Jan 18, 2010

Inauguration 2009's Solar Return 2010: Obama's 2nd year begins

Soon a year will have passed in the Presidency of Barack Obama which means it's time for the Solar Return 2010 to the Jan 20, 2009 Inauguration chart.

A Solar Return chart is 'good for' a year so the 2010 Return chart covers his presidency's 2nd year going forward. Click the link to view the 2010 Solar Return chart and read a few details. Leave polite comments to discuss the chart and our national propects for 2010, if you wish.

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Jonathan W said...

One thing I find myself doing these days when glancing at a chart, Jude, is locating the South Node. If it's on or near either the Ascendant or the Midheaven -- or even near a planet --, it'll have the effect of draining energy.

As an example, in the recent Massachusetts Senate Race between Coakley and Brown, glancing at the two charts -- no birth time available for either --, Miss Coakley has had Tr South Node conjunct her Sun/Mars conjunction since early-December. Before the South Node was introduced into the equation, she enjoyed an insurmountable lead in the polls. Afterward, it's as if the ground disappeared beneath her feet.

That's how the transiting South Node works. Loss of prestige, loss of place, draining of energy. The air suddenly deflating out of the balloon.

In the Inaugural's SR Chart, the South Node isn't conjunct the Ascendant, but, being in the 12th House, it's uncomfortably near. Because of this, there is the possibility of the ground continually shifting beneath the Administration's feet. There might also be the potential for unexpected delays and setbacks which could give rise to the frustration and anger of that Mars which IS conjunct the Ascendant and rules the Midheaven.

Having said that, the North Node IS widely conjunct the Sun, so there could easily appear to be an element of luck involved with how they move forward and introduce their goals. But I suspect it'll be a situation where the Administration finds itself always playing "catch-up", seeming to move forward and gain in strength only to find everything unravel at the last moment.

Obviously that Aries Moon plays into the frustration and growing sense of anger -- in that t-square with her opp to Saturn and square to Pluto/Mercury -- this constantly shifting and unraveling will inspire.

With everything else in this chart -- including but not limited to the Cardinal T-square --, the placement of this South Node doesn't bode well for 2010 being a banner year for the White House.