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Jan 15, 2010

1st International Astrology Day Blog Carnival: Cardinal T-Square 2010

In March 2010, master astrologers Donna Cunningham and C. J. Wright will be co-hosting the 1st International Astrology Blog Carnival in honor of the Aries Ingress 2010 and with the goal of providing practical solutions for those who wish to better deal with the Cardinal T-Square of Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto, a planetary pattern which affects us personally and collectively from 2010 to 2014.

As you know, these 3 heavyweights form a T-Square pattern with Saturn and Uranus in opposition, pointing to powerful manipulator Pluto in Capricorn at apex, and many folk are expecting difficult events from these planetary energies (which the world is already experiencing.)

Periods of Saturn/Pluto squares can bring harshness and cruelty when social responsibilities are seen as burdens, while Uranus/Pluto squares are a revolutionary combo due to curtailments of liberty and freedom (Uran/Plu were squared in the years 1931 to 1934 when Hitler and Roosevelt rose to power. There be great dangers if we remain apathetic to the political developments of 2010 to 2014.)

Now I don't know where these transiting planets stomp in your natal chart - hopefully you do, for it'd be good info to have - but I do know that few if any of us will go completely unscathed by the difficulties this pattern creates.

The 2010 Astrology Blog Carnival will inform readers bwo a variety of articles authored by astrologers and including advice for meeting personal challenges in these harrowing days. This project is not intended for those of us who deal with global issues and problems, aka Mundane Astrology, so please take note of the 'personal challenges' theme if you wish to submit an article or two for consideration in the Astrology Carnival of March 2010.

Yes, both Saturn (tradition; status quo; old) opposing Uranus (progress; disruption; new) are planets associated in part with Science and Politics, and the November 2008 election of President Obama occurred on one of the very days of their exact opposition. Speculation was rife across the internet asking if Barack Obama was signified by change-promoting Uranus. Did he really want to bring us "Change We Can Believe In"?

Well, this reluctant astrologer had to fall into the 'natal Saturn Rx in Capricorn = status quo' camp concerning his presidency and in recent days I've heard commentators and pundits mentioning again just how 'establishment' (Saturnian) he's turned out to be. Quelle surprise? Mais non!

Yet sadly for America and for those who thought they were voting for a 'peace candidate' with a populist persuasion (suckas!) Mr. Obama is not (as I expected) removing the US from war in the Middle East. In fact, he has escalated war, as you know.

Do I digress a bit from the 2010 International Astrology Blog Carnival's 'meeting personal challenges' theme?

Perhaps. But only so that I may insert again the interpretation of the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto Cardinal T-Square's midpoint picture which describes the unfortunate flavor of our times, bringing difficulties for which we can all use advice in order to manage their possibilities - any, all, or none may apply:

Saturn/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous fear of loss; upheaval to protect assets; rebellion; brutality; a desire to overcome difficult situations through extraordinary efforts; concealing changes to activities; drastic changes in a previously liberal atmosphere. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey; my bold.)

Changes? Yes, but not the kind most of us wanted or expected under Pres. Obama's watch.

In The Combination of Stellar Influences, Reinhold Ebertin gives the blend of 'Saturn/Uranus' as representing obstinate, self-willed, or violent people and it can manifest as 'kicking against tutelage and against the limitation of freedom'...but also with a determined ability to cope!

And as Celeste Teal observes in her excellent book Eclipses, Uranus = Aries Point is 'a historical marker for science' and this indicator plays into most descriptions of the Cardinal T-Square's Uranus at AP, conjunct the Foundation (Ic) of America's natal chart (Sibly version); therefore my plan is to post the Aries Ingress 2010 chart asap.

Plus, we note that the series of 3 Great Conjunctions of the 'scientific breakthroughs' and 'new explorations' planets, Jupiter and Uranus, will begin at Aries Point on June 8, 2010. You may wish to read more about them in Anne Whitaker's excellent book Jupiter Meets Uranus.

We may even wish to substitute Jupiter in place of Uranus in our T-Square formula especially since Jupiter and Saturn are the two societal planets - same sources as noted above:

Jup/Sat = Pluto: tremendous perseverance; dramatic thrust of self; control of the situation; major change of situation; fearless; restrictions; separations; being unafraid of any work or trouble in order to attain desired aims slowly but surely; immense effort; violent changes; a total reversal of plans; transforming personal ideas about the future into today's reality; intense business activity.

Well, I don't like saying so but the Solar Eclipse @ 19Can24 on July 11, 2010 may mark a world financial collapse, the one that has supposedly been warded off. (You'll see a chart image there and a more complete interpretation of the Cardinal T-Square's midpoint picture within the post. Who's behind all this misery? Follow the money and the power grabs...and ask that detached, ivory-towered apex Pluto. If you can find the booger.)

To counter the real possibility of a worldwide financial collapse on the horizon, economist Joseph Stiglitz is calling more loudly this very today for a second stimulus package, in fact, and his book Free Fall is very descriptive: Free (Uranus) Fall (Saturn)!

So even though the world is haplessly goose-stepping itself on down the trail toward totalitarianism, perhaps the upcoming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction/s of 2010/2011 will be a bright spot along the way and will herald one of the combo's much-needed 'fortunate turns' of direction!


Be sure to keep up with Donna Cunningham at her SkyWriter blog, and with C. J. Wright at Auntie Moon. Don't you adore that name, Auntie Moon?

And for a more uplifting analysis of the Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, check out Crystal Pomeroy's article at Daykeeper Journal. jc


Anonymous said...

wowee wow wow wow

Donna Cunningham said...

Jude, thanks so much for letting people know about the Blog Carnival at the Spring Equinox. It's shaping up to be a really exciting event! More details as they unfold.

Jude, I don't know if you got my email or not, but we'd love it if you participated in the event by creating a special gallery showing on Sacred Moon art with some of your beautiful cosmic art. That would be especially uplifting for Sunday of the weekend, to send people off in an inspired state of mind.

You know I'm a great fan of your work. Donna Cunningham of Skywriter

Layla Morgan Wilde said...

nteresting!I'm curious how does the Haiti tragedy will out astologically.
I've nominated you for a blogging award. You can pick it up at my blog on Saturday :-)

Jude Cowell said...

Layla, thanks a bunch for the Kreativ Blogger Award! My participation is now published here.

As to Haiti and Astrology i've not had time to check out correlations though i did try to locate a natal chart for Haiti. Didn't find one, and i've not gotten in to weather and Astrology other than to say that the Jan 15 2010 Solar Elc in earth sign Cap must have (sadly) played a big role similar to the Aug 1, 2008 Solar Ecl that triggered China's big quake. jc

Donna, thank you for organizing the Blog Carnival! i would love to create a gallery of cosmic art for the March 2010 event - thanks for asking and for your continued support of my artwork! jc

Bad Glue....i knowwwww! The Blog Carnival's articles should be very helpful to readers in these troubling times. jc

Astrology said...

This is a great post, thank you. I only wish that astrology was appreciated as more than a paragraph in the daily tabloid.