer. Not everyone cares for the pithiness which is dandy fine with me because i'm no Uranian 'past-lifer' and don't intend to be.

And it's true that in these stark times of major transformations there's little that's 'funny' occurring on this blog because it's about politics and hidden forces monkeying with extreme power, a theme that certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Now isn't that the beauty of the cyberworld - something for everyone and then just has to move along for a new and different perspective.

But Jara, if you wish to demonstrate your points by adding Astrology info here please feel free to do so for i'm always, in spite of what you may have heard, willing to learn! Really.

In fact, a different perspective (such as in my last post of Johnathan W's analysis of the Solar Return 2010 to Inauguration 2009's chart - which is his, not mine, btw) would be refreshing--esp if it Didn't agree with my outlook.

And then there's a beauty within Astrology - that trends are simply that - We decide our actions which determine just how things play out on what level - yet archetypal myths are being lived all the time collectively and personally, all of which to me means that nothing is written in stone and there's always hope for improvement. (i wouldn't feel like an ancient mer-goat if i didn't believe in Eternal Life.)

Yet hope and faith in the future are what i tend to invest in my Creator what with politicians being mere mortals as are the rest of us.


Duse said...

When doing any astrology, like the 2010 SR for the Presidency, it's very important -- as Jude mentioned -- to be aware of the Natal Chart, important transits and progressions, the native's recent Solar Return and, based on historical info, how they tend to handle or work with these energies.

Yes, Obama does have a Saturn-Mars trine -- Mars in the 7th in Virgo applying to Saturn in Cap in the 12th.

Now, it's common for people to assume Trines are "good". And they can be. But trines are also found in the charts of people whose work ethic isn't as strong or consistent as others. Or people who have a project to do, but wait until the last minute to do it. Or don't even do it at all! Trines can also be found in the charts of those who have an interesting relationship with Time and often wander in late to appointments.

Historically, Obama had no strong record of legislation in his 11 years in the Illinois State Senate, was notorious as a Professor for promising to grade homework "soon" and then finally following through a week or two later. And, after being placed on the Foreign Relations Committee, was often late to meetings, unprepared for what was being discussed, and was actually upbraided because of this by his now VP Joe Biden!

It's easy to see the energy of the Saturn-Mars trine at work. Oftentimes, these planets need a square -- via transit or progression -- to kick them out of their complacency.

And, lo and behold, he has, and has had for the past year or so, an applying square between Progressed Mars/Mercury and Natal Saturn, the Mercury square perfecting in 2011, the Mars square perfecting a year later.

In this Progressed Square energy, we see the often frustrating work he did during the Primary, a process he assumed would be easy, but, because of his tendency to under-perform at Big Primaries -- he won only one large State, Illinois -- became a neck-and-neck race with Hillary.

The energy can also be seen in the infuriatingly slow work he's having to do with the House and Senate. And the Progressed Mercury square Saturn is noticeable in the difficulty he's having communicating as effectively as he did during the Primary.

With this Progressed energy, he's having to move from the safety and security of his natal trine -- infused with the illusion that things come "easily" with little work or attention -- and, instead, is finding himself forced into the uncharted waters of the always challenging square.

Being aware of this Progressed energy helps to put the Presidency's 2010 SR's Mars retrograde on the Ascendant in perspective. And, biased or not, it's an obvious element of the frustration already evident in his Progressions.

Mars and Saturn are also present in Obama's most recent Solar Return chart, squaring each other from the Descendant (Mars) and the Midheaven (Saturn).

So the energy in his SR also indicates frustration from partners (Mars in the 7th) challenging his public goals (square the Midheaven) and inhibiting his ability to achieve what he wants quickly (Saturn constricting his Midheaven).

I suspect any astrologer would look at these charts and, whether they like Obama or not, feel the need to mention the obvious energies at work and the frustration which could easily result.

Call it biased if you like. But astrology is what it is and, when one includes the native's history and how they've responded to these energies, it's not too difficult to determine which way the wind will blow.

Duse said...

Just noticed that Obama's Natal Mars is conjunct his SR Midheaven and SR Saturn. So, the ambition and frustration (and impatience) of Mars meeting the careful, considerate, thorough energy of not-in-a-hurry Saturn on the most public Angle of the chart.

If one can blend them together, it could work. But, then again, there IS the challenge of that Progressed Mars square Saturn at work, so ...

Yep, feels like a Mars-Saturn year for Obama.