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Jan 4, 2010

2009/10/11: a forward and backward look at America

Craig Harris' article An Introspective Look at the Future of America starts off the New Year with a clear-eyed assessment of the monumental events and subsequent changes Americans have been expected to accept as necessary to prevent banking system collapse - then we're to believe that all is now well and improving.

Well? I wouldn't bother being an astrologer, however reluctant, if I were one who accepts things at face value and felt content with superficial bromides from Washington and from the Federal Reserve Bank, the privately owned entity that has engineered many market bubbles in the past, then wildly profited from their bursting every time. Duh.

Yes, bubbles of Jupiter/Neptune proportions are on our menu as we peek into 2010 for we know that 2009 was the Year of the Great Conjunction/s of the giant planets - one likes to expand and broaden into infinity, the other has a deep urge to merge. One can be on the greedy side, the other brings losses that are frequently hidden underneath lovely obfuscating veils. Their last great hook-up was only a few days ago on Dec 21, 2009 and all three conjs have occurred upon the US natal Moon - we-the-people.

Feeling targeted by grand schemers? Me, too.

Feeling hopeful for America's continued prosperity? Me, not so much. The Jupiter/Neptune combo is nothing to depend on unless a level of spiritual integrity is involved, and let's face it: we're talking Wall Street gentry and Capitol Hill thespians here, and we've experienced how they man the nation's helm.

Even the fake 'balloon boy' story is an expression of 2009's Jupiter/Neptune year and we know how that ended.

And if you know anything about Astrology you know that the effects of a major planetary conjunction don't simply 'fade away' at some magical point in time, but are part of the planets' ongoing cycle marked by their subsequent waxing squares (obstacles; backages: crisis in action), oppositions (stand-offs or fulfilment), and waning squares (crisis in consciousness), with more pleasant aspects in between at their sextiles and trines.

A conjunction is simply the Great Cosmic Clock of our solar system starting over at a new degree (in a new sign from the last conj) and represents a fresh cycle of activity relating to each planet's principles, and to the essence of their combination of energies when synthesized.

And of course, Saturn can come along and end an influence (including a sensitized eclipse degree's influence), and transiting Mars is capable of culminating or stimulating the action at a particular degree as well. Any transiting planet can put the period at the end of the cyclic or eclipsed sentence but it's usually Saturn or Mars doing the honors.

2010 into 2011:

Astrologically we may call 2010 the Year of Jupiter/Uranus. The Expander and the disruptive Awakener will meet 2 times in 2010 and going into 2011:

1. June 8, 2010 @ 00Aries18 ('Aries Point' of global manifestation; plus, Jupiter/Uranus = AP is a significator for major scientific breakthroughs - whether they aid or harm humankind is another matter entirely - hopefully, they will; and No, I don't believe that aliens in funky spaceships are knocking on Earth's door, yet upcoming eclipses will affect the natal chart of *Roswell, NM, as noted by Celeste Teal in her book, Eclipses);

2. Sept 19, 2010 @ 28Pis43;

3. Jan 4, 2011 @ 27Pis01.

Obviously the June 8, 2010 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus will soon be top of my blog menu for a closer look and you may follow along if you wish by reading an important source of backward/forward info on the pair: Jupiter Meets Uranus by Scotland's Anne Whitaker. Anne ably illustrates the important New-Millennium-influencing conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus of Feb 16, 1997 @ 5AQ56, or '6AQ' rounded off, a highly sensitized degree 'going forward'...or looking backward, for the future is built upon the past, is it not?

'6AQ' is the degree of Neptune at Islam's founding and of Neptune's position on Sept 11, 2001 so basically, 9/11/01 was a Neptune Return for Islam.

Therefore, 1997's Jupiter/Uranus = Neptune: delusion about improving life through constant modernization; avoiding reality in pursuit of dreams; visualizing new ideas or products you think will make the world a better place (and with 9/11/01 add: forcing those new ideas onto other people - jc); being guided by false perceptions; being quickly disappointed; a lack of prudence and far-sightedness; unearned gains (on one level: 'mystery' investors cleaned up on Wall St pre-9/11 - jc); a fortunate turn after losses; gain from the unexpected; strange conditions heighten individual awareness; a silver lining. (Munkasey; Ebertin: Tyl.) (Any, all, or none may apply.)

And with '6AQ' being conjunct US natal South Node, I've always felt that the attacks of 9/11 related to past behaviors (SN) of the US related to oil, gas, and subversive activities and deceptions (Neptune.)

What may be expected with the 2010/2011 Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Uranus is not easy to envision and if we could we'd probably be wrong with Uranus in the picture. That major events are on the horizon we may all agree especially with the Cardinal Cross involved in the Jupiter/Uranus hook-up of June 8, 2010.

You may find info on the sand-shifting Cardinal Cross pattern in a previous post which contains a link to expert astrologer Jessica Murray's article which holds out Hope for bedraggled mankind, so buffeted by totalitarian visions of the New World Order types while nobly struggling just to raise their families in decent manner.

Too bad that power elites of the world don't live up to even a moderate standard of human decency as do many people of 'the masses' which global power brokers consider to be far beneath them on their grandly imagined (Jupiter/Neptune) evolutionary ladder to Nowhere.


*Roswell, New Mexico's birth data: Sep 25, 1903 12:00 pm MST; source: Donna Cunningham's 'The UFO Cover-Up' in Dell Horoscope Sep 1996 issue, p. 55; Donna cites Carolyn M. Dodson's Horoscopes of US States & Cities (ACS Publications, 1975.)

Roswell: Sun 1Lib31; Moon 00Sag04..."1Sag": "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" which to me is the true source of UFO sightings over the desert rather than little green men gone a-visitin'.

Image above: Hermesia, an illustration by Jude Cowell of Mercury's seer function; oil and watercolour pencil on paper.


clymela said...

Well I feel like a slave driver coming here compulsively to "see" if you have a new piece posted. So glad that you are back from the family festivities and back to your true calling: entertaining me with wonderful thoughts.
I didn't somehow realize that the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus would be at the Aries Point itself. Well watch for the great Populist uprising. I have loved many Aries types-both my parents were Aries- and as kind and brave as they are I fear that the "masses" will be manipulated into some very ugly beliefs and then there will be motivation to do "something".
I have been watching the so-called Teabag movement for clues on how they(yes! I know!! Who is they?) will approach getting folks ready to go to war-much under the radar targeting communities vulnerable to populist reaction. I wish I had contacts out in the Heartland so that I could better read what the "word" is. My nephew is right in the middle of this but he doesn't talk to "Auntie" too much especially not about his evangelical,conservative beliefs in politics and religion. I want the information but I just can't keep my mouth shut.

DD said...

Love the image leading off the forward and backward post! Startling.

I was wondering if the oil grab wasn't a SNode result. Layers of the onion stuff.

My overall feeling is that unless we can call into focus those who are truly calling the shots, we can't move forward with purpose, but just curiosity. Do you think the magicians pulling strings can be outed?

Boy that would be a great story, n'est pa?

Keep up the good work.
Love to you and yours.

libramoon said...

a happy, hopeful birthday to you, Jude. Thanks so much for all your work to keep us informed and thinking.


clymela said...

OOOH! Happy Birthday and the best wishes for this year. You are so productive and creative and SO generous. Thank you for everything.

Jude Cowell said...

Thank you a bunch, Clymela! My birthday was spent with family which is always nice, with cuppycakes all around.

Actually i thanked you, Donna D, and libramoon in a post yesterday, not sure you saw it, hope you did.

And btw: you're not really a "slave driver" here - it's probably more my 10th house Uranus in Gemini that does that if what they say is true: that those with a 10th house planet are the planet's servants!!! Mea culpa, apparently. So...

Happy New Year and wishing you All the Best, Jude